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Example sentences for "flautist"

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  1. Whether it was that the harp-strings were broken, the violin out of tune, or the flautist out of breath, so it chanced that the music had ceased, and the dancers come abruptly to a pause.

  2. The flautist was detained a few days at a country house, for the amusement of the guests.

  3. While the kettle boiled, he sat darning the socks which he had taken off Aaron's feet when the flautist arrived, and which he had washed.

  4. And so he is my nocturnal owl, my flautist of the bower, my Orpheus of the mountains.

  5. Once, indeed, he made a playful allusion to the flautist of the bower that was provocative of no more than a reddened cheek and an interlude of silence.

  6. They nodded and immediately the flautist began a haunting lyric line that bathed the room in a soft, echoing melody.

  7. Her musicians, the flautist and the drummer, knelt silently behind her.

  8. In the lamplight he recognized Kamala's musicians: the gray-haired flautist in a long lungi wrap and bare to the waist, the drummer smiling widely in a plain white shirt and brown dhoti.

  9. Then Signor Purissi sent the box to the flautist in the orchestra, who played the obbligato to some of the contralto's arias, and as this gentleman did not smoke he made it over once more to Signor Giuseppe.

  10. Suspicion being thus aroused, Boccalione sought out Monsieur Lejeune, who confessed that he had given the box to Giuseppe; and Signor Purissi learned from the flautist that his gift had been disposed of in the same direction.

  11. Dick felt a singing in his ears, and his fellow-flautist scowled.

  12. Meanwhile, the flautist was turning over his flute and glancing from it to the beautiful instrument Dick held.

  13. The flautist sulkily lowered his flute, while the theme was now played as a trio with admirable effect.

  14. If a bass drum is required, its player must join the flautist on the floor.

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