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Example sentences for "centimes"

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  1. She has not wished to scrub and clean, but for such work is twenty-five centimes an hour, and often food that the tenant does not wish.

  2. The usual charge for these delicacies was five centimes (one cent) each, and as three made a very substantial meal, and the coffee cost three or five cents per cup, our total expenditure for four people was less than two francs.

  3. The calendar was, in its way, a masterpiece; but Eve was obliged to sell it for less than a halfpenny, for the Cointets were supplying hawkers at the rate of three centimes per copy.

  4. Doublon gave the influential house a rebate upon every transaction; it was the merest trifle, one franc fifty centimes on a protest, for instance.

  5. If you have any communication to make, you must first put it in writing on "stamped paper," which you buy for sixty centimes at a tobacco shop, and forward it by post.

  6. They make it up perhaps on the coffee, for they charge you fifty centimes for it, though they do give you a small glass of calvados with it, which after all leaves no ground for complaint.

  7. It is in a measure subsidized, for the school receives from the Ministry of War a grant of 3 francs 50 centimes for each pupil for each day's attendance.

  8. He sits in the sun with a white or green umbrella over his head, and is content if he sells fifty centimes worth of peanuts a day.

  9. We had dandy seats in the parterre--only seven francs seventy centimes, the seventy centimes being a tax for the poor, imposed on all theater and opera seats.

  10. We have found that people can get a furnished room for thirty centimes a day and up.

  11. One franc twenty-five centimes a day for all over sixteen not working (mothers of little children, invalids, blind, etc.

  12. Winning and losing were all one to him, although it is understood that fifty centimes are contributed by each of his backers to a champion of France when he brings it off.

  13. Lafayette lies at Picpus, which is behind a convent in the Rue de Picpus, and costs fifty centimes to see, and there also were buried many victims of the guillotine besides those whose bodies were flung into the earth behind the Madeleine.

  14. On Good Friday evening in the lovely dying April light I paid thirty centimes to be taken by tram to Grassina to see the famous procession of the Gesรน Morto.

  15. Beaufort did not refer to the subject on Wednesday, and Kent went home with sixty-five centimes in his pocket.

  16. The night was cold, and presently he went out to a grocer's and spent sixty centimes on a bottle of the kind of red wine that the restaurants threw in with the cheapest meal, smuggling it upstairs under his overcoat.

  17. It was her father whom she called thus, since the day when she had discovered that there was a German coin called thaler, which represents three francs and sixty-eight centimes in French currency.

  18. Illustration: Roquevaire] The apricots of the Var, in their natural state, formerly brought but five or six centimes a kilo, but by the new order of things the price has been raised to ten.

  19. Charged me two francs for a shave, and when I suggested that he was rather high he said he was compelled to ask one franc and thirty centimes for the extract of vanilla he had put on my hair.

  20. Then it clicks up ten centimes at a time, and when you reach your destination there is no chance for an argument regarding the total.

  21. The indicator is set at seventy-five centimes at the start.

  22. Jacques: He puts himself in communication with the ten postmasters, his correspondents, to advise them of errors of 10 or 20 centimes (a penny or twopence).

  23. Now, bring down postages to the uniform rate of 5 centimes (a halfpenny).

  24. John: And all this for forty centimes (4d.

  25. Here, the lowering to 5 centimes (a halfpenny) of the rate which is at present at an average of something less than 4 1/2d.

  26. The money was payable in piastres, at the rate of 3 francs and some centimes each, though the piastre was really worth 5 francs 40 centimes.

  27. With all best wishes and enclosing stamps for eighty centimes as representing your share of the proceeds (including fee for opinion), I remain, Yours sincerely, HENRY.

  28. As you must always keep what an Englishman gives you a chance of pocketing, I did not hesitate to put the fifty-centimes in a safe place.

  29. The centimes column is guaranteed exact by every French clerk; this ought to console Joseph for the little errors which may exist in the column of the millions.

  30. The average expense of travelling by the diligence, including the pour-boire of the coachman and conductor, is about 75 centimes per league.

  31. In 1877, it appeared, the inhabitants subscribed forty-eight francs ten centimes for the "Work of the Propagation of the Faith.

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