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  1. At the foot of the Alban Hills the whole Roman knighthood had come out to meet the bearers.

  2. The town lies in a valley, with gently-sloping hills around it, and long avenues of poplars leading forth into the fields.

  3. It was a bright Sunday morning when Flemming and Berkley left behind them the cloud-capped hills of Salzburg, and journeyed eastward towards the lakes.

  4. Thy majestic hills have impressed themselves upon my soul, as a seal upon wax.

  5. Mont Blanc is more grand, when you behold it from the hills opposite.

  6. Behind it rise the oak-crested hills of the Geissberg and the Kaiserstuhl; and in front, from the broad terrace of masonry, you can almost throw a stone upon the roofs of the city, so close do they lie beneath.

  7. These were the bells of Handschuhsheimer, and of other villages on the broad plain of the Rhine, and among the hills of the Odenwald; mysterious sounds, that seemed not of this world.

  8. The Janizaries have not roamed these Albanian hills for twelve years without finding out the secrets of the country.

  9. The dawn began to peer over the hills back of Chalcedon, and to send its scouts of ruddy light down the side of Mt.

  10. Happy groups of village children were playing down among the lilies by the water's edge, and over the hills gently sloping back from the river's bank.

  11. The hills on either side would conceal the advance until well upon them.

  12. On a fine morning when Devon was looking its best, a boy came out of a dwelling that was half farmhouse, half manor-house, and that lay in a cup of low hills on the edge of a tract of moorland.

  13. Yes," mused Lorenzo, "Rome on its hills is still the Eternal City.

  14. He left home and took his way through the uncharted hills and forests to Kentucky.

  15. The sturdy woman worked here, making fine butter and cheese, while Daniel kept guard over the cattle, letting them wander over the hills and through the woods as they would, but driving them back to their pen near the cabin at sunset.

  16. The young surveyor was in his element roughing it through the wild country, with an eye to improving it for cultivation and for defense, making elaborate maps of its hills and valleys, and charts of its fiords and bays.

  17. In short, the mantle of drift of unequal thickness was laid down upon the rock surface in such a manner that the thicker parts sometimes rest on hills and ridges, sometimes on slopes, sometimes on plains, and sometimes in valleys.

  18. Not only were the sharp hills rounded off, but even the valleys which were deepened were widened as well, and in the process their slopes became more gentle.

  19. It is therefore somewhat ridge-like, and the small, short hills and ridges which mark its surface, are but constituent parts of the larger, broader ridge.

  20. The hills would wear the ice, but the effect of the ice on the hills would be slight.

  21. The subsidence was probably slow, and as the sea advanced from the south, it covered first the valleys and lowlands, and later the lower hills and ridges, while the higher hills and ridges of the quartzite stood as islands in the rising sea.

  22. The minor prominences and depressions in the rock surface were shaped according to the same principles that govern the shaping of hills (Fig.

  23. They are remnants of beds which were once continuous over the low lands above which the hills now rise.

  24. Not only may some of the valleys be obliterated by being filled, but some of the hills may be obliterated by having the lower land between them built up to their level.

  25. There are, however, at many points hills which have something of a kame-like character.

  26. Its chief characteristic is that every depression leads to a lower one, and that the form of the elevations, hills or ridges, is determined by the valleys.

  27. This hill is the most accessible, the most easily designated, and, on the whole, the best example of a roche moutonnee in the region, though many other hills show something of the same form.

  28. In Plates XVII and XVIII the general character of these hills is shown.

  29. The sharp summits of the hills, and all the angular rugosities of their surfaces would be filed off, and the hills smoothed down to such forms as will offer progressively less and less resistance.

  30. The hills afford some scattered bunch grass, which is very good.

  31. Their lofty peaks, at fifty or sixty miles distance, peeping up from behind the nearer hills like distant clouds on the far off horizon.

  32. On this tour we discovered and partly explored Cedar Valley, and there crossed over the west mountain range and discovered a valley beyond; passing through which we crossed a range of hills northward, and entered Tooele Valley.

  33. And even this scene soon loses itself amid the black and barren hills of the dreary waste.

  34. Selling some of our cattle and one wagon, we journeyed seventeen miles and encamped on a small stream near some hills of wild oats, which served us for feed.

