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displacement; displacements; displaces; displacing; display; displaying; displays; displeasant; displease; displeased
  1. It is impossible to resist the admiration inspired by the skill, the daring, the fertility of intellectual resources displayed by the rebels; all this is so thoroughly contrasted by what is done by our legal chiefs.

  2. If McClellan's ignorance of military history were not so well established, he would know that since Archimedes, down to Todleben, more genius was displayed in the defence than in the attack of any place.

  3. For a few moments, Dandy defended himself from the impetuous assault of the young gentleman, who displayed a vigor and energy which he had never before exhibited.

  4. The imperious young gentleman displayed a languid smile upon his face as he entered the chamber.

  5. One of the characteristics of the present situation of the Argentine is the remarkable elasticity displayed by the increase of the fiscal resources.

  6. He nowhere referred other than affectionately to his wife, and always displayed a father's warm affection for his sons, John, Charles, and Erasmus.

  7. Red was his banner, and displayed abroad The bloody colours of his patron god.

  8. Von Krafft-Ebing and many other writers have assumed that the characteristics of effemination and of viraginity are displayed in early childhood.

  9. This latter was inspired by an actress, a remarkably beautiful woman visiting our town--I lived then in a town of medium size--whose pictures were displayed in all the shop windows.

  10. But it is to ripening children and young persons, who do not yet understand the sexual life, but to whom it is first displayed in this form, that such pornographic objects are especially dangerous.

  11. How unsettled our views are in respect of the types of respiration in children is well displayed by the collection of opinions given by Havelock Ellis.

  12. At our solicitation he readily opened his sacred depository, and displayed its contents on a skin before us, whilst he politely proceeded to expatiate on their powers and virtues in the occult art, as well as their physical efficacy.

  13. These varieties of crystals, exclaims our friend with the proud and patronizing smile of conscious superiority, present differences almost equally great with those displayed by species.

  14. The injustice and indignity with which Vansleb was treated by Colbert is in marked contrast to the liberality usually displayed by Louis XIV.

  15. In conclusion, we cannot refrain from stating that our views are quite consistent with a high admiration of the great ingenuity and vast research displayed by Mr. Darwin.

  16. The crooked and shortened legs of the Ancon sheep of New England, frequently referred to by Darwin, also displayed the action of degeneration.

  17. The anti-Catholic feeling that characterized the first national movement was displayed in the convention which in 1777 formed a constitution for the State of New York.

  18. In both these offices he displayed that zeal, and wisdom, and firmness, united with kindest charity, of which his earlier years had given such promise.

  19. Governor Kieft displayed great humanity in his care of the missionary, and seized the first opportunity to enable him to return to Europe.

  20. Thenceforth Essex displayed in his welfare a brotherly interest which proved in course of time a very doubtful blessing.

  21. Theobald first displayed his critical skill in 1726 in a volume which deserves to rank as a classic in English literature.

  22. But there was usually, in addition, a preliminary salutation confined to such a single sentence as Thorpe displayed on the first page of his edition of Shakespeare's sonnets.

  23. The piece in its main current presents a series of loosely connected episodes in which the hero's manliness is displayed as soldier, ruler, and lover.

  24. In that engagement Decatur again displayed his valor.

  25. The waiters were rather astonished at the tremendous appetites displayed by the four sunburned boys, and there is no doubt that the landlord lost money that morning.

  26. Nothing loath, the overdressed boy opened the bag and displayed his plunder.

  27. She displayed the face of a fifty-dollar bank-note to their wondering eyes.

  28. She displayed a frown and a contumelious lip, and endeavored to radiate an aura of disagreeableness and tragedy.

  29. Miss Adams had suddenly displayed a lively interest in the kitchen layout and I could see her in there, chatting brightly at George--not with him--the while he ducked his head and rattled his pans.

  30. No Mammals then roamed the forests; no bird had yet displayed its wings.

  31. Among the Acephala, one of the largest and most abundant shells of the lower Néocomian, as displayed in the Atherfield section, is the large Perna Mulleti (Fig.

  32. Now, seated upright in the front of the box, she displayed herself, attracting all eyes by the pride of her own glance.

  33. Yet it may be easily shown that the poet has, in his work, displayed more enlightened views.

  34. Joe displayed the handsome monogram in great triumph, and begged Mr. Terry to let him run home with it at noon.

  35. With that he displayed cases of birds, flowers, fancy scenes, and tiny landscapes.

  36. The heliotrope displayed a mass of blackened clusters; but it could be trimmed for new blossoming.

  37. The crew of the Dolphin likewise displayed their arms and stood ready, but I ordered that no individual should fire until called upon by name.

  38. The surrounding circle was nearly complete, and displayed the prismatic colours vividly; from the centre of the sun's disk a beam of bright light extended upwards several degrees beyond the circle.

  39. They practise jumping, as an amusement, from their youth; and we had an opportunity of witnessing some of their feats, which displayed much agility.

