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gifs; gift; gifte; gifted; giftes; gig; gigantea; giganteus; gigantic; gigantically
  1. To these two inspiring friends and teachers he declared he owed what he prized most in life, namely, a development of those gifts and qualities which enabled him to be of service to his generation.

  2. In Leighton's own letters, more than is possible in any other written words, will be traced those qualities of character and feeling which guided the rare gifts nature had bestowed.

  3. Very subtle and undefinable is the effect of such gifts on the character and nature of those possessing them, for nature herself maintains a kind of secrecy and endows her favoured ones with but a half consciousness in respect of them.

  4. These were not arts and attainments, but native gifts of person and temperament.

  5. Egypt, whose "gifts and prayers," induced them to return.

  6. He is hardly conscious of these gifts as such.

  7. Their perfume lost, Take these again; for to the noble mind Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind.

  8. O Hamlet, what a falling-off was there, From me, whose love was of that dignity That it went hand in hand even with the vow I made to her in marriage, and to decline Upon a wretch whose natural gifts were poor To those of mine!

  9. Miss Whitney offends less than many in this way, and has shown some of the rarer gifts of that indefinable being,--a true poet.

  10. The account which Herodotus gives of the gifts that Croesus sent to the Oracle at Delphi is a splendid example of barbaric magnificence.

  11. The potations at some houses, the gifts at others, had been the causes of the failure of Mick as an emigrant.

  12. Meanwhile we all pressed our parting gifts on him; some took the form of money, others were useful or beneficial, as we judged it.

  13. Mick was no penman, but for all that he made the wildest promises about writing, and as for the gifts he was to send us, the place should be indeed a Tom Tiddler's ground if he were to fulfil his rash promises.

  14. Figures interpreted as Isaiah, who seems, like the Magi, to come from afar to lay his gifts at the feet of Christ, and as Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones, also occur in the Catacombs.

  15. One of these represents Cain and Abel bringing their gifts to an aged and bearded figure sitting on a stone, who is interpreted by the Romanists as the Omnipotent Jehovah.

  16. McCaul, of the sevenfold gifts of the Spirit of divine illumination.

  17. Among his most important works were a commentary on the greater part of the Old and New Testament, treatises on Antichrist, on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, on Good and the Origin of Evil, on God and the Resurrection.

  18. A mystical interpretation was also given to the loaves and fishes multiplied by Christ for the feeding of the multitude, as indicating the sevenfold gifts of the Spirit and the dispensations of the law and the gospel.

  19. Seven doves hovering around the head of Our Lord or the Virgin Mary symbolize, in Mediæval art, the seven-fold gifts of the Spirit.

  20. Not only were the soldiers received with hearty cheers, but lavish gifts were showered upon them.

  21. Thus she rewarded Célestin by sending him the gifts she had received from her other two adorers.

  22. The last day of the year dawned upon me, bringing solemn thoughts of the uncertainty of life, and sorrow for such misuse of its great gifts and opportunities as I am well conscious of.

  23. We now know what it meant: A consciousness of their gifts reappearing Perchance in thine--to consummation blent.

  24. I rejoice that these are all to mingle in loving harmony with your great gifts of heart and mind.

  25. Like many another young person, I did not know what my really available gifts were.

  26. On the wide field where the world's great citizens band together to uphold the highest interests of society, women of the same type employ their gifts and graces to the same end.

  27. Before starting for the Temple I received three beautiful gifts of flowers, a great bunch of white roses from Lizzie Agassiz, a lovely bouquet of violets from Mrs. Frank Batcheller, and some superb chrysanthemums from Mrs. George H.

  28. Then came a pretty invasion of mummers, bearing the gifts of the Club, a fine gold watch and a handsome bronze lamp.

  29. The truth is that we have no notion of the value and beauty of God's gifts until they are taken from us.

  30. Its gifts were great and demand the service of a long day's work to requite and to interpret them.

  31. They seemed to me such sacred gifts that I could not bear merely to enjoy them and see them fade.

  32. Gifts of flowers from many friends began early to arrive, and continued till late in the evening.

  33. He has at intervals since then written me letters full of charmed and salubrious flattery and of appreciation and praise for traits and gifts and qualities which I do not possess.

  34. What God means me to do with such gifts and phases--I don't and don't understand.

  35. A thousand kisses To-morrow Among my other gifts I own also Wantonness.

  36. I took with me some presents for the villagers, who were unaffectedly glad to see me, and not because of the gifts I brought for them.

  37. Yourself, for instance, wasting your life in a small place like Nerac, when by your gifts you are so well fitted to play your part in a large city.

  38. Possessed, like you, of the gifts of fortune," proceeded the rector, with mounting enthusiasm.

  39. Far from being overburdened with the gifts of fortune, now!

  40. Mrs. Burgoyne rose with a laugh--a very soft and charming laugh--by no means the least among the various gifts with which nature had endowed her.

  41. He saw in her already the grande dame of the future--that his labour, his ambitions, and his gifts should make of her.

  42. Sintram opened his eyes, as a child whose Christmas gifts have been placed at his bedside.

  43. Each one in turn proffered her choicest gifts to the young shepherd, in order that, tempted by them, he might adjudge the apple to her.

  44. Wherefore have these gifts a curtain before them?

  45. No other treatment," he says, "is to be expected without continual gifts both to the King and others.

  46. They openly demanded provincial governments, pensions, and gifts of money.

  47. In examining the gifts of the disciples, as mentioned by Matthew and Mark, the only additional point is the raising of the dead.

  48. In its larger issues this happy life to come consists in the development of those gifts which we possess.

  49. What gifts this all-powerful ally brings with him, and what are the terms of his alliance, will now be considered.

  50. Adolfe, and bestowed great gifts vpon the church where his brother was thus buried.

  51. He was no lesse indued with commendable gifts of mind, than with strength and force of bodie.

  52. Also he dealt and gaue away great gifts amongst the people, and founded in that place an abbeie, indowing the same with great possessions.

  53. All these pious gifts were, no doubt, considerable, but they could not suffice for the support of a large army.

  54. Antioch, united the most seducing gifts of mind to the graces of her person.

  55. Conrad haughtily replied that he despised the gifts of infidels, and that the life of his father was less dear to him than the cause of the Christians.

  56. The stele was erected by Tekhtnebf, the last native king of Egypt, to commemorate his gifts to the temples of Neïth on the occasion of his accession at Sais.

  57. Justness of intellect is one of the rarest gifts which nature bestows on the human species.

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