  35. Monday, 31st--We traveled thirteen miles through a pass where the hills were very rich in grass and fuel, and full of fine stone quarries.

  36. It was a tiny village, nestling at the foot of a range of undulating hills that rose, plateau after plateau, until their summits seemed to meet the sky.

  37. The climate is unusually mild, as a range of hills shelters the town on the east.

  38. The area thus defined, however, includes not only Exmoor but the Brendon and Quantock Hills east of it.

  39. The soil is for the most part richly fertile; the hills are everywhere covered with forests of noble trees; the Rion (Phasis) is deep and broad towards its mouth; and there are other streams also which are navigable.

  40. His light troops on the adjacent hills commanded the camp, and, advancing on every side, surrounded it.

  41. Roman army continued its march across the wasted plain, having the Tigris at some little distance on its left, and some low hills upon its right.

  42. Not a hundred-thousand hills could in themselves cause a sob, not even the gentle sob which amounted to no more than a painful little catch in Rose's creamy throat.

  43. The hills which surrounded the little town pressed so closely upon it, that by sheer weight they seemed likely to crush its frail houses into matchwood.

  44. Immediately opposite this end of the island the wharves and quays of Timber Town stretched along the shore, backed by hills which were dotted with painted wooden houses, nestling amid bowers of trees.

  45. Beyond these hills lay Timber Town itself, invisible, sheltered, at the bottom of its basin.

  46. A break in the centre of the foot-hills suddenly attracted his attention.

  47. My horse is turned out on the hills at the back of the pa, and it's too much trouble to bring him in for so short a ride.

  48. On the first day of December, a long range of blue hills rose on the far horizon as if springing from the sea; we soon found it to be the coast of Sumatra.

  49. On the contrary, when they remarked that I limped and walked with difficulty, two of them took me by the arms, and assisted me over the hills and dangerous places.

  50. And on Sundays there were services in all the brigades--in the gullies, or under the crests of the hills behind the firing line.

  51. There were no gun teams, spanking bays and blacks, for we had to man-handle the guns up and down the hills into action.

  52. Our gallant steeds had all been left behind at Ma'adi, ready to follow the moment we drove the Turks from the hills and reached "cavalry country.

  53. The New Zealand and Australian Division had made a most gallant attack on the hills occupied by the Turks.

  54. So here in the hills of Gallipoli there passes to the Great Beyond another good Australian, a brave and gallant officer, a kindly and courteous gentleman.

  55. Straight ahead the hills rose almost from the water's edge to a height of 400 feet.

  56. The hills around spat fire, and the valleys echoed and re-echoed with peals of thunder.

  57. Away to the northward at Suvla on the shoulder of Chocolate Hills the British divisions are getting ready to retire.

  58. Hard by Erringhi it stands, where the Williams River meanders through the encircling hills and flows on towards Coalopolis.

  59. We trudged up and down the hills of Anzac; we filed into the trenches and took our stations at the loopholes; on the day of the armistice we helped to bury the dead Turks whom Enver Pasha had ordered to drive the Australians into the sea.

  60. All blurred and indistinct were the hills and hollows, and during a brief respite from the never-ending fusillade we forgot the war.

  61. Back in the hills sounded the ceaseless rattle of musketry.

  62. On the night of August 8, while the British troops in the Suvla area were struggling to wrest the hills from the Turks, the Turks round Lone Pine were vainly endeavouring to recapture this stronghold from the Australians.

  63. They took position in gullies, behind hills and in villages, and blazed away at our lines.

  64. As the sun peeped over the hills we could see the tents of the field hospital whitening in the growing light.

  65. Abdul had fringed the dominating hills with barbed-wire and bayonets, and in very surety Australia was "up against it.

  66. The forces of the two most warlike monarchies of Europe were spread before me; nearly a hundred and fifty thousand troops, with all the numberless followers of a host in the field, covering a range of low hills which circled the horizon.

  67. The advance-guard were urged forward, and the hills were cleared, despite the storms of abuse that were poured out by the Balegga.

  68. The people were spread over the hills vociferating fiercely.

  69. On the 3rd two hills became visible, one bearing E.

  70. I had my first experience among the loftier hills of the Aruwimi valley.

  71. Unaccustomed to hills for years, our hearts palpitated violently as we breasted the steep-wooded slopes, and cut arid slashed at the obstructing creepers, bush and plants.

