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Example sentences for "clawed"

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clavicular; clavier; clavo; clavus; claw; clawes; clawing; clawlike; claws; clay
  1. It was an ugly thing, weighing close to two hundred pounds, with powerfully muscled hind legs which furnished the bulk of its motive-power, and sturdy three-clawed front legs.

  2. The nighthound, erect on its haunches, was reaching out with its front paws to drag it down, and slashing angrily at it with its single-clawed intermediary limbs.

  3. Something had clawed it deeply about the head, its throat was slashed transversely several times, and it had been disemboweled by a single slash that had opened its belly from breastbone to tail.

  4. Than these no deadlier portent nor any fiercer plague of divine wrath hath issued from the Stygian waters; winged things with maidens' countenance, bellies dropping filth, and clawed hands and faces ever wan with hunger.

  5. Illustration: "GONE AWAY"] Leaving the plain we wound up a dry creek, and noted that the small oaks had been bitten and clawed down by bear to get at the acorns.

  6. At the opposite side Dan put up his arms on the bank and clawed his way up, and, still paying no attention to his pony, he continued on.

  7. I then made for the companion steps, still on my knees, and clawed my way up the hatch till I was head and shoulders above it, and there I stood looking.

  8. Gamine clawed and thrust free and together we elbowed out of the press.

  9. The five-clawed dragon displays his sculptured coils from the top to the bottom of this stone, which cuts the big white staircase into two equal parts, of which it forms the centre, and extends right to the foot of the throne.

  10. He had been somewhat severely bitten in the back of the neck, and clawed on the left shoulder and in both flanks, but being a very powerful animal, he had managed to throw his assailant off.

  11. She had clawed a three-year-old heifer in the flanks and on the hind-quarters, but had either been kicked off by the heifer itself or driven off by the rest of the herd.

  12. These tracks even the Bushmen were unable to follow over the limestone; but about a mile away on the other side of the pool we found the stallion lying down, and soon discovered that he had been both bitten and clawed during the night.

  13. Instead, the private channel presented, as the cube glowed and cleared, the same red, clawed landscape he'd shown to Jason months before.

  14. Orange dust swirled across a gaunt, clawed plain under a transparent pink haze.

  15. And, once out and bitten by the cold, with equal insistence he whimpered and clawed to get back.

  16. At midday of the day we clawed off Tierra Del Fuego the Elsinore was rolling in a dead calm, and all afternoon she rolled, not a score of miles off the land.

  17. Continually he whimpered and clawed and struggled to get out.

  18. Long minutes passed before the last clawed beast made its death rush.

  19. It had six thick legs with clawed feet that dug into the ground.

  20. He squatted, groping with clawed fingers, found the blessed hardness of the books and gathered them up.

  21. The beast had clawed him from the crown of his head to the knee in one awful sweep.

  22. Meanwhile Tawiah had accounted for the cub, but he was badly clawed down the leg.

  23. On the mountainside above her, it was not easy to locate the cave, for the slope was clawed into ravines and confused with meaningless criss-cross gulches.

  24. Three times, as he lay there, dead in all except the instinctive movement of his muscles, his right hand clawed at the empty holster at his side.

  25. I, being the first turned out, was the last the post-mistress clawed up.

  26. Here, with the most perfect courage and dignity of bearing, she interviewed a printer and arranged for the publication of her poems in their own original form, no longer staled and clapper-clawed by the pencil of the senior office boy.

  27. Harry thought it was where the Dragon had clawed him, but they said it was a cut from a fragment of the broken brandy bottle.

  28. On which the Dragon clawed a handful of hair out of his head, and Harry screamed, and the blue Dragons barked and danced.

  29. On which the blue Dragon clawed another handful of hair out of his head, and all the Dragons barked as before.

  30. It was only a couple of seconds after that that the first slasher came in, shiny as heat-blued steel and waving four clawed tentacles that grew around its neck.

  31. She put out a finger, and Jocko clawed it without ceremony.

  32. I slipped through his grip, and he with a horrible scream kicked madly for a few seconds, and clawed the air with both his hands.

  33. Never shall I forget the Duke's appearance as he sprang up and clawed with his hands, like one who is sinking into an abyss.

  34. Belvedere 'twixt shut teeth and scowling down on me while his hand clawed at the pistol in his belt; then his gaze wandered from me towards the poop and back again.

  35. I tried to hold him at arm's length, but he turned inside of his baggy overcoat and bit and clawed until I gave that up.

  36. When one incautious foot ventured too near the basket, Mr. Bear promptly clawed and chewed it; hence the shrieks, and the flight.

  37. Tapestries of rose, decorated with the Five-Clawed Dragons, adorned the chambers; and upon the High Seat was placed a robe of yellow satin embroidered with pearls.

  38. Men were rushing about and shouting; panic-stricken women clawed at one another and fought their way toward a freedom they could not gain.

  39. He put forth a hand and clawed at the earth about the tool; it gave way beneath his touch, and there was only vacancy beyond.

  40. Here and there were the prints of their clawed feet--the signs of their unflagging pursuit.

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