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Example sentences for "flew"

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fletu; fleur; fleurons; fleurs; fleuve; flewe; flewed; flews; flex; flexed
  1. Carry flew into the next room, and presently re-appeared, dragging a small trunk, into which she gravely proceeded to pack her clothes.

  2. At the same moment a quick, nervous footstep was heard upon the veranda; the French window flew open, and, with a light laugh of greeting, Ridgeway stepped into the room.

  3. When they came to her a moment later, a tiny bird that had lit upon her breast flew away; and the hand that they lifted from Carry's head fell lifeless at her side.

  4. She flew swiftly down the stairs, and encountered the colonel in the hall.

  5. Mr. Prince hurried up stairs, and entered the room as Mrs. Starbottle flew towards him.

  6. The loving pair together flew away, Their life of joy and freedom to renew.

  7. Just as he flew over sea and land to revisit his converts, or sent Timothy or Titus to carry them his counsels and bring news of how they fared, so, when these means were not available, he would send a letter with the same design.

  8. He flew from synagogue to synagogue, and from house to house, dragging forth men and women, who were cast into prison and punished.

  9. He was working as a tailor's apprentice near Bonchurch, in the Isle of Wight, when the news flew through the village that a squadron of men-of-war was sailing off the island.

  10. And once or twice one flew so low and so close that I was almost afraid it would strike me, and I would dodge in what I think was mock alarm, much to the amusement of the soldiers.

  11. In the air above us airplanes flew to and fro.

  12. And rumors and questions flew in all directions.

  13. Late that night, when everybody was asleep, Mr Jugg flew to Marian's window.

  14. Then he would tie the gut to a sort of string that was hanging down from the point of his fishing-rod; and then he would swish his rod until the fly flew out straight and fell upon the stream, just as the real one had done.

  15. Very soon the first bluebird came flying over and warbled as he flew 'The spring is coming.

  16. Then he safely rose and flew to the lonely glen by Taylor's Hill.

  17. The ground grew more dangerous each night, so at sundown Mother Partridge called 'K-reet' and flew into a thick, low tree.

  18. Redruff flew to the nearest bank, hastily gathered a few red hips to stay his gnawing hunger, then returned to the prison-drift and clucked and stamped.

  19. As Drew passed the other, the ship lurched and his foot accidentally struck the cane, which flew out of Parmalee's hand.

  20. Mr. Drew accidentally knocked my cane out of my hand, and I flew off at a tangent and was nasty about it when he apologized.

  21. Later on, as the wind subsided, the schooner, having shown her mettle, settled once more into her stride and flew along like a ghost.

  22. Parrots flew squawking from branch to branch, and humming birds and butterflies of many hues and gorgeous beauty darted like bright arrows among the flowers.

  23. But the packet she carried flew from her hand and disappeared beyond the stringpiece of the pier.

  24. Perhaps there was no great danger to them in that; but still, the bullets flew unpleasantly near, and sent them running again, hunting them like hares from point to point.

  25. A flash and a billow of smoke burst from Point Maya, and out flew a shell, singing merrily, till it plunged into the sea some distance from the New York.

  26. Then away flew his thoughts to the hacienda.

  27. Above him the bridge appeared dimly, and behind that a circle of sparks flew into the air from the funnel.

  28. Then two were sent aboard the launch, one of whom dived into the engine-room; the lashings were cast off, and they steamed alongside the huge vessel which flew the admiral's flag.

  29. The Minister got into his Palanquin, and his four Bearers flew off with him with that incredible Swiftness, his Attendance had much ado to keep up with it.

  30. Some ran over the Sea, as on dry Ground; others flew into the Air, and some sunk into the Earth.

  31. Although both travelers flew "with incredible swiftness," the eighteenth-century flyers found that it was "about a Month before we came into the Attraction of the Moon.

  32. I gave Notice to the Caravan, that we would set forward the next Morning, which we accordingly did, and as near as I could compute, we flew that Day, 180 Miles.

  33. When they had run some hundred yards, both Indians turned and fired, but as the defenders had kept well under cover, the balls flew wild among the thick poplars.

  34. When he grew older and could fly well he flew away, but he often came back and sat on our tepee poles.

  35. When he arrived at the east end, the cranes flew to the west end, but the boy could not make them leave the field.

  36. She came again; the gulls flew over the sands, and the sun shone warmly.

  37. But Dorothy flew after her and clutched her arm.

  38. Their thoughts flew to their bonny little ship.

  39. Covered by the armed gentlemen, the workers retreated to their boat; arrows and a few musket balls flew after them, but the ship's guns again spoke out, and no Don dared show himself.

