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Example sentences for "pistol"

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pistil; pistillate; pistillum; pistils; pistle; pistole; pistoles; pistolet; pistolets; pistoll
  1. This knife and pistol I purchased to-day, and I shall use them!

  2. Romaine now raised his pistol and took deliberate aim at Anderson, saying, "My work is but half done; it is your turn now!

  3. Finding myself in danger of receiving rather rough treatment, I drew a small pocket pistol and aimed at their shins, being determined that one of them, at least, should hobble around upon crutches for a short time.

  4. The squalling cats of that neighborhood afforded me a fine opportunity for pistol practice.

  5. Maddened by the horrible pain which I suffered, and believing myself to be mortally wounded, I raised the pistol and discharged it.

  6. She tried to shoot him, and I wrenched the pistol from her hand.

  7. She sat there dead, with the pistol by her side.

  8. The pistol had evidently been held only a few inches from the woman's head when it was fired.

  9. She drew her pistol and attempted to shoot either her faithless husband or his companion.

  10. But the range was already too far for any hope of accurate pistol fire.

  11. This pistol and a small package, the contents of which he did not know, were the only equipment she had.

  12. His mind at once leaped to the box of shells for her pistol that he had thrown among the duffle, but evidently this was not the object of her search.

  13. It was true that their little store of pistol cartridges was all but gone, but worlds of big game remained to fall back upon.

  14. And once, in provision for their noon lunch, a fat cock tumbled through the branches at Beatrice's pistol shot.

  15. Leave your pistol and your package here--and go up and back at top speed.

  16. She was already too far to give or receive a message: all hope lay in the pistol alone.

  17. It would also be necessary to induce him to fire away the few shells that he carried in the pistol magazine; but this would likely be easy enough to do.

  18. Her next act was to procure from among the supplies the little cardboard box containing half a dozen or so of her pistol shells.

  19. He put little reliance on the weapon, trusting rather to his rifle both for the impending war and the procurance of big game; and he would not harbor the pistol shells as long as he had his rifle.

  20. And when the old man had drawn his pistol and fired, and the bullet had splashed in the water some twenty yards toward shore, her mind had refused to accept the evidence of her senses.

  21. Pistol shooting is simply a matter of a sure eye and steady nerves, combined with a greater or less period of practice.

  22. The last of the pistol shots was fired the day she had prepared the poisoned cup for Ben.

  23. Ben kept the weapon in his cartridge belt, but the extra pistol shells were among the supplies.

  24. When I have written letters, they have not been begging ones; and when I have stretched out my hand, there was no pistol in the palm of it!

  25. With a gesture quick as lightning, Dunn drew a loaded pistol from his breast, and, placing the muzzle almost close to the other's head, drew the trigger.

  26. I stooped as I said this, and as my head was bent he drew a pistol and shot me.

  27. The skipper took just one look at Millard, who was racing along, pistol in hand, and was prepared to believe his present passenger.

  28. In that confined space the discharge of a pistol sounded almost deafening.

  29. She stood a few yards away, watching the surly fellow and holding the pistol as though it were not the first time she had had such a weapon in her hand.

  30. He did not intend to be taken unawares, yet he hesitated to draw his pistol while Miss Huston was there.

  31. Of course, one cannot refuse to deal with traitors, when the information is of importance; but one longs to put a pistol bullet into them.

  32. Keep your pistol cocked in your hand, as you go.

  33. Almost simultaneously with the crack of the pistol came the report of a gun; and the German officer fell off his horse, shot through the heart.

  34. The Uhlans saw it; for they gave a shout, and a pistol bullet whizzed close to his head.

  35. I think his pistol was discharged after he had received the fatal shot.

  36. Mr Mirfin walked towards me about six paces, I think, with his left hand on his right side, and, I think also, the pistol still in his right hand.

  37. After he had made this statement, another pistol was delivered to each.

  38. After the pistols were loaded, Mr Elliott and Mr Mirfin were placed on their ground, and a pistol was delivered to each.

  39. He was in the act of bringing his pistol to the level, when he fired.

  40. Lord Cardigan still held in his right hand the pistol with which he had fired; and there lay on the ground two pistol-cases, one of them bearing the Earl's coronet.

