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exhibit; exhibite; exhibited; exhibiter; exhibiting; exhibitioner; exhibitioners; exhibitionism; exhibitions; exhibitor
  1. Many a time he had sat, amazed as at an exhibition of acrobatics, while around him the chatter burst and sang and shone.

  2. Happily, this disgusting exhibition is forbidden by the imperfect state of their civilisation and the inelastic quality of their environment.

  3. Grant was in honorable rags, his bare knees projecting through the remnants of trousers that were an exhibition of rough industry in tailor-work.

  4. The court poet announces the noon hour, and the exhibition of the other dancing-master is postponed.

  5. The result was that the first provincial exhibition was held in Toronto on October 21 and 22 of that year.

  6. Out of this came the annual Toronto Exhibition, now known as the Canadian National Exhibition, and the governmental exhibition was discontinued.

  7. The second provincial exhibition was held at Hamilton in 1847, and Lord Elgin, the governor-general, was in attendance.

  8. The place for holding the provincial exhibition was changed from year to year.

  9. The third exhibition was held at Cobourg in 1848.

  10. Here and there societies were formed for the exhibition of the products of the farm and for friendly competitions.

  11. I was delighted with an exhibition of feeling on the part of an old negro servant-woman.

  12. After a little exhibition of diplomacy, Davis retired, and Prince Tom came forward and submitted to an examination.

  13. Their robes are neither too abundant, nor too tight, to prevent the exhibition of a very martial stride.

  14. Every stroke of humour was noisily approved, and every exhibition of tender feeling effusively endorsed.

  15. So that Edwin was not distressed either by the deficiencies of amateur acting or by the exhibition of another's self-conscious awkwardness.

  16. As soon as the statue was begun for itself, and with no reference to the temple or palace, the art began to decline: freak, extravagance, and exhibition took the place of the old temperance.

  17. It probably cost him more labor; but it is an exhibition of his erudition rather than a revelation of himself or of Nature.

  18. They afterwards went together to Paris, at the invitation of the Emperor and Empress of the French, in order to visit the great International Exhibition then being held there.

  19. The Crown Prince and Princess, also, both suggested and themselves supervised the collection and arrangement of an exhibition of artistic objects in the Royal Armoury at Berlin.

  20. The Great Exhibition itself undoubtedly helped to strengthen Prince Frederick William's attraction to England.

  21. In this it was pointed out that the Empress, having consented to accept the position of patroness of an art exhibition about to be opened in Berlin, had asked some notable French artists to contribute paintings.

  22. He organised the Loan Exhibition of British Art in Berlin as late as 1908, and his premature death, two years later, caused much sorrow to a large circle of attached friends in both London and Berlin.

  23. This wonderful exhibition of mechanical skill, of cunning workmanship, and of the fruits of the earth, is but the evidence of the existence and character of the people that have produced them.

  24. This centennial exhibition of our national greatness and material progress must re-awaken in the mind and heart of every American emotions of profound love for his country, and of patriotic pride in her success.

  25. This exhibition shows a vertical section of the natural formation of the earth to the depth of six feet from the surface.

  26. We looked in upon the annual exhibition of pictures at the Palais de l'Industrie one day, and were particularly impressed with the nudite of the modern school of French art.

  27. We saw there, too, another day, the clock on exhibition for a time before being consigned to its destined place at Beauvais.

  28. I looked in vain for any exhibition of excitement or anxiety among the players sitting or standing around the table.

  29. And we thoughtlessly admit on our imagination this splendid exhibition as in some manner involving or implying the collective state of the people in that age!

  30. For what is it but a splendid and animating exhibition that we behold in looking back to the age of Elizabeth?

  31. But it is here at home that this condition is the most painfully forced on our attention; and here also of all the world it is, that such a wretched exhibition is the severest reproach to the nation for having suffered its existence.

  32. You shall be instantly obeyed, Captain Calderon," said I, highly nettled at so very unnecessary an exhibition of warmth.

  33. I quite looked for an exhibition of righteous anger; but in this I was agreeably disappointed.

  34. Hubert Habart, who had succeeded to it, had an exhibit of guns in the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park in 1851.

  35. This exhibition was followed by writs to the sheriffs, ordering them to protect the clergy from injury, and to maintain them in the possession of their lands.

  36. The exhibition was finished at last, and the elegant young lady flew to the seat of Leo, the silk fluttering like a summer tempest, grasped both his hands, and actually kissed him before the assembled multitude.

  37. The exercises of the exhibition proceeded, and Leo spoke his piece, and carried through his part in the original dialogue to the entire satisfaction of all interested.

  38. It was plain enough to him that he could not continue to attend school till exhibition day came, and he would lose the medal he coveted, and for which he had worked most diligently.

  39. They furnish a lively exhibition of the state of public feeling in Massachusetts.

  40. And so, when the time for their exhibition came the score of merry young people sat breathlessly awaiting the fun.

  41. Patty felt no embarrassment, for the people all about accepted the exhibition as a matter of course, and gazed at her in smiling approbation.

  42. The lady, when the first Great Exhibition was opened, wrote again, pressing for an interview, and appointing as a place of meeting the fountain in the Exhibition building.

  43. In 1862 came the second exhibition at South Kensington.

  44. Since then specimens have often been brought from Africa for exhibition in menageries, both in England and in our own country.

  45. Their chief, however, sat bravely through the exhibition and afterwards examined the lantern with great interest.

  46. But, so far as concerns this particular exhibition of skill, we never feel that Chopin is at the mercy of his materials.

  47. Plans are made only to be reversed; projects are formed only to be abandoned; and every change is made the occasion for some fresh complaint, or some new exhibition of a self-inflicted wound.

  48. His last Transatlantic composition was a cantata, 'The American Flag,' written for the Chicago Exhibition of 1895.

  49. Third, and inclusive of the other two, is the intellectual appeal, the exhibition of balance and symmetry in the management of these several effects, the definiteness of plan and design, the vitality and proportion of organic growth.

  50. On one occasion he accompanied Edmund Burke to witness a performance of the Italian Fantoccini or Puppets, in Panton Street; an exhibition which had hit the caprice of the town, and was in great vogue.

  51. Oh, you can see it for yourself; it's going on now at the French Cookery Exhibition in Willis's Rooms.

  52. Better still, here is an invitation for two to the Exhibition of French Cookery at Willis's Rooms.

  53. Some of these specimens may be seen at my own gallery, and amongst them a rich specimen of a chess table which figured at the Great Exhibition in 1851, and which occupied me two years in painting.

  54. Probably the future historian of this period of our literature will attribute much of this peculiar exhibition of bitterness and despondency to the sanguine hopes first excited and then disappointed by the French Revolution.

  55. The whole world is scarcely large enough for the exhibition of man's thought and deed, as Shakspeare sees him.

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