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  1. Exhibitions in many museums which have hitherto been indifferent to pictures made with the lens have opened the eyes of the public to the possibilities of the camera.

  2. Meetings will be held monthly, and lectures and exhibitions arranged in co-operation with the parent body in New York.

  3. Through the medium of an extensive series of one-man exhibitions they have brought before the art-loving public of their city the best work of a large number of our leading pictorialists.

  4. These societies have been continually engaged in the promotion of inter-club exhibitions as well as in encouraging the circulation of work of individual members.

  5. Having seen exhibitions of power, he can say, omnipotent.

  6. Having seen exhibitions of malice, he can say, devil.

  7. Then followed one of the disgusting exhibitions which so often disgrace all kinds of public executions.

  8. In some cases there were exhibitions of pupils, either from the school which was hoped to be aided, or from an already established school in another state.

  9. In 1838 Virginia established a joint school for the deaf and the blind, after exhibitions of pupils had been given in the state.

  10. Typical among the greater exhibitions of this were those which began in the Methodist chapel at Redruth in Cornwall--convulsions, leaping, jumping, until some four thousand persons were seized by it.

  11. The Novum Organon, considering the time when it came from his pen, is doubtless one of the greatest exhibitions of genius in the history of human thought.

  12. In still another field these exhibitions are seen, but more after a medieval pattern: in the Tigretier of Abyssinia we have epidemics of dancing which seek and obtain miraculous cures.

  13. Mingled with such exhibitions of power were outbursts of blasphemy and obscenity.

  14. Under Crome the elder he had made considerable progress, and had exhibited a number of pictures at the yearly exhibitions of the Norwich Society of Artists.

  15. The Exhibitions have told very beneficially on the future of Birmingham; the fact of standing highest in every competition will do (and has done) more to remove the prejudice entertained against Birmingham manufacture than aught beside.

  16. Great exhibitions are calculated to effect great good if properly carried out.

  17. The dance begins, with all its contortions of the body derived from the couche-couchee exhibitions of the World's Fair times, enlarged upon by the grossness of the two-step waltz of the slums.

  18. No underground or out of hearing place is selected for these exhibitions of cock fighting.

  19. Anna Franke gave daily exhibitions of her powers, and on the proceeds maintained herself and her daughter, a girl of seventeen.

  20. Lanner and Strauss were the heroes of the day, and the majority of other concerts than those given by them were exhibitions of virtuosos.

  21. The entrance of Polish ambassadors with their numerous suites has more than once astonished the Parisians, who were certainly accustomed to exhibitions of this kind.

  22. But, as exhibitions and portraitures of human character and human passion in poetry they are as much beyond Lucy Gray, or Michael, or the little Child in We are Seven, as Lear and Cordelia are beyond them in turn.

  23. There had been theatrical exhibitions in abundance, however, at a much earlier period.

  24. Mr. Payne Collier holds that these supplemental exhibitions probably originated with, and certainly depended mainly upon, the actors who supported the characters of fools and clowns in the regular dramatic representations.

  25. Boothers" have been known to give even six distinct exhibitions on Saturday nights.

  26. Complete sets of the catalogues of the Royal Academy's century of exhibitions are possessed by very few.

  27. It was open for brief seasons with such exhibitions of music, dancing, and pantomime, as were held to be unaffected by the Act, and permissible under the license of the local magistrates.

  28. Thus, after trial of the strongest exhibitions upon their mind, some of them proved themselves so incorrigibly attached to licentious idolatry, that they desired to worship Jehovah under the character of the Egyptian calf.

  29. Such exhibitions of sublimity and power, when clothed with the influence of music, and impressed upon a heart rendered sensitive by Divine influence, are adapted to make the most abiding and blessed impressions.

  30. There is the life of Jesus--a series of acts Godlike in their benevolence, connected at times with exhibitions of Divine power and of human character, in their most affecting aspects.

  31. The following Exhibitions will be offered for competition in the University on Tuesday, October 10th, and following days.

  32. Classical, or two Mathematical Exhibitions, or two Exhibitions in Physical Science, cannot be held by the same person.

  33. The Examination for these Exhibitions will not extend beyond the second book of Euclid, nor embrace matter which is not included in most Algebraical Treatises within the limits of Simple Equations.

  34. No one, however, can hold two Exhibitions in the same matter;--e.

  35. Most of this money is expended in the salaries and maintenance of pupil teachers, so that these model schools are, in effect, colleges, with their exhibitions to attract students.

  36. These Exhibitions are subject to the General Regulations given above.

  37. Could Sir Joshua now be permitted to visit his own Academy, and our exhibitions in general, he would be startled at the excess of ornament, in defiance of his rule of repose, succeeding the slovenliness of his own day.

  38. And though the most violent passions, the highest distress, even death itself, are expressed in singing or recitative, I would not admit as sound criticism the condemnation of such exhibitions on account of their being unnatural.

  39. Oxford men, we have observed, tie chokers better than any others; but we do not know whether there are exhibitions or scholarships for the encouragement of this laudable faculty.

  40. In those days, the favourite exhibitions were the jig, the reel, the hornpipe, and the country-dance.

  41. Were there no exhibitions of fear in that war, no flights, no panics on the grand scale?

  42. Exhibitions of American products and scenes from the wilder phases of American life certainly tend, in some degree at least, to bring America nearer to England.

  43. Cody (“Buffalo Bill”) give exhibitions of this method of riding, it will readily be understood how difficult it is in words to illustrate the strange peculiarity of its singular attractiveness.

  44. I am aware that the selfish, captious, and narrow-minded may see in the exhibitions and travels of the Wild West under Colonel Cody’s leadership simply a scheme for personal aggrandizement or for the accumulation of great wealth.

  45. But his stage experience gave William Cody the thought of producing border life upon a grander scale than could be done within the walls of a theater, and from this sprang the Wild West exhibitions that have delighted the world.

  46. The display of cut-glass at the exhibitions was almost as great a revelation to colonists as that of porcelain; hitherto all middle-class and most wealthy households have been contented with the commonest stuff.

  47. New Orleans in flames and Jackson charging down its blazing streets, would have been one of the most frightful exhibitions furnished in the annals of the war.

  48. The war seemed far as ever from a termination, while England, released from the drains on her troops, navy and treasury, by the Continental war, was evidently making preparations for grander and more terrible exhibitions of her power.

  49. Of course the padres do not get up these ceremonial exhibitions for mere amusement--not they.

  50. The splendid feat of the cibolero had eclipsed all lesser exhibitions for the time; besides, a number of the head men were out of humour.

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