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Example sentences for "florin"

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  1. Mrs. March did not enjoy it so much as coming with her husband alone when they took two florin seats in the orchestra for the comedy.

  2. But I am sure I don't know how I am to play to-morrow, as the company has rebelled; they say they won't act unless I give each of them a florin in advance.

  3. The poor devil overflowed with gratitude, and said he would order supper at a florin a head, according to my instructions.

  4. I have paid all expenses, and have given my actors a florin apiece.

  5. Note that 150 florins is one hundred times one florin fifty kreuzers.

  6. Take the patient from whom I got the last dream about the three tickets for one florin fifty kreuzers.

  7. For certes, every florin in his cofre is his mawmet.

  8. Wel couthe he peynten lyfly that it wroghte, With many a florin he the hewes boghte.

  9. There'll be hell to pay, I promise you, if I lose so much as a florin in goods.

  10. He was still remembered as the best first mate the Zeelander had ever had--and the only seaman anyone had ever seen who could toss a florin into the air and drill it with a pistol ball better than half the time.

  11. There was a ridiculous notion, that the graceless florin was rare, and Diamond inquired about it of Hugh Owen, author of the monograph on Bristol china, and cashier of the Great Western Railway.

  12. Saia, loner Juan de Mensieris, Hichel and a page of Juan Florin before Your Majesty, to avoid certain difficulties that were impending.

  13. He is designated on an occasion to be noted, as Juan Florin of Dieppe.

  14. Footnote: The document accompanying the letter of Davila in the archives, describes Juan Florin as of Dieppe, and thus fixes the seat of his operations in Normandy.

  15. The florin that she tendered him in change for a half-crown looked like a foreign coin.

  16. The doctor pocketed the sovereigns and placed the florin aside, according to the unwritten law that obtains in such cases, for the sergeant.

  17. You then take up one sheet and discover the florin underneath.

  18. You then lift the third paper, to find the florin you placed there.

  19. He insists on a strict accounting for every florin which he allows him and is enraged when he hears that Karl has not forgotten his boyish trick of borrowing from the servants.

  20. What feelings were aroused in me when I again found a florin and 15 kreutzers charged in the bill!

  21. By allowing twenty days for the journey, we shall have half a florin a day, to travel on.

  22. We left Ulm with a florin and a half apiece--about sixty cents--to walk to Heidelberg, a distance of 110 miles.

  23. The Demon of Play has him for his own, and he may go on playing and playing until he has lost every florin of his own, or as many of those belonging to other people as he can beg or borrow.

  24. Those are no bad terms: a gold florin a month!

  25. Things will go much better when the knights lead us: and we shall receive a gold florin and four measures of wine; that's our principal business.

  26. What you propose would be against our terms of a gold florin a month, and four measures of wine a-day.

  27. And Reuben J, Martin Cunningham said, gave the boatman a florin for saving his son's life.

  28. The truth is that Mr. Lowe here attacks nothing except the coexistence of the florin and half-crown.

  29. Meanwhile, take this trifle in charity," and he pressed a florin into her hand.

  30. To that end we have formed a little "Mess" with fifteen friends at the table d'hote of the Hotel de la Ville, where we get a good dinner and a pint of the country wine made on the hillside for a florin and a half.

  31. I would have given the florin thankfully and kept the rest; but I was not yet prepared to trust in GOD alone, without the sixpence.

  32. How gladly would I have compromised with conscience if I had had a florin and a sixpence!

  33. But ere the cock had crowed even once this morning the last florin had vanished.

  34. Herr Casper contracted the great debt to the Jew without the knowledge of his son and partner, and this explains to a florin the difference between the accounts of the father and son.

  35. Kalimann's "friendly" letter was followed by those of the tender and touching variety, and finally Gutel decided upon sacrificing her half florin and sending one that "would go straight to the heart.

  36. But it was not a bit of glass after all, but a fine golden florin which must have dropped from somebody's purse.

  37. Taking the golden florin with her, she went to a neighboring town, and purchased a suit of clothes such as pages and squires wear who are in the service of noblemen.

  38. I'll have one, please," said Peter; and he handed over the florin he had found.

  39. And when I had explained to him who I was and why I had come to Vienna, he assisted me as much as he could, his first good office consisting in this, that he prevailed with his master to board and lodge me for a florin daily.

  40. A hundred florins I had spent on my journey, and there was a florin a day of present expenses; how, then, should I return home if I must use up my little hoard waiting and waiting?

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