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Example sentences for "flaunt"

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  1. We are the representative women of Elsinore; we have known her all our lives; it is our duty to flaunt our faith in the eyes of the public.

  2. After reminding the Club that the President of the United States had requested his docile subjects to curb their passions and flaunt their neutrality, Dr.

  3. On went the word picture that showed how vice could flaunt it in so fallen an age.

  4. Nor were they blind to the fact that flaunt the tricolour as bravely as they would, the liberty, equality, and fraternity it symbolised were flouted by this people, whose whole history was a record of slavery and degradation.

  5. Then he said slowly-- "But no girl in her senses would flaunt a stolen thing in the faces of the people from whom she stole it.

  6. Did it not strike you as rather rash to flaunt it here, in my very face?

  7. Is it safe or prudent to neglect, despise, or insult them; or to swindle them and defraud them of their rights, and at the same time to flaunt before their eyes the gaudy insignia of what they believe to be ill-gotten wealth?

  8. And it is an atrocious piece of vulgarity to flaunt the names of quack nostrums, and of the coarse stimulants of sots, among the beautiful scenes of nature.

  9. Clemence was pleased that they had, as she thought, at last begun to appreciate her many excellent qualities, but she could not understand exactly why these kind people should be at such pains to flaunt their good deeds.

  10. Everywhere vulgarity and ignorance can flaunt itself before the admiring eyes of the multitude, while gold hides with its glitter every defect.

  11. But she offends no one, even though she is notoriously sought after and made much of; for she is good-natured to all, and people are not jealous of those who do not flaunt their successes and whom popularity does not make insolent.

  12. Some of you delight to flaunt in our faces the warning against sectional parties given by Washington in his Farewell Address.

  13. It may flaunt its glories on the breeze, We have no time to waste on these; Our’s is the Vine near whose goodly root We seek, and find the jewelled fruit!

  14. Once the game got started though, Lantier recovered his good humor and began to flaunt his extraordinary knack with a cue.

  15. They would swing their hips, or group together tightly, or flaunt along with awkward grace, all for the purpose of calling attention to the fact that their forms were filling out.

  16. Visconti delighted to flaunt her with her at every turn.

  17. Didst thou urge him to flaunt me with this?

  18. My passion for that sprightly dame and her gracious acceptance of it were happily not to deteriorate under the regard of any possible daughter, however egregiously might we flaunt to her trained eye our need to be "finished.

  19. She donned a gown and bonnet of black in testimony of her bereavement, but there was no unnecessary flaunt of crape in her decently symbolic garb.

  20. We had come out to flaunt our small selves in his Majesty's uniform.

  21. Now the evening being young, I proposed that we should sally forth together and view the town--in other words (though I avoided them) that we should flaunt our uniforms in the streets of Portsmouth.

  22. Moreso than going down to the tavern to eat and drink, the two men went down to the tavern to flaunt their moneys and so to entice some criminal types to come and rob them.

  23. Burman was pleased to flaunt the devices that he helped to construct and both Lloyd and Boyce were impressed.

  24. He is angry that Eugene and Pauline should flaunt their happiness in her sad eyes.

  25. I didn't really care, until Laura began to flaunt her husband in every one's face, and now I shall be so glad to surprise her.

  26. It is an indisputable law of the eternal feminine for all women to flaunt a conquest in the face of the man who had declined their affection.

  27. They bedizen themselves with finery and flaunt through the streets in velvets and satins.

  28. The jubilant songs of Olympus yet ring in their ears, the images of the gods yet flame and flaunt before their eyes.

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