  41. She took the pistol from his relaxed hold; her lips refused to speak.

  42. A man's voice like a pistol shot crashed behind them.

  43. A pistol lying there in its leather case, as it had done any time this five years, for a reserve protection against burglars, caught his eyes.

  44. The stranger, as he spoke, took a two-barrelled pistol from his inside jacket-pocket.

  45. But it was even worse than that, for there was no charge to explode; the pistol was not loaded.

  46. You told nobody of your intention, but you armed yourself with a pistol and started for the palace.

  47. As he sprang towards me, I hurled the pistol with all my strength towards him.

  48. There was a pistol beside him on the floor where it had fallen from his nerveless grasp after the fatal deed was performed, but he reclined as easily in the chair as though he had dropped asleep naturally, for a short nap instead of forever.

  49. You pulled the trigger, but the charge in the pistol did not explode.

  50. The man had endeavored to kill him; had twice snapped a pistol in his face and still held it in his hand when the emperor tore it from his grasp and struck him on the head with it.

  51. O this was a valiant Cook-maid, without either Pistol or Gun, But with a Black Pudding did fright, five Taylors and put them to th' run.

  52. Here are both of them," said Archie, who, having succeeded in finding a key to lock the door, now hurried up with a pistol in each hand.

  53. Yes," gasped the young Mexican, who knew, from the peremptory manner in which the pistol was pressed against his head, that it was dangerous to hesitate longer.

  54. Beppo felt the muzzle of the pistol again, and the secret came out all at once.

  55. He was frightened now, and that was not to be wondered at; for Archie stood holding a pistol in each hand, and both of them were pointed straight at the Mexican's breast.

  56. Let's give him one for Dick Lewis," said Archie, brandishing his heavy pistol in the air.

  57. The young Mexican heard the question, and would have been glad to answer, if Archie's pistol had not been held so close to his head.

  58. Both boys jumped as if some one had suddenly fired a pistol close to their ears.

  59. Beppo never once thought of moving a muscle, while that pistol was so near him, and he lay as silent and motionless upon the floor as if he had been turned into a block of stone.

  60. In so doing he had touched one of the hair triggers, and the pistol had gone off, the bullet making a round hole through the side of the valise, and a corresponding round hole in the calf of his leg.

  61. My pistol case was on the table at my side.

  62. Do not stir a step,' I said, aiming a pistol at her, 'or it will be your last.

  63. The field which they intended to occupy was skirted by a deep morass as they came foot by foot, within pistol shot of the enemy.

  64. Upon this, the Duke, flying into a rage, snatched up a pistol which lay in his tent, and immediately shot the poor man through the head.

  65. He checked the loads in his pistol and his rifle again.

  66. Raoul laughed and slapped the pistol and the knife.

  67. He swung around and stepped close to Little Foot, holding his pistol less than a foot from the red-turbaned head.

  68. Taylor wore a pistol and carried a saber, but he was a far smaller man than Raoul, and his stout body, dressed today in a blue jacket and knee-high fringed buckskin boots, seemed to invite attack.

  69. Swinging the muzzle of the pistol to the man in the blue turban beside Little Foot, he said, "And then I will ask this man, and if he does not tell me, I will kill him too.

  70. It's not every day I grab a pistol as it goes off, wrestle an Indian and disobey a colonel.

  71. His pistol was aimed at Frank, but Frank's pistol and his father's rifle were both pointed at him.

  72. To charge Raoul's pistol and the rifles of his men would simply mean death.

  73. All he had to do was shove this Lincoln aside, put the muzzle of his pistol to Little Foot's head and pull the trigger.

  74. Pistol balls splashed water into the boat.

  75. Raoul swung the barrel of his own pistol to cover Frank's chest.

  76. He was hoping I would attack him, Auguste realized, knowing he would never reach Raoul before the pistol went off.

  77. Raoul took his pistol out of its holster and checked to see that it was primed and loaded.

  78. He noticed that his hand still shook a little as he gave Bennett's pistol back to him.

  79. Raoul gripped the gilded butt of the cap-and-ball pistol that hung at his waist and slid it out of its holster.

  80. His pistol went off with a boom, puffing out a cloud of gray smoke.

  81. I put down the rapier gingerly, and inquired about a flint-lock pistol which lay on the table near at hand.

  82. This pistol exploded while she was struggling with Miss Pross in the empty house, and the explosion killed her and deafened Miss Pross.

