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  1. I'll give you that one franc to make up the round number.

  2. Perhaps you'll soon know yourself what a franc costs when you have got to sweat for it.

  3. She knew that Grandet would let her alone for a fortnight after he had thus taken back, franc by franc, the money he had given her.

  4. And she darted, swift as a bird, to get the five-franc piece which she had just received for her monthly expenses.

  5. I perceive that the opinions of the committee are running strongly in favor of adopting, as the unit, the existing French five-franc piece of gold.

  6. We'll have to exist on our corporal's pay--one franc fifty centimes a week, if we can get it.

  7. Private Labori pressed a ten-franc piece into Kenneth's hand, and with a hurried expression of gratitude returned to his task of peeling potatoes for the midday meal.

  8. I slipped the five-franc pieces into my purse--then I took a turn through my narrow chamber.

  9. One day he carne excitedly into the sitting-room, and asked: "'Who took my five franc piece?

  10. It was a five franc piece that he had got somewhere or other and had stuck in his pocket to buy a theatre ticket with.

  11. For the latter purpose we had to hire a boat; and deceived by the fact that the owner spoke a Latin dialect, I attempted to beat him down from his demand of a franc an hour.

  12. He drew out his fat note-case and counted twenty-five one-thousand-franc notes on to the table.

  13. I spent my last franc on the journey from Carcassonne to Aigues-Mortes.

  14. An envelope from him contained two large caressive slips of bluish paper, which when scrutinized with starting eyes turned out to be two one-thousand-franc notes.

  15. One day Aristide, with an unexpected franc or two in his pocket, stopped in front of a bureau de tabac.

  16. That woman is worth her weight in thousand-franc notes.

  17. And he threw a thousand-franc note at Thénardier.

  18. There is in the chest of drawers a five-hundred-franc note.

  19. I used to be able to palm two five-franc pieces at once, the hand, nevertheless, remaining as freely open as though it held nothing whatever.

  20. Not one franc will I take from you until I have satisfied you that my judgment is correct.

  21. Inflation is not a concern, however, because of the fixed tie of the franc to the US dollar.

  22. He took it, and gave her a hundred-franc note in exchange.

  23. One old woman, whose gay attire suggested a false youthfulness, begged him in French to stake a five-franc piece for her.

  24. But Solange remained perfectly indifferent; in the first place, because her back was turned to the ladies, and, secondly, because she worked away as though she expected to be paid a franc an hour.

  25. To these gifts he adds a purse for each, containing thirteen five-franc pieces.

  26. The prices are very moderate, and the plats du jour range from 1 franc to 1 franc 75 centimes, each plat being enough for two persons.

  27. One in a side street near the Casino, kept by a Frenchman, has a reputation for its cheap French wines; and the Macon, at a franc the bottle, is indeed drinkable.

  28. The quaintness of the old inn Guillaume le Conquérant at Dives counts for something, and the 5 franc table-d'hôte dinner there is good of its kind.

  29. The following is a menu of a 6-franc table-d'hôte dinner served in September.

  30. He was hardly three years old when, seeing his shoemaker's bill paid with five-franc pieces, he screamed loudly, not wishing that they should give away the picture of his Uncle Bibiche.

  31. No, no, my brave soldier; I do not intend to insult you, but I bet that a twenty-franc piece would not be disagreeable to you in drinking a cup to my health.

  32. Certainly, if thirty francs a thousand be only a paying wage, a franc and a half must mean about the same as utter failure to the crew, who generally work the boat on shares.

  33. Sometimes the price will fall as low as a franc and a half, and then come "trials without number for the sailors," as an old fisherman told the writer.

  34. The difference is more apparent than real, for the "frugal repast" at a franc and a half is the three franc meal shorn of its trimmings; you get the same dishes and the same service.

  35. I have, absolutely, not a half-franc in the world.

  36. Her son Charles could do no more for them, she said; perhaps he might be able to give them a five-franc piece now and again, but even that wasn't certain.

  37. So it is agreed: a franc for the big Old'un every Saturday, the bread for the bedridden woman, some help for the poor young mother, and then a home for her little girl.

  38. His life had become a perfect hell; they had ended by beating him, if he did not bring a thousand-franc note home on the first day of every month.

  39. We learned at the hotel that half a franc would have been a sufficient "back sheesh" for the whole party.

  40. We gave the fellow half a franc "backsheesh" for his skill, and credited him with being fitted for his business.

  41. I gave her a franc for the lot and she then removed the rest of her apparel and proposed selling it for two francs.

  42. Illustration: 9168] But when it comes to money he makes no distinction, and will receive a Frank franc as readily as a Turkish one.

  43. But rather than give a franc he would take the chances.

  44. The "Doubter" reluctantly draws half a franc from his pocket and places it in the boy's hand.

  45. We were to be taken to the Tibre with our baggage, then to shore, and then back to the Tibre again for a franc each.

  46. We lost no time, as we were fearful a wind might arise and detain us, and so we closed our bargain for transportation to land at the usual rate of one franc for each person, including our baggage.

  47. One day I hired a donkey for a franc to make a journey for which the driver demanded three francs at the outset.

  48. Then I passed him a franc which his fingers closed upon, and I showed him another with an intimation that he would receive it after we had seen the Acropolis.

  49. We hired an Arab to climb up and strike the stone, and we had the performance not only once but half a dozen times, all for half a franc for the entire party, or less than a third of a cent each.

  50. We had a supply of copper for just such cases, and by a judicious use of it, we made a franc go a great ways, and this was the way we would distribute it.

  51. There were tears in his eyes, and I rather wish now I had accepted the five-franc note to keep as a souvenir of Prussian gratitude.

  52. When a wounded Belgian soldier was examined in the hospital a leather purse was found in his pocket and in it a bent and broken Belgian one-franc piece, part of which was missing.

  53. The soldier fumbled in his pocket, and at last produced a crumpled five-franc note which he offered me.

  54. If not notable for its fine suggestive feudal nomenclature, Ancy-le-Franc certainly claims that distinction by reason of the memories of its chateau, which dates from the reign of Henri II.

  55. A dozen kilometres south from Ancy-le-Franc is Nuits-sous-Ravières.

  56. With Chambord and Dampierre, Ancy-le-Franc stands in this respect in a small and select company.

  57. The Chateau de Ancy-le-Franc is commonly accredited as one of the few edifices of its important rank which has preserved its general aspect uncontaminated and uncurtailed.

  58. Miolans and Montmelian in Savoy stand for examples of the first mentioned class; Chastellux, Ancy-le-Franc and Tanlay in Burgundy for the second.

  59. The Bibliothèque contains a remarkable folio showing plans and views of the chateaux of Ancy-le-Franc and Tonnerre, the latter since destroyed as we have found.

  60. As for Louis and myself, why, we never knew what it was to have a franc get warm in our pockets, so we escaped having any drawn forth by Ministers, and they have never thought us worth prosecuting or imprisoning.

  61. Other shops the wasps had entirely to themselves, and nobody cared and nobody came when I beat with a five-franc piece upon the board of custom.

  62. On this he lived for nearly three years, boarding at the rate of a franc per day at the Hotel de Saint-Quintin, rue des Cordiers.

  63. The Southerner, however, asked only a five-franc divination, while in the same year Mme.

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