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furst; furste; fursten; furth; furthe; furtherance; furthered; furtherer; furthering; furthermore
  1. We knew nothing of Meade's movements further than the report my scout had made.

  2. After we got about a mile further on, the regiment we had broken rallied, and with reinforcements came on again in pursuit.

  3. Their shouts of triumph now rang through the woods; but no further pursuit was made.

  4. He further said that, instead of falling back from Yorktown to Richmond, Gen.

  5. He further says that about sunset of the 29th the advance of Longstreet began to arrive on the field.

  6. If I had gone a step further my retreat would have degenerated into a rout.

  7. In the exercise of our belligerent rights, we proceeded to relieve him of any further trouble in taking care of them.

  8. I will further add that I was directly under the orders of Stuart up to the time of his death, in May, 1864, and after that time, of Gen.

  9. Just then in the starlight he saw the gleam of a pistol, and had nothing further to say.

  10. That I will do nothing further in the matter till Billy gets well," she repeated, reflectively.

  11. I've given him my word that I'll do nothing further in the matter till he gets well.

  12. In a word, Miss Hugonin was a very quaint and colourful and delectable figure as she came a little further into the room.

  13. Suddenly, as Jukesbury wrapped new bandages about his forehead, Billy opened his eyes and, without further movement, smiled placidly up at him.

  14. In the heavens, the moon climbed a little further and registered a manifestly impossible hour on the sun-dial.

  15. She had a high sense of her responsibilities, and therefore, at various times, endeavoured to further the spread of philanthropy and literature and theosophy and art and temperance and education and other laudable causes.

  16. You're to give me your word you'll do nothing further in the matter till Billy gets well.

  17. And so she determinedly led the conversation further and further away from personal matters, and soon she gaily declared that it was getting too late for moonlight chat and she was going in the house.

  18. So after a little further chat, she rose, saying she must go.

  19. But she determined to carry it a little further and see what might happen.

  20. Mrs. Perry reported that Babette was no worse, and that the doctor had said nothing further than that.

  21. Gone for a drive," replied Adele, and Farnsworth made no further reference to Patty.

  22. In the first place, I've known your paragon of a cousin only a few weeks; and in the second place, there's no use going any further than the first place!

  23. He jumped and alighted unsteadily but without further mishap than so far capsizing the canoe that it shipped enough water to more than half submerge it and threaten to sink it.

  24. Having so thoroughly enjoyed the morning's sport, Captain Jimmie regularly afterward flew the blue pennant from his mast, and was ever on the alert to greet Helen with the Yale yell and further particulars.

  25. He had no desire to stay longer since all hope of further tete-a-tete with Elise was gone; and in a few minutes they were ready to embark.

  26. Having thus made Lola responsible for the song, Elise sang it without further delay or hesitation.

  27. This book is in a sense a sequel to "The Second Mrs. Jim," since it gives further glimpses of that delightful stepmother and her philosophy.

  28. She had a hard time getting across the river, but after she got over safe she didn't have much trouble, for some of the white people took charge of her and helped her to get further on north.

  29. Helen did not have an opportunity to hear Hayward's proffered explanation for quite a long time, and she cared little to know anything further of it; but her attitude of mind toward him had changed.

  30. Her friendliness had been so graciously simple and so promising that his purpose had been formed and he was moving straight toward it, not noticing her silence further than to be glad she was saying nothing to create a diversion.

  31. Mr. Phillips acknowledged the compliment by nothing further than a lifting of his chin---which Hayward had no means of interpreting.

  32. He asked that they inform him if they should come to Washington, so that he might discuss the subject further with them.

  33. When school assembled he sent a note by one of the boys to Colonel Allen, saying that we had arranged the matter so that there could be no further objection to our running the school in together, and informed him that we were married.

  34. Thanks to the younger man's training he did not wince or change countenance, but he was so bursting full of wrath that he never knew whether any further word was spoken between them.

  35. The Red Triangle* Being some further chronicles of Martin Hewitt, investigator.

  36. It would have been impossible to prevent his forcing a further clash perhaps if Senator Ruffin had not insisted on ending the matter just there.

  37. It is certain that this method of co-operation will be carried still further in the future.

  38. Yet even now the British Government was extremely unwilling to take action, or to expand still further the already vast domains for whose good governance it was responsible.

