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  1. Extensive litigation has been the result, and the future seems to promise more of it.

  2. Great Britain also has extensive deposits and produces perhaps one-fourth as much as Germany.

  3. The efforts of our federal government to frame and apply mining laws to public lands have involved extensive geological and mining surveys by the United States Geological Survey and the Bureau of Mines.

  4. In general, weathering of lead ores at the surface and secondary sulphide enrichment below are not so extensive as in the case of copper and zinc.

  5. Titaniferous iron ores, extensive deposits of which are known in many places, usually contain a small percentage of vanadium.

  6. German interests formerly had extensive holdings in South Africa and Australia, but during the war this control was eliminated.

  7. Chert or flint pebbles for tube-mills are supplied mainly from the extensive deposits on the French and Danish coasts.

  8. Looked at broadly, the deposition of ores at igneous contacts under contact metamorphism is a mere incident in the much more widespread and extensive alterations of this kind.

  9. The most extensive of the oil shales of the United States are found in the Eocene beds of northwestern Colorado, northeastern Utah, and southwestern Wyoming, and in the Miocene beds of northern Nevada.

  10. The present extensive prevalence of smallpox among the Arabs may or may not date from the Elephant War of A.

  11. A king's order to the mayor imposed extensive cleansings, &c.

  12. London was now so extensive in area that it becomes of interest to know in what part of it the plague broke out, and in what course the infection proceeded.

  13. In each manor the lord would have been affected more than all the rest by the scarcity of labour, in respect of the extensive demesne or home-farm managed by his bailiff.

  14. This linkage, which was included in an extensive patent of 1784, and two alternative devices are illustrated here (fig.

  15. Extensive and festive preparations were also being made in Waldhofen, through which the Court was to pass on its way to the castle.

  16. They had retained, however, the princely title, an enormous fortune, and a very extensive property.

  17. The large estate, with its extensive work, had not suffered through his long absence, for it had been under safe guidance.

  18. He who already stood upon the border of old age had understood how to gain, with the hand of this young, beautiful wife, a fortune extensive enough in itself, but magnified by rumor into the immeasurable.

  19. It is rather an extensive possession in the famous Wald, beautifully situated, but the price was too high at first, which has delayed the settlement.

  20. When Theodosius entered the extensive dominions of Igmazen, king of the Isaflenses, the haughty savage required, in words of defiance, his name, and the object of his expedition.

  21. The loose subordination, and extensive possessions, of the Huns and the Alani, delayed the conquests, and distracted the councils, of that victorious people.

  22. The Catholics of Alexandria and Egypt were abandoned to a tyrant, qualified, by nature and education, to exercise the office of persecution; but he oppressed with an impartial hand the various inhabitants of his extensive diocese.

  23. The extensive region that lies between the River Tigris and the mountains of Media, was filled with villages and towns; and the fertile soil, for the most part, was in a very improved state of cultivation.

  24. The interruption of trade deprived the Barbarians of the objects of luxury, which they already confounded with the necessaries of life; and the desolation of a very extensive tract of country threatened them with the horrors of famine.

  25. The first of these colonies established their dominion in the fruitful and extensive plains of Sogdiana, on the eastern side of the Caspian; where they preserved the name of Huns, with the epithet of Euthalites, or Nepthalites.

  26. This battle is recognized as one of the turning points of the war, for it caused the extensive retreat of the Germans the following spring.

  27. Planned and made appropriations for extensive work among the refugees in all parts of Italy.

  28. On the banks of the Leven and elsewhere are extensive cotton printing and bleaching establishments; and there are extensive shipbuilding yards along the Clyde.

  29. It has extensive manufactures of silk, cotton, and coarse cutlery.

  30. Dover is the chief of the Cinque Ports, and has extensive barracks.

  31. Among the objects of interest are the House of Keys, the custom-house, the extensive breakwater, and the promenade.

  32. The Northern Pacific and Lake Superior and Mississippi railways terminate here; and extensive docks and other works have been constructed, affording a convenient outlet for the surrounding wheat region.