  40. Time flew on; to one, at least, the silence became irksome.

  41. All flew to the flowers in the queen's right hand.

  42. The woodman stirred the fire until the flames leaped high and the sparks flew out of the roof hole.

  43. When he hung this painting outside of his door, some birds flew down and tried to carry the cherries away.

  44. At one time he painted the picture of some fruit which was so real that the birds flew down and pecked at it.

  45. He was hardly halfway across the stony field when one of the horse's shoes flew off.

  46. Another cannon ball flew through the air and struck a tree near by.

  47. One day as he was walking among the trees the birds saw him and flew down to greet him.

  48. The next moment two bees flew eagerly in.

  49. She flew to Emily's room; but just as she reached it, Dora stopped her.

  50. But Mrs Herbert's anxious ear had already caught the sound, and she was standing on the steps when her child flew to her almost breathless.

  51. I, hearing, flew off hither, that being first To bring thee word thereof, I might be sure To win reward and gratitude from thee.

  52. A cloud of birds, the crows Lumley had spoken of, rose from the trees as Gray approached, and flew screaming over his head.

  53. His entrance disturbed a vast number of bats, that flew shrieking out of the damp hollows of the rocks and whirled wildly round him.

  54. A loud explosion followed, and splinters of wood and iron flew in all directions.

  55. But when it struck the oak it flew into a dozen pieces.

  56. As she looked on it, her heart, all woman still, flew back to the day on which, whispering eternal love, he hung it round her neck.

  57. A terror of a thousand imagined accidents took hold of him, and he flew to the gendarmerie with intent to organize a search.

  58. Their troubles at Meadville forgotten, they flew their machines like sportive birds; never had any of them experienced more fully the joy of flight, the sense of freedom that comes from traveling untrammeled into the ether.

  59. But like a fury the woman flew at the girls.

  60. With sparkling eyes, and bounding pulses they flew steadily southward, from time to time glancing below at the touring car.

  61. They flew fast, and as the roads were excellent the auto had no difficulty in keeping up with them.

  62. As they followed Roy and Jimsy in an irregular procession through the air, their thoughts flew ahead, outdistancing the biplane and the Red Dragon and speeding confidently toward the happy realizations of the future.

  63. They flew on, keeping the motor car beneath them in constant sight till about noon.

  64. The Ruby soon ranged up on the weather and larboard side of the Frenchman, at whose peak flew the ensign of Republican France.

  65. Paul stood steadily on with the French flag flying, till the enemy was within musket range; then down came the tricolour and the British ensign flew out at the peak.

  66. As they had not pointed them precisely, most of their shot flew over the heads of their opponents, and there had been no time to trice up the boarding nettings.

  67. It wanted but ten minutes to noon, when the signal flew out from the masthead of the Admiral for the fleet to bear down on the French, each ship to steer for and closely engage the one nearest to her in the enemy's line.

  68. So the days flew rapidly by till the party of seamen had once more to rejoin their ship.

  69. The headsails, which alone were set, in an instant were blown from the boltropes, and flew like fleecy clouds far away down to leeward.

  70. He beckoned to True Blue, who flew to the boats, which had been kept ready on the side of the ship away from the shore.

  71. Tim Fid and Harry, who had been left at liberty, on this flew to his support, and, standing on either side, literally kept the rest at bay.

  72. Paul, Abel, Tom, and Peter, and the rest literally flew about the decks, and handled the guns as if they were quakers made of wood and not of heavy metal.

  73. Thickly flew the round-shot--the gallant Admiral in the Sandwich was engaged with two big Frenchmen, who seemed to have singled her out for destruction, but right nobly and boldly did she bear the brunt of the action.

  74. Billy True Blue flew up to him with a cry of grief.

  75. How shrilly the boatswains sounded their pipes, how rapidly the men flew aloft or tramped along the decks, while sail after sail was set, till every ship was carrying as much canvas as could by any art or contrivance be spread on her yards!

  76. The instant the ship was free of her opponents, the crew flew back to their guns and began to blaze away with as much energy as before.

  77. With the usual hastiness and unreasoning jealousy of her Sex, she flew at once to the conclusion that a Woman had entered the house through some small aperture.

  78. Distinction of sides is intended by Nature to imply distinction of colours"--such was the sophism which in those days flew from mouth to mouth, converting whole towns at a time to the new culture.

  79. One heavy shot flew in at the window of the cell in which Capt.

  80. At this outspoken mutiny, Kidd flew into a passion.

  81. Biddle was wounded by a shot from the "Moultrie," which flew wide of its intended mark.

  82. The shot flew through the rigging, doing but little damage.

  83. When this was reported to Civilis he flew into a passion, and called the whole Batavian people to take arms.

  84. As the column advanced, an eagle flew steadily ahead and seemed to lead the way.

  85. Loudly though the soldiers cheered, hour after hour the bird flew undismayed, and was taken for a sure omen of success.

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