  39. Still further to identify this spot, here was the British soldier emerging from two or three of the roads, with his cap upon his ear, his white gloves in one hand and his foppish little cane in the other.

  40. He trusts that His Majesty will decline to uphold any further these grossly unjust concessions which the elector and his government had dared to exact of a monarch who was famed for his justice and benignity.

  41. A prohibition was obtained from him forbidding all further intercourse between the Pretender and Sobiesky, whose wife, it should be mentioned, was the emperor's aunt.

  42. And you will be further informed, if you inquire aright, how that unhallowed spot came to be a noble lady's grave, and something more than a grave.

  43. But his habits and specialties have become too well known to all readers of folk-lore to need any further notice.

  44. The fury of the people, kept aloof from the carriages, found vent further off; and all persons suspected of feeling the least sympathy were brutally ill-treated.

  45. It was the Utopia of government; but by this Rousseau led further astray.

  46. A little further on Camille Desmoulins relates the restless fears of the people on the fatal night.

  47. A little further on was an orchard, where the trees inclining in a thousand attitudes, cast a degree of shade over an acre of cropped grass; then a large enclosure of low vines, cut in right lines by small green sward paths.

  48. If the Revolution advance one step further it cannot do so without danger.

  49. Further advance was impossible, by reason of the heat.

  50. And making no further resistance, he gave himself up to his friends, and was laid on the bed.

  51. But such fatigue and disgust rose in his heart that he had no courage to push further his investigation of the rascality.

  52. His eyes seemed glittering with madness; and Sallustius, seeing that further objection was useless, said nothing.

  53. Here everything is sad and lonely, but my life goes on in much the usual way; if only it will continue without further bitter sorrows and trials, I shall be able to support it.

  54. Meanwhile Leopold Mozart was in Salzburg wondering why his wife and son were so long delaying their further journey to Paris.

  55. Nor was Aloysia without further influence on his career.

  56. In the morning, hearing a noise, I hid myself still further back in the wood-pile.

  57. The countess, I am persuaded, looks upon this double freedom from all marriage vows as a signal intervention of Providence to further her views.

  58. Having paid and dismissed the postman, Rodolph mechanically examined the two letters thus committed to his charge; but at a further glance they seemed to him worthy a more attentive observation.

  59. With the design of still further ingratiating himself with the porteress, Rodolph resumed: "My dear madame, this cold day would make a little of something warm and comfortable very acceptable.

  60. Rodolph did not tell me to do so, and I thought that perhaps he had no further occasion for me.

  61. Still further reassured by the mild tone in which Rodolph had addressed him, the ruffian assumed his usually insolent air and manner as he said, bursting into a loud and vulgar laugh: "Well done, upon my word!

  62. Carter Hagen, understanding this lonely old man as he did, knew further questions would be useless.

  63. Because of the number of persons who will no doubt wish to try their luck, I decree further that each shall be given thirty seconds in which to project their thought.

  64. The pianissimo of one hundred violins is a very much finer pianissimo and at the same time infinitely richer and further carrying than the pianissimo of a solo violin.

  65. In fact, to advanced musicians, to those who are not content to rest upon what has been achieved, but are ready to welcome further serious effort, Strauss's works form the latest great utterance in music.

  66. The latter simply adds to its effectiveness by giving it the further interest of "fiction" and ethical import.

  67. And yet the reaction from Bach was, as I have indicated, absolutely necessary to the further progress of music.

  68. Further along in the same book Mr. Mason has a page of apostrophe to the Bach fugues.

  69. It had a further admirable quality in its capacity for sustaining a tone, since by keeping the tangent pressed against the string the player was able to sustain the tone so long as the string continued to vibrate.

  70. The division of his activity into three periods, in each of which he is supposed to have progressed further along the road of originality and greatness, is generally accepted.

  71. Paderewski believes that, save in one respect, the pianoforte has reached perfection and is incapable of further improvement.

  72. After the second of these, several Hungarian noblemen agreed to provide an annual stipend of 600 florins for six years for Franz's further musical education.

  73. It is the peculiar merit of Philipp Emanuel Bach that he introduced a second theme into his sonatas, or suggested it by striking modulations when he employed only one theme, and thus paved the way for its further elaboration by Joseph Haydn.

  74. It was only in appearances that she could make concessions, and a time would even arrive when her concessions would cease, in presence of the impossibility of going any further without committing suicide.

