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  1. He had remarked that my enunciation was clear and articulate, my language flowing, my voice powerful, and my manner pre-possessing.

  2. But it may be doubted whether the mere enunciation of the doctrine, even in this precise and definite form, has of itself been sufficient to secure this end.

  3. And it may safely be said that the enunciation of such a doctrine would have seemed merely absurd in any of the earlier historical empires.

  4. There was in the enunciation of these words, thus repeated, an accent between an exclamation and an interrogation point.

  5. A piece can sometimes be divined on the enunciation of the personages; in the same manner a band can almost be judged from the list of ruffians composing it.

  6. The men who knew little of Christianity were utterly ignorant of this great truth, and its enunciation produced thoughtfulness, and a conversation the very reverse of that which usually took place in the room.

  7. It is marked throughout by a lively style, practical common sense, and the enunciation of right principles.

  8. But it did so by the enunciation of principles and rules of wide and far-reaching application.

  9. The Ellsworth American said: "Her enunciation is very clear and remarkably distinct, yet there is nothing in it of the unfeminine character and tone which people had been led to expect from the usual criticisms of the press.

  10. Miss Anthony's oratory is in keeping with all her belongings, her voice well modulated and musical, her enunciation distinct, her style earnest and impressive, her language pure and unexaggerated.

  11. Her sugared enunciation and the false ring of what she said grated on her hearer's nerves.

  12. The voice had the charm of the well-placed mezzo, the enunciation a melodious precision.

  13. Mrs. Collingham's enunciation had the exquisite precision of the rest of her personality.

  14. His final enunciation of the law of parallelism in this same volume shows that he considered the development of the individual to be due to the same forces that rule evolution.

  15. As we have said, the main credit for the enunciation of the law of parallelism belongs to the German transcendental school; but the law owes much also to Serres, who, with Meckel, worked out its implications.

  16. The first enunciation of it which attracted general attention was that contained in Hering's famous lecture "On Memory as a general Function of organised Matter.

  17. Distinctness is essential for the enunciation of vowels and consonants, and not less so for the articulation of a musical phrase.

  18. The fact that they are not so is due to difference of touch, a quality which to the Clavier stands as enunciation to human speech.

  19. A man may possess all these qualities, however, and remain an indifferent performer on the Clavier, just as clear and agreeable enunciation does not necessarily make a good speaker.

  20. These on the one hand resulted in the enunciation of his ethyl theory, by the light of which he looked upon those substances as compounds of the radicle ethyl (C2H5), in opposition to the view of J.

  21. Colour photometry has also been notably developed, especially since the enunciation of the "Purkinje phenomenon" in 1825.

  22. The enunciation of words is rendered more or less distinct, in proportion as the jaws are separated in speaking, and the fauces and nasal passages are free from obstruction.

  23. Name the influences that produce clear enunciation of words.

  24. The enunciation of the elementary sounds of the English language, aids in developing the vocal organs, as well as preventing disease of the throat and lungs.

  25. From the printing of Sejanus he finds that Jonson's resolutions are abridged even where the line makes their full enunciation essential to the rhythm.

  26. Or else he criticises his own thoughts and meditated forms of expression, pronounces them tame, trite or feeble, and recoils from their enunciation as unworthy of his abilities, position and reputation.

  27. Though his voice was weak, his enunciation was distinct; the expression of his face cheerful; his manner and conversation polished, affable, even charming.

  28. His voice was neither powerful nor delicate in its modulations, but it was clear, and the enunciation deliberate and distinct, quiet when the matter was ordinary, slow and emphatic when an important point arrived.

  29. They are too long, too diffuse, too minute in their handling of details, too elaborately qualified in their enunciation of general principles.

  30. These three conditions were probably laid down as indispensable by the Cardinals in office before proceeding to the more difficult question of securing a plain and intelligible enunciation of the sacred text.

  31. It must be remembered that when for the sake of exercise or effect syllables are extended in time, they must be so uttered that their identity is not impaired,--that is, their enunciation must be free from mouthing.

  32. While, in reading, distinct enunciation is an excellence to be aimed at, yet the words of a sentence should not be uttered as if completely severed from one another.

  33. His fine, clear voice and perfect enunciation told excellently in the famous monologue, and in the whole scene with Saladin.

  34. But I should be sorry to undertake any more specific enunciation of doctrine on a question so entangled as the "woman question.

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