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Example sentences for "bearded"

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beant; bear; bearable; bearberry; beard; bearding; beardless; beards; beare; bearer
  1. The huge, bearded parent rose in his massiveness against his other shoulder, hemming him in.

  2. Lower down on the opposite side, one or two nondescripts between, sat the big, blond, bearded stranger with his son.

  3. Girt with many a baron bold Sublime their starry fronts they rear; And gorgeous dames, and statesmen old In bearded majesty, appear.

  4. She accordingly followed him through a subterranean passage into a great camp quite full of long-bearded soldiers, who were all fast asleep.

  5. There sat an old, long-bearded man, and about him stood chests full of silver and gold.

  6. When alone, he jumped out of the cradle, no longer a baby but a bearded old man, gobbled up the food out of the stove, and then lay down again a screeching babe.

  7. One day after I had been in practice about two months, I observed a bearded commonplace-looking person lounging about on the other side of the road.

  8. Through the glass panel I observed that it was a respectable-looking bearded individual with a top-hat.

  9. One morning, coming down earlier than usual, I saw a small bearded man undoing the inside chain of my door.

  10. But even the cheerful inner life of a logician may be upset by a lunatic asylum, to say nothing of whiffs of memory from a lady in Jersey, and the little red-bearded man on this windy evening was in a dangerous frame of mind.

  11. Evan was still staring back curiously at the beaming and bearded creature behind him.

  12. If the King deemed a poet's counsel worth the taking, he would long ago have shut this bearded ranter within the four walls of a dungeon, where only rats and spiders would attend his lectures on approaching Doom!

  13. How at this date, which must have been remote, did a golden-bearded man come to foregather with a woman who wore such robes and ornaments as these?

  14. Presently through the throng advanced an old white-bearded man who wore a badge of office, crying as he came, "Make way for the bailiff!

  15. Men pushed out of the tunnel's throng, big bearded men, small tough men.

  16. Only its side petals are bearded to form footrests for the insects that search for the deeply secreted nectar.

  17. Its sterile filament, curved over at the summit, is bearded there only.

  18. Such violets as have their side petals bearded are most frequently visited by small greenish mason bees (Osmia), with collecting brushes on their abdomen that receive the pollen as it falls.

  19. Its yellowish bearded lower petals readily deceive one into thinking a bee has just alighted there.

  20. For the proper visitors of the bearded violets," says Professor Robertson, "we must look to the small bees, among which the Osmias are the most important.

  21. In the open doorway, framed against the whiteness of the storm, stood a big, bearded man clad in the winter uniform of the Hudson Bay Company.

  22. Yet the lady contrived to maintain her womanly dignity even in the most infantine amusements, and was honoured as a queen by all her little court of worshippers, from the bearded major, or the portly lawyer, to the callow subaltern.

  23. He was a big bearded fellow, with a mahogany complexion and slouching shoulders, in manners and disposition as simple as a child.

  24. Tillet talk of her bearded and well-grown brood as "mes enfants.

  25. Again a slight noise caused her to look up, and again the shaggy, bearded face of the tramp faded back into the storm.

  26. Looking up she saw the shaggy, bearded face of a ragged tramp pressed against the window pane, but it faded back into the storm as she looked up.

  27. A big, bearded man with a soft hat pulled over his eyes was directing the make-up of a train on the repair track, and the yard engine was pulling an enormous crane down from its spur beyond the coal-chutes.

  28. The bearded chin, the puffy lips, the prominent nose were all faithfully outlined in the exaggerated shadowgraph.

  29. With spreading wings and wide opened bill, the Bearded Griffon flies on his opponent to make him relinquish his booty; but the Vulture is not easily scared off.

  30. It is of flinty hardness; the sides are thin, sharp-pointed, and closely and sharply bearded the whole way.

  31. There is, nevertheless, a source of danger threatening their young from the Eagle, the Bearded Vulture and the Pardellynx.

  32. It is scarcely to be doubted that the stronger Bearded Griffon will at last win the victory and divide the spoil with his wife, while the exhausted and bleeding Vulture flies away to seek some other supply to satisfy his hunger.

  33. The Bearded Griffon is the celebrated Lammergeyer, described by some Naturalist under the name of the Golden Vulture.

  34. The Vulture at the feast hears the rushing of mighty wings and the Bearded Griffon, followed by his wife, drops on a neighboring rock.

  35. But it will not last long; the Bearded Griffon rushes on him, and with claws meeting these kings of the air fight out a mighty battle.

  36. It owes its name—Bearded Griffon—to a tuft of stiff hair that is under the beak.

  37. There is a spirited representation of St. George in conflict with a terrible dragon, and close by we see a bearded St. Christopher holding a palm-tree with both hands, and bearing on his shoulder the infant Christ.

  38. On the side towards the altar, the large bearded figure represents the Deity, with angels standing on each side of the throne, holding across His knees a sheet.

  39. Beraui, Samba River A bearded Dayak, front and side views Upper Katingans passing the rapids of Buntut Mangkikit Upper Katingan women dancing.

  40. The huge head, about fifty centimetres long, which was bearded and had a large snout, was cut off with part of the neck and carried to one of the camps, with a piece of the liver, which is considered the best part.

  41. Four bearded hoofs rose and fell upon the moss with all the circumspection snorting Rosinante could compass.

  42. Great blocks and shapeless fragments of rock strewed the margin of the awful torrent; gloomy walls of dark stone rose naked from these, bearded here and there with cedar, and everywhere frowning with shaggy brows of evergreen.

  43. The bearded poet, perspiring in furs and boots of reindeer skin, declaimed verses of his own composition about the wild life of the Alaskan mining camps.

  44. Leaning back in his chair, his thumbs in his belt, his bearded chin upon his breast, his voice was the even monotone of one speaking in his sleep.

  45. Down a few stone steps he was led by the bearded crew, and then pushed through a hole in what appeared to be a heavy brick wall.

  46. Above him a square opening had appeared in the ceiling; two ugly, bearded faces were leaning over the edge and strong hands were grasping a thick rope.

  47. Out of the dark entrance to the lower dining room the bearded diplomatist popped with the distracted look of a jack-in-the-box about to be ravished of its young.

  48. Again the bearded one made as if to block the doorway.

  49. The bearded man dropped into a chair while his companion sat at the table and opened a notebook.

  50. A tall bearded Russian entered with a younger man at his heels.

  51. The bearded Russian appeared daily and tried to question them, but Dr.

  52. In the street an old man is passing wrapped in a dun brown mantle blowing with bearded lips on a shining panpipe while he trundles before him a grindstone.

  53. Hung about London stage-doors, and bearded managers in their dens for a living.

  54. The bars melted under her touch, as dream things will, and she was staring down at no bearded face, but at Louise.

  55. On one of these latter beds a bearded man lay stretched, only partly undressed; on its edge sat a youth in his shirt.

  56. What started him on this idea particularly was that, in one train, a grey-bearded propertied-looking man who sat beside him was grumbling to a spruce little man opposite about the increasing number of empty houses.

  57. Next moment the door at which they stood was opened by a bearded man, wearing loose grey coat and slippers.

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