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Example sentences for "flaunted"

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  1. She would have liked to have flaunted the fact in his face, but she dared not.

  2. Again and again Lord Alfred Douglas flaunted acquaintance with youths of the lowest class; but no one knew him or paid much attention to him; Oscar Wilde, on the other hand, was already a famous personage whose every movement provoked comment.

  3. In the arum the white advertisement flaunted before flying insects is not even essential to the florets' existence, except as it helps them attract their pollen-carrying friends.

  4. Swinging outward from a leaf-clasped stem, this orchid attracts us by its flaunted beauty and decorative form from tip to root, not less than the aesthetic little bees for which its adornment and mechanism are so marvelously adapted.

  5. And he knew that every moment he stayed on there with big George behind his chair was another red rag flaunted in the face of The Corner.

  6. Even the newest clearings flaunted rich carpets of grass, green as grass only springs where a bush fire has purged the ground for it.

  7. Her heart swelled more and more; she pictured miserable scenes in which, while the rest of the family flaunted about in silk, she, Floss, was attired in rags and had crusts only to eat.

  8. The vilest saloons flaunted their damning attractions in the face of every passer by.

  9. Provision should be made by law so that the protection of American citizenship, impudently flaunted in the Orient by the American prostitutes and other outlaws, should be withdrawn.

  10. And what little beauty she had her illness had taken away, so her only weapon was gone; and Raoul jeered at her and openly flaunted his infidelities in her presence.

  11. Yet here was a boy who flaunted his goodness in our faces.

  12. The moonlight would make him ghostly--a pastel frog; but in the day he flaunted splashes of azure and green on his scarlet body.

  13. She had openly flaunted her affection for Skippy, smiling into his fascinated eyes, laughing uproariously at the inanities he had to offer.

  14. There were boys even younger than he who wore girls' jewelry, who wrote and received what were called "mash notes," and who flaunted these sentimentalities openly.

  15. When next he danced, he danced with the bill openly flaunted behind the all-unconscious Dolly, openly offering it to whoever would come to his rescue.

  16. The eager, unspent emotionalism of Noreen's face flaunted itself across his smoky vision.

  17. And from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall flaunted an incongruous, moneyed effort to blot out all temperament and pang and trenchant life-history from one spot at least of the little old gray farmhouse.

  18. One afternoon Victoria indulged in the luxury of a hired private carriage, and flaunted it with the best in the long line on the south side of the Park.

  19. He felt happier going to jail with Jane than ever in his life before; was luxuriating in sentimentality when a roar like that of flaunted Fate lacerated the air.

  20. At Forty-second Street Pape cast a last look at the sign in which he felt by now devout belief, doubtless one of the most costly and colorful ever flaunted before New York.

  21. Each time he passed the flaunted shoulder, the upcast chin, or curling lip, he found his humility to be growing less and less until as the dance neared its end he glowed with a very righteous ire.

  22. There in her fingers it flaunted its brutality.

  23. And was not that the royal flag of Spain which flaunted before it?

  24. For seven weeks "Old Glory" waved its welcome at one end of the commissariat, and stark, pallid want walked out without a ration and flaunted its rags at the other.

  25. Red blankets flaunted in the breeze from the rigging till we resembled an anarchist emigrant ship.

  26. The flags were handsome, and, as it came to pass, they flaunted amid battle smoke before many weeks.

  27. The red and yellow banner of Spain flaunted lazily from the ramparts, but only here and there could be distinguished the little black dots representing the soldiers on guard.

  28. Here and there a frail actress might depart from the stony path of virtue, or an actor give himself up to wine and the dodging of bailiffs, yet the attending scandals were not flaunted in the face of the public.

  29. From an upper casement leant forth Mistress Penwick with a face as delicately tinted as the blossoms of the peach that flaunted their beauty at some distance.

  30. Then the fascinating shopkeeper had flaunted his wares in the faces of the thrifty housewives.

  31. Down, down, came the dark shade, pursued by the light, until the entire slope of the hill was radiant and the sad colored foliage flaunted in new-born gaiety.

  32. The "brides," or strings of her little muslin cap, flaunted in the breeze and a shawl of China crape fluttered from her shoulders.

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