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Example sentences for "flaunting"

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  1. Many reasons have been assigned by historians for the retreat of the Southern Democrats from their former bold and flaunting position; but in the end the simple truth will be admitted--that they might brag, but were not in a position to fight.

  2. But neither did he spare himself, nor shrink from the terrible results of his downfall, so unexpected in his lofty and almost flaunting virtue.

  3. The flaunting arrogance of some of the King’s treasurers is remarkable.

  4. This action ruffled Philip II’s temper, for to him it was flaunting his failure to break the alliance of the Swiss with France in his very face.

  5. Those flaunting carriages, powdered and favoured footmen, were in attendance upon members of the Newcome family and their connexions, who were celebrating what is called a marriage in high life in the temple within.

  6. These fine parties which the Colonel was giving, and that fine carriage which was always flaunting about the Park with poor Mrs. Clive and the Campaigner, and the nurse and the baby, were, in F.

  7. Do the police dare tamper with these men flaunting their violations of the law in their faces?

  8. Pritchard," flaunting in a scroll from the ferocious bird's mouth.

  9. The first battle (Dover, May, 1652) was occasioned by Tromp flaunting his flag in the face of Blake.

  10. Long gilt banners were flaunting about, with the imperial cipher and eagle, and the names of the battles and victories glittering in gold.

  11. The Automobile, a Western Farm Necessity Often merely a luxurious plaything in the city, a saucy bit of flaunting pride particularly irritating to envious neighbors, the automobile finds great usefulness in the country.

  12. Yet slight thy form, and low thy seat, And earthward bent thy gentle eye, Unapt the passing view to meet, When loftier flowers are flaunting nigh.

  13. She stood up, her wide eyes fixed on that figure in pure white, with the blood-red cordon flaunting across his horse's flanks and the single crimson blossom glowing in his hat.

  14. With a simple dignity he had assumed the dun livery of the alien, and there was to me a certain fineness in the sentiment that forbade any flaunting of his nationality in the faces of his native-born children.

  15. They formed a gallant array with their flaunting banners, and the people of the adjoining districts caught up arms and came and joined what seemed to them an invincible host.

  16. The day dawns when the giant gaming hells, flaunting palaces of sin, and the violent army of miscreants must be suppressed.

  17. Lawless license, flaunting vice, and social disorganization made its early life as a State, one mad chaos.

  18. Not yet had that untamed neck of his been stung by the rosetted dart flaunting his owner’s colours; and much was to happen in the arena before Vivillo’s brave beauty would call for the clapping of twice thirteen thousand hands.

  19. She was looking straight before her, out upon the sunlit lawn, all gorgeous with flaunting autumn flowers; and there was something dreamy, not to say pensive, in the attitude of her drooping head.

  20. All Nice is there, in its cosmopolitan butterfly variety, flaunting itself in the sun in the very ugly dresses now in fashion.

  21. There they sprawl their obtrusive legs and wave their flaunting theatrical wings to the utter destruction of all repose and consistency in one of the noblest and most perfect buildings of Europe.

  22. It is a habit you have got into, flaunting these colds every time I get home.

  23. A third conclusion is, They that use high and flaunting language in prayer, their simplicity and godly sincerity is to be questioned as to the doing of that duty sincerely.

  24. And their carriage is much appropriated to the use of poor invalids, even among the abhorred class of poor relations, so that often they have not room in it for themselves, much less for flaunting dames and lazy dandies.

  25. The calm flaunting of her silk in the very eyes of the Court by sixteen-year-old Hannah was premonitory of the waning power of the magistrates, for similar prosecutions at a later date were quashed.

  26. You find them cheerfully spreading, pushing along the foot-paths, turning into vagrants, becoming flaunting weeds.

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