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Example sentences for "exegesis"

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  1. But if they are approached by an inquirer seeking to discover whether they all are Mosaic, sound exegesis demands that they should be taken as Dillmann and others take them.

  2. Curious freaks of exegesis have been displayed in dealing with this passage.

  3. But such an exegesis is only possible by perverting the text and misreading the whole argument of the prophet.

  4. The whole modern scientific theology of the Protestants rejects both the doctrine and the Lutheran exegesis of the passages in question.

  5. Its complete title ran: "Exegesis Perspicua et ferme Integra Controversiae de Sacra Coena--Perspicuous and Almost Complete Explanation of the Controversy Concerning the Holy Supper.

  6. And on the very face of it, the Exegesis Perspicua was intended to serve similar secret propaganda.

  7. Warden of Keble College, Dean Ireland's Professor of Exegesis in the University of Oxford.

  8. These, indeed, are the most notable examples of St. Paul's method of exegesis derived from the school of Gamaliel, but there are numberless others scattered all through his writings.

  9. In Agadic exegesis also it is often accepted as a valid rule of Scriptural interpretation.

  10. Truths which had long been seen through the distorting mirage of false exegesis have now been set forth in their true aspect.

  11. It solved no present problems, though it did contain an interesting exegesis of a much discussed passage.

  12. Professor of Old Testament Exegesis in New and Hackney Colleges, London.

  13. Professor of New Testament Exegesis in the University of Gottingen.

  14. Some passages were explained by Mua¸Yammad himself, but the real founder of Koranic Exegesis was aEuro~AbdullAih b.

  15. Doubtless he had already acquired in some measure the subtle exegesis and minute casuistry that were the glory of later Rabbinism.

  16. This interest in externals is patent enough in the chronicler, and the tendencies of Biblical exegesis are illustrated by his use of Samuel and Kings.

  17. We need no exegesis of that beautiful Scripture beyond that exegesis which our own hearts supply.

  18. Footnote 345: I do not find it possible to give a more honourable place than this to a system of biblical exegesis which has still a few defenders.

  19. Much of their exegesis was temporary and false.

  20. The “odium papæ” would certainly seem to have been concerned in his placing in the forefront his supposed re-discovery of an exegesis which Popery had forgotten.

  21. The torrent of words flows on aimlessly in this way, ever labouring the same subject; all this is given us in lieu of real exegesis as corollaries to two verses of the Epistle to the Romans.

  22. With that exegesis of the seventh day as one still remaining up to the present, we are in clear accord with the more developed theology of the New Testament, and with the interpretation which it itself gives of that divine day of rest.

  23. Besides such promotion of Christian exegesis and apologetics and the improvement of the works on general history, Hottinger himself contemplated a double purpose in his Historia Orientalis.

  24. Professor of New Testament Criticism and Exegesis in Yale University.

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    annotation; clarification; comment; commentary; construction; decoding; demonstration; elucidation; enlightenment; exegesis; exemplification; explanation; expose; exposition; gloss; illumination; illustration; interpretation; light; notation; note; paper; rationale; reason; remark; scholium; simplification; solution