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exposed; exposer; exposes; exposicion; exposing; expositions; expositor; expositors; expository; expostulate
  1. Erudition, criticism, common sense, an almost exact exposition of dogmas and of institutions, philosophic views of the relationships between events and on the general run of these, nothing is lacking but the people!

  2. A Popular Exposition of the Principal Points of Human Ontogeny and Phylogeny.

  3. A Popular Exposition of the Doctrine of Evolution in general, and of that of Darwin, Goethe, and Lamarck in particular.

  4. This admirable work is the first connected exposition of the Theory of Descent carried out strictly into all its consequences.

  5. The first volume of this celebrated work contains in the general introduction a detailed exposition of his theory of filiation.

  6. The traditional good feeling between this country and the French Republic has received additional testimony in the participation of our Government and people in the international exposition held at Paris during the past summer.

  7. The report of the World's Columbian Exposition has not yet been submitted.

  8. The proposition to observe the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America by the opening of a world's fair or exposition in some one of our great cities will be presented for the consideration of Congress.

  9. The work of construction and of preparation for the opening of the exposition in May next has progressed most satisfactorily and upon a scale of liberality and magnificence that will worthily sustain the honor of the United States.

  10. The value and interest of such an exposition may well claim the promotion of the General Government.

  11. Perhaps the best exposition of this simple military philosophy is that given by Shakespeare in his scene of the eve of Agincourt, where Henry V.

  12. After the foregoing exposition of principles, our remaining space may best be occupied by a few of the chief maxims and rules deducible from them; and with a view to brevity we will put these in a hortatory form.

  13. How feeble our practical exposition of the truth of God!

  14. Thyrsis read this letter over two or three times; and then, resisting the impulse to elaborate his exposition of the economic bases of the marriage institution, he took it in to town and mailed it.

  15. So it was, all through their lives, that their remorseless reason saved them; they would find in the analysis and exposition of the causes of their own unhappiness the one common satisfaction they had in life.

  16. So came Veblen's grim and ironic exposition of the leisure-class woman, an exposition which Corydon found almost too painful to be read.

  17. We can do no better, perhaps, than to devote this number to a brief exposition of this difficulty.

  18. Its exposition of doctrine is chiefly interesting as showing the views at present prevailing among the sounder portion of Protestants, which we may add are a decided improvement on the original doctrines.

  19. The words of the lecturer following his exposition of the doctrine are not at first sight intelligible.

  20. His exposition of ancient paganism is thorough and learned.

  21. It is evident, therefore, that any one exposition made of Christianity from the simple text will never be a demonstration in the view of all candid, sincere persons.

  22. The inevitable shortcoming of all Protestant exposition of the Holy Scripture is most patent in the commentary on the Canticles, the most difficult and mysterious book in the sacred canon.

  23. Neither Hartmann's exposition nor the authorities he cites have the force of moral conviction for the claim for purely mechanical descent.

  24. As a natural result their exposition of monistic doctrine is not very easy of apprehension, but it seems to be not unfairly reflected in the above summary.

  25. It was no part of Origen's character to leave his hearers in error when plain speaking would prevent it; and so it happened that his exposition of his author often took in hand not merely the parts of speech, but the doctrine.

  26. Let us, therefore, make a succinct exposition of the interior law of development in this order.

  27. In the foregoing doctrinal exposition St. Thomas has marked out for us the path to be followed in seeking {101} for the medium of union between the exterior and ulterior catholicity of the Church.

  28. Our doctrinal exposition requires now that we should go into a more thorough argument respecting the immanent principle of Catholicism, which we shall first of all undertake to do on Scriptural grounds.

  29. The subject of Fossil Botany or Palæophytology has formed a part of the Course of Botany in the University of Edinburgh for the last twenty-five years, and the amount of time devoted to the exposition of it has increased.

  30. It is indispensable to the adequate accomplishment of this duty that the preacher give himself to a systematic exposition of the Scriptures.

  31. Meanwhile we are open to maintain that people do not dislike exposition and theology as such.

  32. The exposition was opened by President Grant, with Dom Pedro, Emperor of Brazil, and his empress, by his side.

  33. About one-fourth of its great length is devoted to what to the eye looks like a somewhat elaborate exposition of the doctrines of the party on the slavery question.

  34. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to get from children an exposition or definition of any kind.

  35. This is a good place to say that good results never seem to come of asking the children for an exposition of the proverb.

  36. Apprehend, O man, the exposition of that whereof thou askest and it is a manifest proof; so lay it up in thine innermost thought and take it to thy heart.

  37. His “De Officiis” is an exposition of the Stoic system of ethics, though by the professed disciple of another philosophy.

  38. This type of atheism has its most authentic exposition in the “De Rerum Natura” of Lucretius.

  39. For above the landlady's exposition rose the probationer's voice: "Abana and Pharpar, rivers of Damascus.

  40. Pitten-driegh was then drawing near to the close of his famous exposition of the Epistle to the Romans, published after the Doctor's death, and sold to the extent of fifty-seven copies among the congregation.

  41. Do not, however, close it without an exposition of the forces now remaining at work there (Germany) and active in the preparation of the future.

  42. There was no stammering about this lady's exposition of the case.

  43. And as our young friends--Angus and the Youth--idly paddled us away from the yacht, the Laird began to apologise to his hostess for not having lengthened the service by the exposition of some chosen text.

  44. We can not go into a complete exposition of the "bill of rights" of each.

  45. An Exposition of the Fallacy of Alcoholic Medication.

  46. A Familiar Exposition of the Structures, Functions and Relations of the Human System and the Preservation of Health.

  47. An Exposition of the Causes, Progress, and Termination of various Chronic Diseases of the Digestive Organs, Lungs, Nerves.

  48. For the first time, a logical and philosophical exposition of the great principles of liberty is presented to the world, and that too in a most readable and attractive form.

  49. Pronounced by critics to be among the best magazine articles ever appearing in print, it commanded a very marked attention as an exposition of the atrocious motives that underlaid the great Southern rebellion.

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