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assert; asserted; asserter; asserters; asserting; assertions; assertive; assertiveness; assertor; assertors
  1. This was a great assertion of power, and raised the Times in the estimation of all England.

  2. This assertion excited the curiosity of the then Lord Mayor and all present, in consequence of which his lordship and two of the aldermen, having invited themselves, accompanied him home to dinner.

  3. He did not understand what his companion meant, but he was quite convinced that the assertion made by him was absolutely correct.

  4. Tom," she said reproachfully and rose to her feet, but before she could reprimand him for his last assertion his arm was around her waist.

  5. One might hazard the assertion that in all Latin countries he is the best known of American authors.

  6. The assertion that the chairs “have swiftly moved away” would seem from analogy to mean that the disease has been placed upon the seats and thus borne away.

  7. These formulas furnish a complete refutation of the assertion so frequently made by ignorant and prejudiced writers that the Indian had no religion excepting what they are pleased to call the meaning less mummeries of the medicine man.

  8. Then the supplication changes to an assertion and the doctor declares that the Red Dog has already arrived to take the disease and has borne away a small portion of it to the uttermost ends of the earth.

  9. We have another illustration of the same audacity of absurd assertion on page 260.

  10. There is nothing to warrant the assertion on p.

  11. Where we do quarrel with Professor Butcher is on the following point, the point on which he chiefly rests in proving that the Greeks were pre-eminently distinguished by pessimistic melancholy--an assertion that we deny in toto.

  12. On a par with this is the absurd assertion that "English poetry was born again during the autumn months of 1797.

  13. Another example of the same thing is the assertion on page 517 that Joseph Glanville is one of "the chief exponents of the gorgeous style in the seventeenth century.

  14. On a par with this is the assertion that up to 1605 Bacon had mainly issued his works in "Ciceronian Latin.

  15. In the assertion of their national aspirations, confused as these were with the new democratic ideals, the Magyars had had the support of the German democrats who temporarily held the reins of power in Vienna.

  16. Jacobi), but the assertion that we owe the present division of the chapters of the Vulgate to him is false.

  17. The assertion is made positively and without any reservation.

  18. Desengaged from the cloudiness of fancy, this assertion will at least go far to prove that these colours have in all ages been esteemed by the Arabs as the index to superior qualities.

  19. A similar remark might be sufficient for the bold and blank assertion (No.

  20. At that time there was no good reason to doubt the unanimous assertion of the natives that it still lived.

  21. To the present day no one has seen or heard of that moth, but the humour of the assertion is worn out.

  22. Perhaps before going further it may be well to note that any assertion of the great Collector might be admitted not only as an honest report, but also as a fact which he had verified, so far as was possible.

  23. Some thoughtful persons always incline to credit a legend or an assertion current among savages, so long as it deals with facts within the limits of their knowledge.

  24. And she pointed her assertion by looking at the portrait.

  25. A running colloquy took place between Othello and his audience, in which he made good his assertion that he was rude in speech.

  26. The greatest rudeness and barbarity of custom often goes hand in hand with the absolute dominion of an all-powerful church; in confirmation of which assertion one need only remember the Middle Ages.

  27. The assertion, occasionally heard, that virtue is in proportion to struggle, amounts to the contradictory assertion that the more perfect the man is, the less is his virtue.

  28. This assertion is also in direct contradiction to the assertion before noticed that character is determined by original constitution and that original capacity differs "infinitely"[164] in different individuals.

  29. Then the admission amounts to an assertion that the conduciveness is shown by experience; and this involves abandonment of the doctrine that there is no origin for morals apart from divine injunctions.

  30. The former assertion ordinarily commits the fallacy of using the word "animal" in two senses.

  31. The assertion that the will is without cause, and the assertion that we ourselves are the cause of our willing, are two different assertions.

  32. Assertion of the Government of the Church of Scotland, 1641, pp.

  33. When he made this assertion he seems to have forgot that the address in Knox's Order for the administration of the Lord's Supper was little else than a translation of that in Calvin's Liturgy, and teaches exactly the same mystical doctrine.

  34. In this treatise he repeats the assertion in his previous one that Melanchthon, not Alesius, was the author of these epistles.

  35. Effectiveness of assertion is the Alpha and Omega of style.

  36. Disprove his assertion after it is made, yet its style remains.

  37. Yet it was to save his life and that of her brother--and for the assertion of her victory over the little robber, Eustacie.

  38. The inference would be, that none but artists can be critics, as none but artists can perceive excellence, and we think in more than one place some such assertion is made.

  39. To what does it amount but to the assertion that out of evil cometh good?

  40. You all heard the strange assertion made last night, and saw the effect it produced," he observed.

  41. The assertion made by the stranger, which had so unexpectedly raised the siege of the Hall, created the most painful doubts in the minds of Mr and Mrs Clavering.

  42. You are not going to discard me as your son, I hope, merely from the assertion of a vagabond gipsy?

  43. Everywhere Ariston heard repeated the assertion that Alexander was dead.

  44. Laughter would have greeted the assertion that much of the merchandise which found its way to the Piraeus belonged to him and that the profits realized from the sale of silks and spices, corn and ivory, went into his coffers.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "assertion" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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