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Example sentences for "displacement"

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  1. Is the importance of their acquisition equivalent to the time, the trouble, and the displacement of more valuable subjects, which are involved in their explanation?

  2. The fact that such an aggregate has been reported by an associate should impart to every member absolute verity, and each should make the statement his own, to the displacement of all other knowledge.

  3. The Zircon earth is only a removal or displacement of the silicious toward the argillaceous earth.

  4. As originally the thorax took its rise at the expense of the abdomen, so also is every inspiration an elevation of the thorax and a displacement of the abdomen.

  5. This distaste led to a reaction in favor of wood, resulting in the displacement of the architrave and the facing of the space between architrave and opening with tiles, iron or marble.

  6. The chief objection to wood is that its use necessitates the displacement of the architrave, thus leaving a flat intermediate space to be faced with some fire-proof material.

  7. But Alf's inexperience could only distinguish an occasional displacement of the undergrowth, though he was well content to rely on the opinions of those who were more versed than he in woodcraft.

  8. Hence it was mere child's play for him to pick up the track of top-boots, as well as the traces that had been made by the displacement of grasses and thorns.

  9. A longitudinal strip projecting as a fin from an object, to strengthen it, or to enter a channel in another object and thereby prevent displacement sidwise but permit motion lengthwise; a spline.

  10. A deviation from the natural position of parts, supposed to be effected in thousands of years, by the gradual displacement of germ cells.

  11. To interrupt the continuity of (rock strata) by displacement along a plane of fracture; -- chiefly used in the p.

  12. The law of atmospheric resistance is as the area of displacement, and the velocity with which that displacement is effected.

  13. Intimately allied to the displacement of the atmosphere is the amount of friction.

  14. The two are carried on a common frame, so arranged that a change in form of the spring causes a relative displacement of the disk and roller, the point of contact moving radially from or towards the centre of the disk.

  15. Oldham that the disturbance which causes the fracture and permanent displacement of the rocks during an earthquake should be called an "earthshake," leaving the term earthquake especially for the vibratory motion.

  16. Earthquakes seem to have been most frequent when the displacement of the pole has been comparatively great, or when the change in the direction of movement has been marked.

  17. The term General Precession in longitude is given to the displacement of the intersection of the equator with the apparent ecliptic on the latter.

  18. Poncelet, from which the work done during a given displacement could be read off directly.

  19. It may be noted that when a slip occurs along a fault, the displacement underground may be but slight and may die out before reaching the surface, so that no scarp is formed.

  20. An endless band is placed over them to form two loops, which during rotation remain at the same distance apart, unless relative angular displacement occurs between Q1 and Q2 (fig.

  21. Q is supplied by a spring, the extensions of which are recorded on a drum driven proportionally to the angular displacement of the driving pulley; thus a work diagram is obtained.

  22. Although the maximum displacement has a definite direction, the successive vibrations are frequently performed in many different azimuths.

  23. It would also be a safe-guard against the loss or displacement of titles, a danger inherent in the card system, as they could be replaced by copying missing titles from the catalogue volumes.

  24. Clearance is usually expressed as a percentage of the piston-displacement of the cylinder, and varies in different types of engines.

  25. The displacement of an acid (or base) in salts by another acid (or base) is subject always to the law that equilibrium is reached, when all the equilibrium constants are satisfied in the system.

  26. Instances of such displacement are given in the footnote of the previous paragraph.

  27. It may be that the displacement of Varuna as supreme deity was due to the influence of the fire-worshipping cult of Agni, who was imported by certain unidentified Aryan tribes that entered India.

  28. He also studied the spectrum of the great comet of 1882, and by the displacement of its lines estimated that the comet was receding from the Earth at the rate of from sixty-one to seventy-six kilometers per second.

  29. If prohibition has led to an artificial and unproductive classification of labor, then it is prohibition, and not free trade, which is responsible for the inevitable displacement which must result in the transition from evil to good.

  30. There is no danger of shipwrecks, of explosions, of shocks, of fire, nor of displacement of rails!

  31. It is no argument to try and alarm us by a picture of the sufferings which, in this hypothesis, would result from the displacement or change of labor.

  32. For, if prohibition had never existed, labor would have classed itself in accordance with the laws of trade, and no displacement would have taken place.

  33. There is no such regular succession and displacement of teeth as in most mammals.

  34. Salamandra the intermedium and ulnare have fused, (b) displacement of structures, e.

  35. This ship had a displacement of 4476 tons, yet a picture of her would almost pass muster for the Victory.

  36. She was our first three-decker, if we include the upper deck, and had a displacement of 1200 tons.

  37. It must be remembered that a submarine's surface displacement is always less than when she has filled her tanks to sink her deeper in the water.

  38. The three "Monitors" which were added to our own navy as described, are of only 1200 tons displacement apiece.

  39. She had a displacement of 233 tons when fully laden and equipped.

  40. If the gas be strongly compressed, the displacement due to the force is made smaller, and the losses are reduced.

  41. The use of the copper chisel also explains the elaborate carvings upon the early dynastic slates, and the invention of the stone borer brought about the gradual displacement of pottery in favour of stone vessels for household purposes.

  42. The period of construction of large armoured warships remained at two years, notwithstanding the great increase in the size and displacement of the latest types.

  43. D, attached to the compass needle so that any movement of the needle results in an equal angular displacement of the pointer.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "displacement" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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