  33. Very extensive harbour improvements, begun in 1893, were carried out in subsequent years.

  34. The fisheries are extensive and valuable, and form the chief employment of the inhabitants of the coast and islands.

  35. I do not know of any city that has park room extensive enough to refresh its own inhabitants.

  36. The populous pea family, in yellow, white, and lavender, covers and colors extensive areas.

  37. Within this extensive burn the trees had stood from thirty to one hundred and forty feet high and from two hundred to three thousand to the acre, and they were from thirty to four hundred and fifty years old.

  38. The extensive areas in New Brunswick and Maine that were cleared by the fires of 1825 were in large part at once regrown with aspen, most of which sprouted from the roots of burned aspens.

  39. There are a number of extensive lodge-pole pine forests.

  40. For several years an outlaw or cattle-killing grizzly terrorized an extensive cattle-grazing section in the mountains of Utah.

  41. The people of the United States are great travelers, and we have numerous and extensive scenic areas of unexcelled attractiveness, together with many of the world's greatest natural wonders and wonderlands which every one wants to see.

  42. Each is an extensive prairie of irregular outline surrounded by high forest-draped mountains with snowy peaks,--an inter-mountain plain broken by grassy hills and forested ridges.

  43. The Canadian Government has done and is doing extensive development work in its national parks.

  44. Hovey: "The manward influence of the atonement is far more extensive than the moral influence of it.

  45. But the change was made too suddenly, and the licence fee was too high; and this resulted in an extensive illicit trade springing up.

  46. The coast line of the seaboard provinces is so extensive that even the utmost vigilance of the revenue authorities cannot altogether put this down.

  47. Fortunately the diggings were rich enough and extensive enough to give good reward to all of them, and to much larger numbers who came in later years.

  48. Immediately below Cotehele the zig-zag course of the Tamar is most strongly marked, and nowhere are its revelations of new views and fresh charms more entrancing than where it winds about the extensive grounds of Pentillie.

  49. In olden times it had an extensive trade by means of the river, when it was a place of import and export, especially for the Principality.

  50. Its shipbuilding yards are among the most extensive in the kingdom, and include the great establishment of the Laird Brothers, from which the Confederate cruiser, The Alabama, was turned out in 1862.

  51. Now more extensive views may be obtained, even from its stream--views to which a distinctive character and a special charm is often added by the peculiar shapes of the hills which here and there rise quite suddenly from the lowlands.

  52. This magnificent seat of the Duke of Westminster is situated in a very extensive park, in which there is one avenue two miles in length, bordered on each side by forest trees.

  53. Its watershed is not an extensive one, like Towy's.

  54. It is now the principal seat of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, whose possessions are so extensive that he is sometimes called the real Prince of Wales.

  55. She had been taken, when a child, by a war–party which had penetrated into the country of the Comanches, a powerful and warlike tribe still inhabiting the extensive prairies on the Mexican and Texian frontier.

  56. Thus the building had gradually assumed a straggling and irregular shape, the back court being occupied by stables, barns, and extensive farm offices.

  57. It is all very well to create a Resident with extensive powers; but how is he to enforce his decisions?

  58. In a peach-orchard not far from my house is a considerable elevation, on which is an extensive bed of rock.

  59. They may be sure that no such extensive reform could possibly be accomplished without defects appearing somewhere.

  60. Not infrequently it is hardly less extensive when measured in dollars and cents.

  61. It should be added, that in Southwark, an extensive and commodious market-place is just completed, and the tolls are proportionally increasing.

  62. A new class of readers is produced by the Bell and Lancaster schools, and this is the cause of the prodigious and extensive sale of cheap publications.

  63. In order not to omit visits, which are to be made, or to avoid making them from misinformation, when a preceding one has not been returned, persons who have an extensive acquaintance, will do well to keep a little memorandum for this purpose.

  64. And one Saturday, when Laverne was working at her stream, meaning to make it more extensive when the rainy season set in, a great white something fell at her very feet and gave such a screech that she started and ran.

  65. They had begun the necessary sea wall that was to safeguard the piers and the shipping that grew more extensive every year.

  66. The short volume of Van Tyne is based upon extensive research.

  67. The extensive camp before Boston, as Washington now saw it, expressed the varied character of his strange command.

  68. This book will undoubtedly meet with an extensive sale in the South, where attention is beginning to be turned in earnest to manufacturing as well as growing cotton.

  69. The moulding of iron for useful purposes is one of the most extensive pursuits of society.

  70. No wonder if her mind is bewildered as she listens to such a Babel of voices.

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