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Example sentences for "exclamation"

Lexicographically close words:
exciting; exclaim; exclaimed; exclaiming; exclaims; exclamations; exclamatory; exclave; exclude; excluded
  1. At this moment an exclamation fell from the lips of the police sergeant.

  2. As she held up her prize an involuntary exclamation fell from her lips.

  3. The peddler started and uttered the exclamation as though astonished.

  4. With this one exclamation Barkswell sprang forward and gazed out into the night.

  5. With this exclamation Barkswell dropped his lantern and clinched with the detective.

  6. After the queer fellow's departure Barkswell secured the paper and could scarcely repress an exclamation as he read the lines it contained.

  7. Miss Elvira's thin figure stiffened to an exclamation point of disapproval.

  8. His exclamation this time was one of sheer amazement.

  9. Jack scrambled out, but in trying to stand upright gave a sharp exclamation of pain.

  10. He was too deeply intent on securing the animal as a prize to notice the retreat of the fugitives until the moment his exclamation was uttered.

  11. At my exclamation of regretful surprise, our mother told us how he had hurried the meal for himself, pleading that he had much to attend to that forenoon.

  12. It caused him to hesitate, one foot already in the stirrup, then presently, with an exclamation of surprise, to withdraw that foot and place it firmly on the ground again.

  13. Perhaps Dewberry made some slight exclamation or sound, which terrified MacGregor and which also might have aroused some other sleeper in that room.

  14. Perhaps that and nothing else was meant by the well-remembered exclamation of my tutor.

  15. This was an exclamation he always used when he was very much astonished or excited.

  16. Should He require us also to lay down our lives for our faith, so will we without anger or opposition bow our necks to the death-dealing axe, and die with the departing exclamation of our Savior, 'it is fulfilled!

  17. She hastily disappeared with an exclamation of alarm and grief.

  18. Seeing her, Baniya stepped swiftly forth, causing an exclamation to rise to her lips.

  19. Belshazzar presently turned his back and stood staring into the street, refusing to look, yet listening with every sense for a dreaded exclamation from his friend.

  20. With a quick exclamation Cyrus lifted her up; but she spoke gently to him, saying: "That that was written have I done.

  21. Hodo gave a quick exclamation of dismay and cried out: "Tirutu!

  22. With a sharp exclamation Belshazzar drew up his reins.

  23. Brandt uttered an exclamation of surprise, and Metzar a curse, as the lithe Indian leaped the brook.

  24. It seemed to her incredible that with one whispered exclamation this man could change from cold indifference to a fire and force so strong as to dominate her.

  25. She grasped the gate without looking, giving it a supplementary push with her shoulder, when the white imprint drew from her an exclamation in language not too refined.

  26. The exclamation was accompanied by a powerful swing from the shoulder, which flung the young man head-long into the road, Fitzpiers fell with a heavy thud upon the stumps of some undergrowth which had been cut during the winter preceding.

  27. The exclamation was one of pure delight in the speed.

  28. Suddenly, as Code was about to urge Pete along, he gave an exclamation and stopped short.

  29. He gave an exclamation of surprise as he found it empty.

  30. Trask laughed outright in spite of his effort to keep still, and Marjorie gave an exclamation of amazement.

  31. Ophelia's first exclamation in the mad scene, "Where is the beauteous majesty of Denmark?

  32. He looked up as Orsino entered and uttered a sort of inarticulate exclamation of satisfaction.

  33. The woman uttered an exclamation of surprise, and then slowly swung her burden round so that she could see her husband.

  34. He heard an exclamation in Vittoria's voice as he entered the drawing-room, and then for a moment he seemed to himself to lose consciousness, as he advanced.

  35. Tebaldo uttered an exclamation of surprise, and his expression changed as he looked at his sister.

  36. It was followed instantly by an exclamation of terror in another voice.

  37. He gave an impatient exclamation and passed on.

  38. Dillon gave a hasty exclamation as he stepped up to the bed and looked at the sick man.

  39. Her exclamation was unheard by Montague,--but he instantly observed her tears, and they banished from his mind every other idea than that of Laura in sorrow.

  40. But when she heard that Montreville had been obliged to learn the language of the Highlands, and that it was Laura's vernacular tongue, she burst into an exclamation of wonder.

  41. She heard an exclamation of joy, and the next moment she was pressed to the heart of De Courcy.

  42. Neither shriek nor exclamation announced this discovery, but Laura, turning pale, shrunk back out of view.

  43. Starting, with an exclamation of horror and affright, she sought some weapon which might dispense to her a death less terrible; and instinctively grasping her pen-knife hid it in her bosom.

  44. The conversation was here interrupted by an exclamation from Mrs Dawkins, who, knowing that she had nothing new to expect in her daughter's memoirs of her Scotish excursion, had continued to talk with Laura apart.

  45. And when you were running after me--" He broke in with a muffled exclamation and shifted from one foot to the other like a chidden child.

  46. Some exclamation came from him, and he stooped to pick her up and slake his thirst for kisses.

  47. As the skiff emerged from the high-walled inlet and shot into the smiling basin, an exclamation burst from all four men at once.

  48. The epistle, of which the above is but a fragment, not only caused Miss Bonnifay to utter an impatient exclamation as she read it, but also led to complications.

  49. A very impatient, and not very pious exclamation consigned Christy to an untimely fate.

  50. I obeyed; and scarcely had the door closed upon us than I started, and broke out into an involuntary exclamation of surprise.

  51. By this time the stranger's torch had burned down so close to his fingers as to cause an exclamation of pain as he threw it on the ground, and thus were we once more in the dark.

  52. Jim gave an exclamation of impatience and swung on a wider circle, which took us out over the water.

  53. I gave an exclamation and sprang forward.

  54. An exclamation burst from me as I suddenly remembered what had gone before, and realized that somehow, incredibly, I was still living.

  55. With something between a sob and an exclamation of delight, she clapped her hands together twice, "Ciel!

  56. They had gone a little way down Regent Street when an exclamation of delight escaped from the girl.

  57. Pippa emitted an exclamation of delight and clapped her hands.

  58. The involuntary clasp of the gloved fingers upon his sleeve was all it should be, but the deprecating glance and exclamation were too frank and sisterly.

  59. Only that afternoon she had called attention to this by an exclamation addressed to Jessie, as she drew up her cuffs in order to be ready for her turn.

  60. A startled exclamation rose to his lips as the field-glasses covered the moving spot; it was a man.

  61. Inyati bent over me and he uttered an exclamation of joy as I opened my eyes.

  62. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "exclamation" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    address; affirmation; allegation; answer; assertion; comment; crack; declaration; dictum; ejaculation; exclamation; expletive; expression; greeting; interjection; mention; metaphor; note; observation; outburst; phrase; position; pronouncement; question; reflection; remark; say; saying; sentence; simile; speech; statement; thought; utterance; word