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Example sentences for "claws"

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claw; clawed; clawes; clawing; clawlike; clay; claybank; clayed; clayey; claying
  1. I want to answer this letter, and she keeps purring like a buzz-saw, and sharpening her claws on my shoes, till I can't think straight.

  2. She merely dug her claws into the eagle's back and growled indignant refusal.

  3. The teeth, horns, and claws of different animals, are also the occasional ornaments of the head and neck.

  4. As it descended slowly, he saw that it held in one of its claws a branch of a tree larger than a full-grown oak, and laden with clusters of ripe red berries.

  5. The castle had a hundred doors, and every door was guarded by a huge, shaggy hound, with tongue of fire and claws of iron, who tore to pieces anyone who went to the castle without the giant's leave.

  6. There is no sword made by the hands of man can kill him, and even if you could kill him, his hundred hounds, with tongues of fire and claws of iron, would tear you to pieces.

  7. But in his heart he added: "The pious Mefres begins at last to show his claws and teeth.

  8. Evidently that is our sacred priestly order, which has a very large, wise head and lion's claws beneath it.

  9. Holding up the powerful creature in his fist he strangled it till its eyes obtruded from the rough hair, not heeding the strong hind claws that were tearing the flesh from his arm.

  10. He had cast off his blanket and torn his clothes from him, so that he was quite naked, save for a girdle of eagle-claws about his thighs.

  11. Some curious people had the courage to ask Fanfreluche if this were true; but he had replied by bristling, and showing his teeth and claws so fiercely, that the conversation had ended there.

  12. It is the claws of thine own foolish thoughts That in spite wound the face of thy quiet soul.

  13. Know such thoughts to be claws fraught with poison.

  14. The old man's red-rimmed eyes twinkled at the sight of the shredded-up weed, around which his hand closed like the claws of a hawk.

  15. Don't stick your little claws into my legs like that, pussy.

  16. From the roots and bases of the main stems sprouted many a shoot of young gorse, their prickles tender as the claws of a new-born kitten, their shape, color, and foliage of thorns quite different to the mature plant above.

  17. And, as he stepped out before the house, a storm rose up suddenly, and a monster stretched out his claws and seized him by the hair.

  18. But as he passed his claws through her hair, he tore off a bit of her skin and devoured it.

  19. Yang Oerlang, when he saw the water-snake creep from the water, turned into an eagle and spread his claws to seize the snake.

  20. Then he came rushing up, roaring, and stretching out his claws savagely to seize his enemy.

  21. No one had heard a sound, but there he was, and in the claws of one foot he held the tail feathers of one of Blacky's relatives.

  22. He seized it in his claws and started to fly with it, but somehow he could not seem to get a good grip on it.

  23. Because he couldn't use his claws or bill while flying, they grew bold enough to pull a few feathers out of his back.

  24. You see, the way Hooty hissed and snapped his great bill was very threatening, and they knew that if once he got hold of one of them with those big cruel claws of his, that would be the end.

  25. Our author thinks he has discovered the use for the remarkable and, indeed, what appears disproportionate length, of the Claws of the Skylark.

  26. I'll let Roebuck find out when the claws catch in that tough old hide of his.

  27. I decided, however, that it was better to wait until they had stopped rattling their beaks and claws on my shell in futile attack.

  28. If the bird had been an eagle, with strong claws that could have hurt them in return, would they have stoned it?

  29. He hopped up to the rag, and with his beak and claws rolled it into a nice little ball.

  30. The fore limbs of the animal are immensely powerful; and the foot of a full-grown individual is fully eighteen inches long, and armed with claws five inches in length.

  31. Honey is his especial delight; and he will climb trees with great agility in order to reach a nest of bees, there being few obstacles which his ready claws and teeth will not remove where that dainty is in view.

  32. Its body is thick set and clumsy and about ten inches long, and its Mole-like claws are especially adapted for digging.

  33. Bear-chasing is an extremely dangerous sport; and there are few bear-hunters in the land, however skilful, but what can show scars from the claws or teeth of some exasperated bruin.

  34. Besides possessing many of the peculiarities of the fox, the "coon" has the additional accomplishment of being a most agile and expert climber, holding so firmly to the limb by its sharp claws as to defy all attempts to shake it off.

  35. Indeed the whole life of the mole is one of fury, and he eats like a starving tiger, tearing and rending his prey with claws and teeth, and crunching audibly the body of the worm between the sharp points.

  36. Their claws are particularly adapted for life among the trees; their tails are long and bushy, covering over the backs of the animals when in a sitting posture.

  37. The claws of the animal are [Page 200] long and almost white, forming a singular contrast to the jetty fur of the feet.

  38. Break the large claws in two parts, and free the body from the small claws and stomach.

  39. Put the meat from the claws in half of the shells it came from, and put the other half of the shells where they will get hot.

  40. Hold the claws on edge on a thick board, and strike hard with a hammer until the shell cracks.

  41. If you have the claws lying flat on the board when you strike, you not only break the shell, but mash the meat, and thus spoil a fine dish.

  42. It has a tail like a Lyon, its legs are like Bears, its Claws like an Eagle, its Eyes like a Tyger.

  43. The crab-claws so often mentioned was also an herb, otherwise known as knight's-pond water and freshwater-soldier.

  44. He is Nine Feet long from His Rump to his Head & near 4 feet wide over his back with Four Large Feet & Five Strong Claws on Each.

  45. The lines traced on such claws as happen to alight on the platter in an erect position, indicate what number of counters the caster is to receive from his opponent.

  46. The game of Platter is more intricate, and is played with the claws of a bear, or some other animal, marked with various lines and characters.

  47. Some supposed that he had perished in the claws of a tiger while searching for a gold mine in California.

  48. It was well for me at that moment that I wore a garment of quilted cotton, otherwise I must have been ripped open, and even with this covering I was sadly torn, and to this day I bear the marks of the beast's claws upon my body.

  49. He lifted his head, his claws contracted themselves in my flesh, then he howled like a dog in pain and fell dead upon my body.

  50. They bring up in their houses an animal of the tiger species, having the same kind of teeth and claws as the tiger.

  51. The lion belongs to the cat family, and his teeth and claws are similar in form and action to those of the house cat.

  52. Casting the weapon aside, he grips her and tries to hurl her down, while her claws and teeth clash upon his corslet but cannot penetrate the steel rings.

  53. Within two seconds after the first droning sound had reached Shady's ears she saw the eagle strike his claws through a pup and start up the valley on lazily flapping wings.

  54. At last the claws relaxed from their hold, and it fell down a ponderous mass, terrible still in death.

  55. Dead as it was, with its claws extended, as if to seize its prey, and its bleeding tongue hanging out, it struck me with awe.

  56. Fire he had none; his clothes had long been in rags; his beard had grown to a great length, and his nails were sharp as the claws of a wild beast.

  57. They wished to lord over our wigwams, and we drove them away, as the panther drives away her cubs, when their claws and teeth have been once turned against her.

  58. Fortunately, the black bear, unlike the grizzly, very seldom uses his claws and teeth in fighting, contenting himself with smothering his victim.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "claws" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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