  72. But at nine o'clock, the chill of the morning having disappeared, we heard the first war-cries, and traced them to a large group of villages that crowned a detached line of hills occupying the foreground of the Undussuma range.

  73. Hills rose to the right and left in wooded and ridgy mounts, and after a march of nine and three-quarter miles, we halted for the night at West Indekaru, at the base of a hill whose top rose 600 feet above the village.

  74. Farther westward on the Potomac hills was a small but pretentious town with its many capacious brick and stone residences, some of them excellent in their architecture and erected solidly by skilled workmen.

  75. Who will build upon the hills and cultivate the valleys which here surround us?

  76. The country, as usual in Toro, consisted of undulating hills intersected by papyrus swamps, with a few banana plantations, very sparsely populated, and showing no signs of game except some old elephant spoor.

  77. We immediately sent a note in to Von Gravert, and his police very cleverly caught them two days later, although they tried to go down to Ujiji by a path that leads over the hills at the back of the station.

  78. A wall of papyrus showed where the tumbling stream that danced down the encircling hills entered the lake, and the glorious colouring and strong shadows brought out the picture into striking relief.

  79. Here the hills again recede from the lake-shore, leaving an alluvial plain from one to two miles wide, which is densely populated by Lures, while in the hills there are numerous villages of Balegga.

  80. The small stretch of country lying between the Semliki, the Albert Lake, and the hills is called Kitwakimbi, and is distinct from Bukande, which begins at the foot of the hills and reaches back to the watershed.

  81. On the far coast of the lake two striking hills were plainly visible; these are evidently placed on the two promontories which I have suggested as existing in my map.

  82. Elephant spoor was plentiful, but grass fires had cleared the whole of the plain and driven all the game to the foot-hills or swamps, and day after day our hopes of elephant were doomed to disappointment.

  83. The outrushing flood Of rivers crying to the echoing hills All round, to right, to left, rolled o'er the land.

  84. Above all men he towered as on he strode, As looks a lion when amid the hills He comes on jackals.

  85. In her armour there Upon the earth she lay, and seemed the Child Of Zeus, the tireless Huntress Artemis Sleeping, what time her feet forwearied are With following lions with her flying shafts Over the hills far-stretching.

  86. Green here and there are the fields: with the bluish green of young oats and wheat; with the gray green of young barley and rye: with orderly dots of dull dark green in vast array--the hills of Indian maize.

  87. The golden crescent dropped behind the dark green hills of the silent land.

  88. The next day the travellers came to where the hills closed upon the river, leaving here and there intervals of undulating meadow land.

  89. On the 26th of July, he commenced his march at an early hour, making directly across the valley, toward the hills in the west; proceeding at as brisk a rate as the jaded condition of his horses would permit.

  90. While thus encamped, he beheld in the course of the afternoon a long line of horsemen descending the slope of the hills on the opposite side of the Popo Agie.

  91. To add to their distress, they mistook their route, and wandered for ten days among high and bald hills of clay.

  92. These hills have their summits apparently cut off about the same elevation, so as to leave flat surfaces at top.

  93. Their route was over a rugged and broken country; where the hills were slippery with ice and snow.

  94. From Godin's River, Captain Bonneville and his followers came out upon the plain of the Three Butes, so called from three singular and isolated hills that rise from the midst.

  95. The savages were now seen trooping over the hills in great numbers.

  96. In this they resembled the isolated hills of the great prairies, east of the Rocky Mountains; especially those found on the plains of the Arkansas.

  97. The hills around were more generally capped with snow.

  98. Excursions on the banks of the Hudson are usually made in boats; but it was necessary to see some points of view from the hills between, and we walked out to the stables to see what could be done for vehicles and cattle.

  99. The hills which in their ancient grandeur stand Piled to the frowning clouds, the bulwarks seem Of this wild scene, resolved that none but Heaven Shall look upon its beauty.

  100. A moment on the hills they lie, And then like spirits glide away.

  101. I was born at Jacinto, in the pine-embowered hills of Tishomingo County, Miss.

  102. I felt keenly the responsibility of my work as a pilot, but in boyhood and youth I had learned the faces of these hills and woods as one comes to know the kindly countenances of loving friends.

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