  75. Voluntary blindness and impudent denial of things as evident as the sunlight, can no further go.

  76. While the past may thus take on an illusory hue through the very progress of our experience and our emotional life, it may become further transformed by a more conscious process, namely, the idealizing touch of a present feeling.

  77. It is further to be observed that in these last stages of perception we approach the boundary line between perception and inference.

  78. Philosophy being thus still a question and not a solution, we need not here trouble ourselves about its problems further than to remark on their close connection with our special subject, the study of illusion.

  79. One of the most striking examples of these is the erroneous localization of a quality in space, that is to say, the reference of it to an object nearer, or further off than the right one.

  80. More will be said on the relation of questions of nature and genesis further on.

  81. It might, perhaps, be desirable to go further in this process of differentiating language, and to distinguish between a sensational image, e.

  82. It is to be added that repetition of the act of imagination will tend still further to deepen the subsequent feeling that we are recollecting something.

  83. The impulse to hold to the illusion in spite of critical reflection, involves the further introspective illusion of taking a state of doubt for one of assurance.

  84. Thus, for example, it will be seen further on that a false recollection may set out either from the idea of some actual past occurrence or from a present product of the imagination.

  85. The reader is doubtless aware that philosophers have still further extended the idea of illusion by seeking to bring under it beliefs which the common sense of mankind has always adopted and never begun to suspect.

  86. Further reference to them will be made at the end of our study.

  87. The result of this movement is, of course, to transfer the retinal picture to new nervous elements further to the right.

  88. Each new stage of abstraction in physical science gives birth to a new attempt to find an independent reality, a thing-in-itself, hidden further away from sense.

  89. Having ambition of his own, he knew how to work on that of others to further his own aspirations, which were, to be considered a patron of art and a benefactor to his convent.

  90. Better by far to be drowned without further delay than to experience all the horrors of lying under sentence of death.

  91. Then, after further conversation, could be heard the rumble of metal as the tins of petrol were rapidly placed in the boat.

  92. They descended the sandy and shingly beach until further progress was barred by the lapping wavelets of the rising tide.

  93. More delay ensued while a wire was dispatched to St. Bedal, asking for further details.

  94. Having delivered her soul, she felt no further anxiety with regard to the matter.

  95. She was excited and hopeful and happy, and nothing was further from her mind at that moment than a certain dreadful old proverb which declares that there is many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip.

  96. You worry a fellow almost to death," said Will; but he made no further objection, and the two went up to Will's tiny bedroom at the top of a tall house.

  97. She wrapped her shawl about her, waited for no further words, locked the door on the little prisoners, and rushed downstairs.

  98. At first, when Jenny spoke like this, Bet had shut her up with a few sharp words, but of late she had taken no notice; her face every day had grown duller, and her words further apart.

  99. This was no easy matter; for the little life seemed to be ebbing further and further away from this world's shores, and often it seemed to Hester that the unconscious child scarcely breathed.

  100. Warren had once remarked that when he raised his voice he needed no further reinforcements.

  101. Yes, they come out in their cars, from Bennington and further away, I suppose," said Rosemary.

  102. The boys walked back with Rosemary and Shirley and Sarah, and Warren told them further details.

  103. But she further conceded that she had not meant to rise at the witching hour of three A.

  104. And Sarah goes a little bit further every time, unless she is stopped.

  105. I do further admonish all persons who may depart from the United States, either singly or in numbers, organized or unorganized, for any such purpose, that they will thereby cease to be entitled to the protection of this Government.

  106. I concur in the views expressed by the Secretary of the Department in favor of a still further increase of our naval force.

  107. To the Senate of the United States: I have this day given my signature to the "Act making further appropriations for the improvement of the Cape Fear River, in North Carolina.

  108. To the House of Representatives: In further compliance with the resolution of the House of Representatives of the 27th of July last, upon the subject of the case of Walter M.

  109. The rights of the community were further conserved by the modification of two public bodies, dating from the heroic age, of which we often hear in Homer, namely, the Boulé or Senate and the Ecclesia or General Assembly.

  110. Despairing of being able to render any further service to his country he resolved to put an end to his life by swallowing the poison which he had secreted about his person to meet such an emergency.

