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Example sentences for "displaces"

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dispise; displace; displaced; displacement; displacements; displacing; display; displayed; displaying; displays
  1. In the first form, the governor simply displaces a very light member, whatever may be the size of the engine, for which reason the dimensions are very small.

  2. The gas or air enters at the top by means of a rubber tube and gradually displaces the water through the lower end.

  3. Formerly, and to some extent even now, the unions have opposed the introduction of labor-saving machinery on the grounds that it displaces workmen and hence causes unemployment.

  4. In this way special legislation often displaces bills which are drawn in a wider interest,--taxation, education, and other vital matters being neglected so that members may pursue personal ends.

  5. According to Vitali, the arsenic in the urine is not free, but probably displaces phosphorus in phospho-glyceric acid; possibly it may also replace phosphorus in lecithin.

  6. Such a strip, when moistened and submitted to a chlorine atmosphere, is at once turned blue, because chlorine displaces iodine from its combination with potassium.

  7. Therefore, an insect which by chance displaces the pollen mass carries it off, as one may say, the wrong side up.

  8. Just as hydrogen displaces half the Na from Na{2}O forming NaHO, so also N.

  9. This reaction is one of the few in which iodine directly displaces oxygen.

  10. He showed that copper displaces silver from its salt, and that zinc displaces copper and a whole series of other metals.

  11. The vessel is heated to a temperature t higher than the boiling point of the liquid: this gives a vapour which displaces the air, and fills the spherical space.

  12. The sulphuric acid, as it is said, here displaces the nitric acid from its compound with the base.

  13. Thus, for instance, when acting on magnesium chloride the sodium displaces the magnesium, and when acting on aluminium chloride it displaces metallic aluminium.

  14. This shows a greater affinity in iodine for oxygen than in chlorine, and this conclusion is confirmed by the fact that iodine displaces chlorine from its oxygen acids,[80] and that in the presence of water chlorine oxidises iodine.

  15. When taken from the fire, it acquires electric matter similar to that of which it had suffered loss, which displaces the expanding medium, and now becomes contracted by external pressure.

  16. The depolarizing passes bring back electric matter, which displaces all excess of medium of space, and with it the physical cause of rigidity.

  17. On the hearth the coal acquires electric matter from the air, which displaces medium of space, and becomes extinguished; so would the fire were there no oxygen in the surrounding air.

  18. The effects upon the trachea are more decided and more progressive than in parenchymatous goitre; it displaces and compresses the trachea and frequently overlaps it, so as to bury the air-passage completely.

  19. Jones displaces the tibialis anterior into the base of the fifth metatarsal.

  20. The pressure of the boot displaces the great toe into the valgus position, especially if a high heel is worn, as the toes are then driven forward into the apex of the boot.

  21. The slant of the earth's axis thus regularly displaces the position of both the sun and the moon to the north and south sides of the equator respectively in the manner we have been describing.

  22. A new era in coffee is inaugurated when Santos permanently displaces Rio as the world's largest source of supply.

  23. In the religion of the "Parables" of Enoch the transcendent practically transforms and displaces the earthly.

  24. Nor is it necessary to have a ship in each tank, for the same depth of water is maintained in the two tanks, and when a ship enters the weight of the tank is not increased, for the ship displaces its own weight of water.

  25. As the ship wallows in the sea it displaces much more water than it does when riding on an even keel and here there is a further loss.

  26. The weight of water which a vessel displaces when floating is the same as the weight of the ship.

  27. Agitation or vibration is of singular efficacy in quickening percolation, as it displaces the particles of the moistened powders, and opens up the pores which had become closed.

  28. In the orbit it displaces the eyeball; in the nasal fossæ and in the external auditory meatus it causes obstruction, which may be attended with ulceration and discharge.

  29. The movement of a mountain often only displaces a molehill.

  30. The shock caused by the fall of a careless word displaces that against which it strikes.

  31. In the first place, it is a strong mineral acid and displaces all other acids from their salts.

  32. It does not dissolve metals, but it displaces carbon dioxide from carbonates, forming salts.

  33. It is also necessary to remember that there is another attitude, in which the radius, crossing the ulna, and carrying the hand with it, displaces the latter in such a way that the palmar surface looks backwards.

  34. It depresses the lip to which it is attached, and displaces it laterally when it acts on one side only.

  35. The result of the synthesis is standardized, and used until a more accurate standard displaces it.

  36. A standard remains fixed only until a more perfect standard displaces it.

  37. At the water-line every additional inch displaces eighteen and a half tons.

  38. The boat is one hundred and twenty-five feet long, twelve feet beam, and displaces two hundred and fifty tons when entirely submerged, one hundred and sixty tons when running on the surface.

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