  40. The house was replastered with mud, all the rooms whitewashed and repainted, and Matthews displayed his taste by ornamenting a chandelier with cut paper, and trinkets.

  41. Genius so commanding had not been displayed even by Frederick or Marlborough.

  42. The man selected by the émigrés to sound Moreau was Pichegru, and this choice was the sole instance of common sense displayed by them.

  43. At the crisis of Thermidor the Convention intrusted him with the command of the "army of the interior," and the energy which he then displayed gained for him the same position in the equally critical days of Vendémiaire.

  44. In the Directorial period he displayed more activity.

  45. The first encounter was near Nazareth, where Junot displayed the dash and resource which had brought him fame in Italy; but the decisive battle was fought in the Plain of Esdraëlon, not far from the base of Mount Tabor.

  46. She could see by the anxiety displayed in his face, and by a more than usually unnatural tone in his voice, that he was about to make his proposition.

  47. If there were a falling roof here or a half-hung door there, he displayed his zeal by telling the Squire of these defaults.

  48. From infancy he displayed extraordinary talents, which subsequent years have made more realistic.

  49. For being a young man few have displayed steadier habits and more business capacity than the congenial proprietor of the People's Hotel and Restaurant, 913 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma.

  50. Mabillon, almost an idiot from childhood, fell down a stone staircase at the age of twenty-six, and so badly injured his skull that it had to be trepanned; from that time he displayed the characteristics of genius.

  51. George Frederick Handel was a musical genius; and we are told that heredity does not account for his genius, as no other member of his family had ever displayed any special musical talent.

  52. Some of them listened, no doubt, for the first time to an argument in favor of this innovation, but the most unbelieving were evidently impressed with the earnestness and strong feeling displayed in the advocacy of the cause.

  53. We were more than gratified by the unusual fairness and courtesy displayed by the press of Baltimore.

  54. At this eventful hour the patriotism of woman shone forth as fervently and spontaneously as did that of man; and her self-sacrifice and devotion were displayed in as many varied fields of action.

  55. Their courage, skill and sagacity, were never displayed to greater advantage than on that occasion.

  56. The supervisory signal at the main office in this case is displayed only when the private branch operator takes down the connection.

  57. When the next block rings up, a visual signal is displayed which operates a bell in the office by means of a local circuit.

  58. The ancient colonies of Asia Minor displayed the original characteristics of the mother country long after her states had become utterly changed.

  59. Nothing could afford stronger proof of the hold which this sad delusion had taken of the popular mind than the readiness so constantly displayed by the accused to confess the monstrous imputation, whose punishment was infamy and death.

  60. The Baltimore family at first displayed great liberality and judgment in their rule; but, as they gained confidence from the secret support of the king to their cherished faith, their wise moderation seems to have diminished.

  61. Earl, turning round towards him as quickly as he could; for he no longer started up with that vehemence which he had displayed but a few days before.

  62. The infinite truth generally to be found in old sayings was never more happily displayed than in the proverb, "Like master like man!

  63. All was calm and still on that face where so many fierce and violent passions had displayed themselves through life.

  64. The worthy Knight hastened all his proceedings; for when the cause of a friend was in his hands, none of that easy and somewhat apathetic indifference displayed itself with which he was but too apt to regard his own affairs.

  65. Langford advanced upon him, but with the same degree of calm determination which, except during one brief moment, he had displayed throughout their whole conference.

  66. There were few subjects on which he could not speak; and, on whatever he did speak, there was something more displayed than mere ordinary judgment.

  67. Newly equipped regiments were constantly passing in our vicinity for the seat of war, the national ensign and other emblems of loyalty were displayed on every hand and a martial spirit pervaded the very atmosphere.

  68. He early displayed a fondness for books, and must have shown an uncommon maturity of mind and much executive ability, as he was only nineteen when he was appointed to the position just named.

  69. Booths were temporarily erected all along the pavement in front of the City Hall, where substantial food was displayed and sold to the crowds collected to assist in celebrating the day.

  70. I do not recall that the national flag was especially prominent upon the "glorious fourth," and it is my impression that this insignia of patriotism was not universally displayed upon patriotic occasions until the Civil War.

  71. Of the latter, I recall especially the unusual ability and care she displayed in housekeeping, which at that time was regarded as an accomplishment in which every woman took particular pride.

  72. No one could possibly have seen Guiteau without a feeling akin to pity, as he displayed every indication of possessing an unbalanced mind.

  73. One might have fancied from the enthusiasm displayed that he was one of our own conquering heroes returning home.

  74. The hall accommodated ten thousand students and the time of examination was regarded by the Chinese as a critical period in a young man's life, as his chances of future success largely depended upon the ability displayed in his papers.

  75. Strange to say, in view of the many presents usually displayed upon such occasions nowadays, I do not remember, although I was a family guest, seeing or hearing of a single bridal gift, but some of the wedding guests I recall very distinctly.

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