  83. Suspecting some accident I ran to the spot, accompanied by two of my comrades, and discovered Lieutenant Fyers, one of the officers of my own regiment, lying dead in his tent, with a freshly discharged pistol in his right hand.

  84. The latter drew a pistol from his holster, and was about to shoot him, when his horse stumbled over the plough and fell on his side, breaking the leg of the havildar and pinning him at the same time firmly to the ground.

  85. As the men were sitting down to dinner the report of a pistol was heard in the officers' lines.

  86. Then he did a number of queer things, first of all ramming that ancient pistol out of sight in one of his pockets, and then actually holding out a thin and trembling hand to Hugh.

  87. The officer was holding a tremendous horse pistol of an ancient vintage; it had an ominous look, and doubtless could give a fair account of itself if fired, for they made good weapons in old-time days.

  88. A country fellow, who came with those two, that had first assaulted him, pursued him with a pistol in his hand; the earl would have fired one of his, but the flint failing he was dangerously wounded in the head by the peasant.

  89. He fired at and missed them; but they took better aim, and wounded him with a pistol ball.

  90. Leaving the body to lie where it was, he placed the smoking pistol in a holster at his saddlebow--he had decided that he was mounted--and proceeded up the street.

  91. The wooden pistol never knew the light of day, save when Penrod was in solitude; and yet it never left his side except at night, when it was placed under his pillow.

  92. Penrod stuck the muzzle of the pistol into the waistband of his knickerbockers at the left side and, buttoning his jacket, sustained the weapon in concealment by pressure of his elbow.

  93. He entered the stable and, with an indignation surely justified, took the pistol from the limp, cold hand of Penrod.

  94. The light flashed upon the barrel of a revolver, but Holmes' hunting crop came down on the man's wrist, and the pistol clinked upon the stone floor.

  95. Sam exclaimed, managing to draw back the hammer until two chilling clicks warranted his opinion that the pistol was now ready to perform its office.

  96. The pistol was stolen from my house by him who did the deed.

  97. He had stationed eight men each with a cutlass in his right hand and a pistol in his left, in a position to meet the pirates should they gain his deck.

  98. At the same instant Afton drew a pistol from one of his pockets and raised it.

  99. I acknowledge that she used to meet me in the woods, and on the spot where she was found with a bullet through her heart, and my own pistol lying empty beside her.

  100. We'll see about that," said John Coe, sternly, drawing a pistol also.

  101. The man yielded at once, and stood motionless and silent before the pistol which she continued to hold with the muzzle towards him.

  102. The protruding breast of Pierre Robideau's coat told of pistol or other weapon, and should the first fire fail, his own life, and not that of his unsuspecting adversary, might be the forfeit in the affray.

  103. Reeling and giddy, he saw the muzzle of his own pistol pointed at his head, and expected nothing else than the bullet through his brains.

  104. He stooped to pick up the weapon which he had dropped with the hand of his uninjured arm, but Ada drew another pistol from her belt and presented it at his head.

  105. Through the open door of the state-room he could see Ada, still pointing her pistol at Joe, whose right arm hung loosely at his side.

  106. On his appearance, Jack levelled a pistol at his head.

  107. A ball from Wild's pistol passed through his heart, and a volley of musketry poured from the guards lodged several balls in the yet breathing body of his leader.

  108. Amid this portentous hush, the report of a pistol reached the carpenter's ears; and, raising his head at the sound, he beheld a sight which filled him with fresh apprehensions.

  109. Write as I dictate," he cried, placing a pen in the jailer's hand and a pistol to his ear.

  110. This exclamation had scarcely escaped him, when the discharge of a pistol was heard, and a bullet whizzed past his ears.

  111. In the struggle the pistol went off, but without damage to either party.

  112. Place a pistol at my ear, and shoot me, if I've told you false.

  113. With a drawn cutlass in one hand and a cocked pistol in the other, Blueskin rushed up stairs.

  114. And he raised his arm with the intention of executing his purpose, when a ball from Jack's pistol passed through the back of his hand, shattering the limb.

  115. I sent the pistol up to Mr. Percy's room by the hand of Mr. Beeves; but I never heard him practising any more.

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