  111. Further on Slipper again shows his readiness in dialogue-- Sir Bartram.

  112. When Pancrates had no further need of him, he spoke a couple of words, and the man was a pestle again.

  113. Further on in the same play a devil and Miles, Bacon's servant, enter.

  114. But a further development of humour was in progress.

  115. And with no further ado he shut his eyes and drowsed.

  116. McKay, with a cool smile, explained his abrupt action, meanwhile reconnoitering the dimness for any further sign of the vanished assailant.

  117. The bowman, after shading his eyes and peering at the flamboyant figure of José, resumed paddling without further ceremony, evidently intending to pass in silence.

  118. After a short circuit around the danger point the party returned to the path, and as they went on Lourenço explained further concerning the pit: "Every approach to the malocas has this kind of trap hidden in it, and others also.

  119. Then, without a further word or glance, he descended the ladder and swung away down the street.

  120. After the feast is out of the way I will talk further with him.

  121. I am of no further use to you, I am unwelcome in this house of Nunes, and I go.

  122. When the night meal was out of the way nothing remained but to seek hammocks and sleep, for further attempts at conversation by Lourenço met with the same silent rebuff from every cannibal addressed.

  123. A considerable distance was covered before any further sign of the presence of ambushed death was shown by the savages.

  124. Under her wise and gentle leadership difficulties seemed only to stir to further endeavour, more extended work, and greater endurance of hardship.

  125. The memories quoted take us further than school days, but they find a fitting place here.

  126. He was not in sympathy with Lord Lytton’s Afghan policy, and that would naturally alter his desire for further employment.

  127. She loved the fight, and the endeavour, and to arrive at any point just meant a fresh setting forward to another further goal.

  128. The Dominican inquisitors were appointed to further the cause in several great Italian cities, in Florence, Genoa and Venice, but the rule of tyranny and bloodshed they inaugurated was in many places strongly opposed.

  129. With abundant tears he cried out that since fortune had brought him to such a pass he would make no further resistance, but would surrender himself and all his cardinals into the emperor’s hands.

  130. Further he afterward received a decoration from the Prime Minister and is still influential in public life.

  131. It was the public crier, who announced that their time of punishment in the pillory being over, the three criminals would further be subjected to the lash.

  132. A money allowance was also made him over and above the sum spent on his subsistence, and this further grant might be applied to the purchase of books.

  133. Further additions were made to St. Angelo in the seventeenth century, in improving its interior and strengthening its defences.

  134. The pope refused, and bade the king to give himself no further concern about such a turbulent and troublesome fellow; that Cellini was kept in prison for committing murder and atrocious crimes.

  135. As a further refinement of cruelty, frequently the most opposite of individuals were chained together, a political prisoner, for instance, with the informer who had sent him to gaol, or with the lowest and most ferocious criminal.

  136. This splendid tomb erected at Halicarnassus was the outcome of her inconsolable grief and ardent affection, which was further displayed by her drinking his ashes dissolved in fluid.

  137. After a hurried inspection of the premises and running up against a couple of closed doors, further descent seemed hopeless, and now a sense of overpowering fatigue took possession of Casanova.

  138. Jules, horror-struck, allowed her to go without further notice.

  139. Colonel Laurens has carried two millions and a half of that six millions with him, which will serve till the loan in Holland produces a further supply.

  140. It is further said, "that Mr Grenville thinks Mr Fox's resignation will be fatal to the present negotiation.

  141. I could wish that this matter may receive no further publicity, than what is necessary for your justification.

  142. The loss of the ship Marquis de Lafayette, which is confirmed by Lloyd's list, renders every precaution necessary, and essential to prevent a further disappointment in supplies.

  143. Vergennes asked me if Mr Oswald had not opened himself further to me?

  144. We pray God to further you with his goodness in the several objects hereby recommended; and that he will have you in his holy keeping.

  145. I am further persuaded, that the Court of France is not disposed, was there even a shadow of an excuse for an alteration of the allotment of this money, to infringe their honor and injure the essential interests of America by detaining it.

  146. But I see so many inconveniences in mixing the two nations together, that I cannot encourage any further proposal of the kind.

  147. I have heard nothing further from Mr Laurens, nor received any paper from him respecting Lord Cornwallis.

  148. I did not press him much for further particulars, supposing they were reserved for our interview with M.

  149. This he said was left entirely to me, for he had no will in the affair; he did not desire to be further concerned, than to see it in train, he had no personal views either of honor or profit.

  150. Should you find repose necessary after rendering the United States this further service, Congress, in consideration of your age and bodily infirmities, will be disposed to gratify your inclination.

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