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Example sentences for "florins"

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  1. Also he was a very warm man, as everybody knew, with a hoard of florins under the flags of his old-clothes shop in the Via Stella.

  2. In those days thousands of florins were paid for a single bulb.

  3. A prize of one hundred thousand florins offered by the horticultural society at Haarlem was won by the black tulip of Cornelius van Baerle.

  4. Why, our dinner here for two people was handsomely paid at six florins a head, and yet you bring in a bill of eight florins against that poor wretch.

  5. A life like this is costly, and would scarcely be comprised under two thousand florins a year.

  6. Came on Monday last in the diligence, and are to remain till the twentieth; two florins a day they give for everything.

  7. If you surrender to him, you will have ten thousand florins to pay.

  8. So he went to sleep, and tried to forget what he had done, and his three florins remained untouched in his pocket until morning.

  9. He turned out the two other florins upon the counter, and at the first ring of them on the wood he knew the truth, and his passion blazed out fiercely against the man who had fooled him under cover of the darkness.

  10. She wants to pay something; her daughter takes three florins sixty-five kreuzers out of her purse; but she says: 'What are you doing?

  11. Her sister-in-law had received 150 florins as a present from her husband, and had quickly got rid of it by buying some ornament.

  12. Note that 150 florins is one hundred times one florin fifty kreuzers.

  13. If you can find a suitable person, I will give him 2 florins a day while I am in Baden, and if he knows how to cook he can use my firewood in the kitchen.

  14. The other certainly deserves no New Year's gift; besides, she has nine florins of mine on hand, and when she leaves I don't expect to receive more than four or five florins of that sum.

  15. A daily roll for breakfast comes to eighteen florins a year.

  16. As soon as I am settled in Vienna, he shall have 40 florins a month, and board and livery as usual, reckoned from the third month in my service, like other servants.

  17. She says she made him a present of twenty-five florins, and gave him five florins a month, solely to induce him to stay with me.

  18. He last year settled 600 florins on me, which, together with the good sale of my works, enables me to live free from care as to my maintenance.

  19. As the New Year draws near, I think five florins will be enough for Nany; I have not paid her the charge for making her spencer, on account of her bad behavior to you.

  20. The money for his boots will be reckoned from the third month (in my service), and from that time at the rate of 40 florins per annum; his livery also from the third month.

  21. They say the Emperor tempted him with half a million of florins to sell it, but, miser as he was and is, the old fellow refused it.

  22. Look here now," said he to me, as he turned over the beautifully clean and neatly kept volume: "this is the work of one who earns six hundred florins a year.

  23. I wanted to buy a team of juchera he drove into the yard here, and was rash enough to offer five hundred florins for what he asked eight.

  24. But I hadn't paid them in a while, no fault of mine, and they saw that as an excuse to try to extract a promise from me of an additional monthly five florins per knight and increases for the common soldiers as well.

  25. Oh, and I promised him an additional forty-five florins when we get to Aigues-Mortes.

  26. Can I not save some florins if I leave you on the dock here?

  27. I am sure the great city of Rome can scrape together three thousand florins by tomorrow.

  28. Just yesterday, John the Tartar offered me five thousand florins to let him take her to Perugia with him when he follows the pope there.

  29. To be exact, I will require three thousand florins to be delivered to me tomorrow morning before I enter the city, to compensate my men, whose pay is in arrears.

  30. Three thousand florins will be enough for tomorrow.

  31. One did not entertain so lavishly on the fifteen florins a month Sordello would receive as capitano of the archers.

  32. The starost provided the keep of their horses, and also paid weekly wages of two florins to their grooms.

  33. I had to content myself with the title of lector and the modest honorarium of 1,000 florins a year--a remuneration equal to that of any respectable nurse in England when besides her monthly wages we take into account her full keep!

  34. Excuse me moment, and I'll wager twenty gold florins against yonder linden leaf that, ere the moonlight has left the curbstone, I can tell you my lady's colour.

  35. It must make the neck uncommonly stiff, methinks, to have a knightly escutcheon on door and breast, and yet be able to fling florins and zecchins broadcast without offending the devil by an empty purse.

  36. Andrea was paid ten florins for the Head of the Saviour, through his assistant, Raffaello.

  37. For the three works painted at Luco Andrea was paid ninety florins in gold.

  38. It is plain that Lucrezia's family looked on her as almost a widow, for they made him sign a deed of acknowledgement for the 150 florins of her dote.

  39. It cost twenty millions of florins (fifty millions of lire), without counting, be it remembered, the sum expended by other nations on their special buildings.

  40. On arriving at the hotel I put the six florins briskly into his hand; he refused to take them, and I could not understand why.

  41. The price of four thousand golden florins was put upon his head, together with the further sum of one hundred florins per annum in perpetuity to be paid to the murderer and his direct heirs in succession, by the Otto di Balia.

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