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Example sentences for "affection"

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affecte; affected; affectedly; affecting; affectingly; affectional; affectionate; affectionately; affectionateness; affectioned
  1. So saying, with a look of strong affection and with gallant bearing, he raised her hand to his lips.

  2. In the 26th year of his age, Most deeply and generally regretted, This tribute of esteem and affection Is erected, Partly by his much afflicted Sister, Ellen M.

  3. The pain was no light matter; but Mr. Long had a real affection for Mr. Bransford's neck, and it is trifles like these that make perfection.

  4. True Blue could not help thinking of Paul Pringle, whom he loved with an affection which could not have been surpassed had Paul been his father, and Peter Ogle, and Abel Bush, and his own messmates.

  5. Deeply hurt, the latter withdrew his affection for his old friend.

  6. The favor with which my work has been received there is the sign of a movement toward truth in art; they are developing an affection for this naturalistic school which borrows from life its charm and its variety.

  7. After this readoption, his affection for it was restored; he had several copies cast in bronze and cut in stone, and it has become perhaps one of his most popular and most sought-after works.

  8. The distinguished friendship that Mr. Shelley felt for him, and the enthusiastic affection with which Mr. Leigh Hunt clings to his friend's memory, seemed to point him out as the person best calculated for such an undertaking.

  9. The qualities that struck any one newly introduced to Shelley were,--First, a gentle and cordial goodness that animated his intercourse with warm affection and helpful sympathy.

  10. I did not know how to be sufficiently thankful to Heaven for the treasure I found myself the possessor of; such a sweetness of temper and such a tenderness of affection did my husband continually manifest towards me.

  11. Nor was Bishop Albertson far behind these two in his expressions of affection and confidence.

  12. It was made up of esteem, appreciation, and confidence, resulting in simple, sincere affection that was unselfish and unflinching.

  13. Her smiles were the smiles of affection not of gaiety, and there was always a shadow in her eyes.

  14. Mrs. Kirby seconded this with a cordiality that won Worth's affection at once.

  15. Uncle Richard was a stern, undemonstrative man, but I knew that he entertained a deep and real affection for me, and I always enjoyed my vacation sojourns at his place.

  16. Jane Lavinia had never thought that Aunt Rebecca had any affection for her.

  17. A wave of renewed affection for his father swept over him, of affection and pity and admiration, and for the instant he forgot Mr. Flint.

  18. By such a course you would have, in a day, the affection of the people instead of their distrust.

  19. It was the first sign, since his return the night before, Euphrasia had given that an affection for Hilary Vane lurked beneath the nature.

  20. Affection is the lasting and sensible thing.

  21. Suddenly, by that strange power of sympathy which the unselfish possess, she understood the man, understood Austen's patience with him and affection for him.

  22. Affection seems to be a more sensible term for it," he said.

  23. As a schoolmaster to bring men and women to Christ, natural affection is without a rival.

  24. The great charm of her little book is the sunny hopefulness and happiness which shines from every page, and the tender affection for her suffering Lord which mingles with her devotion without ever becoming morbid or irreverent.

  25. When our emotions are deeply stirred, even Nature speaks to us with voices unheard before; while the man who is without human affection is either quite unmoved by her influences, or misreads all her lessons.

  26. I shall willingly settle upon you the castle and manor of Ellieslaw, to show my parental affection and disinterested zeal for promoting your settlement in life.

  27. And so, my dear love, as I know your virtue and your affection for me, I am entirely easy in my mind.

  28. My affection takes alarm too easily, I agree; but what can you expect?

  29. All his affection was concentrated on Albert, his only remaining child.

  30. Genuine affection is not readily destroyed, and, when you have a sympathetic feeling for a person, it is like the natural instincts: drive it away if you will, it returns at a gallop.

  31. Cicero's affection for his family gives us an entirely unfamiliar insight into Roman manners.

  32. Cicero's affection for, 324; as to the divorce, ii.

  33. But his affection for Tiro is very warm, and his little solicitudes for the man whom he leaves are charming.

  34. Can any man read the records of this long affection without wishing that he might be blessed with such a friendship?

  35. Then follow two letters for his wife--a mere word in each--not a sign of affection nor of complaint in either of them.

  36. He seems to have done his work as commentator with no glow of affection and with no touch of animosity, either on one side or on the other.

  37. Plancius had shown Cicero during his banishment the affection of a brother, or almost of a son.

  38. Jim surreptitiously watches her hovering with diffident affection round her father, unobtrusively and unthanked fetching and carrying for him.

  39. The Wilson family have never hitherto shown any very marked affection for Burgoyne, but now it seems as if they could hardly bear him out of their sight.

  40. And how is one to rationally have respect or affection for anything before one has ascertained that they are deserving of either?

  41. For I have no man so of the same mind, who with sincere affection is solicitous for you.

  42. Philippians Chapter 1 The apostle's affection for the Philippians.

  43. The envoy accordingly, in name of the Earl, expressed the deepest gratitude for this mark of the affection and confidence of the States- General towards the Queen.

  44. Corinthians Chapter 7 The apostle's affection for the Corinthians.

  45. No leaven nor honey was to be used in the sacrifice offered to God; to signify that we are to exclude from the pure worship of the gospel, all double dealing and affection to carnal pleasures.

  46. And much less would it be expedient to be enslaved by an irregular affection to any thing, how indifferent soever.

  47. By this eating of the book was signified the diligent attention and affection with which we are to receive, and embrace the word of God; and to let it, as it were, sink into our interior by devout meditation.

  48. Their iniquity hath come forth, as it were from fatness: they have passed into the affection of the heart.

  49. And that affection might not restrain his hand, he chose for assistant a Jew, Levi Kurtzhandl, a man of savage spirit and in the vigour of youth, who had already before advised him to poison the boy.

  50. She speaks with warm affection of her father, and with filial respect of her mother.

  51. It is not simply his religious policy and his frank display of natural affection that seem to mark a strong and very original personality.

  52. He had never a gleam of religion or affection or the sense of duty.

  53. Moreover, there is little evidence that the commonalty felt cheated by the priests, or had anything but trust and affection for the early priesthoods.

  54. It was the first repulse he had ever had from her: though he was still in petticoats, his pride and wounded affection were strong; he would not wait for a second rebuff.

  55. She had a real affection for the little boy, with all her ungraciousness, and felt, with Missy, that the house was suffocating, and sleep impossible.

  56. Perhaps affection and real interest in their young townsman had brought others.

  57. And then, proving how real her affection for Jay was, there came a feeling of solicitude for him, shut up in that damp nursery.

  58. What is this pretended affection for your mother worth if you are unwilling to conserve, make safe, her future, in case I die?

  59. But that Caroline there, admirable girl, seething with affection in a figure warranted against time or accident--" her expression brought his banter to an end.

  60. I have an unusual affection for him; really, his honesty is extraordinary.

  61. Or perhaps this was only his affection for her, blinding him to the truth.

  62. He found his affection for her increasing to an annoying degree; he was almost humble in his anxiety not to wound her.

  63. The implied affection of all the paragraphs was visible in the last words.

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