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  1. By as much as the intensely-heated gases of the interior are disabled by the dissociation of their molecules from giving off luminiferous undulations, by so much must they be disabled from absorbing the light transmitted through them.

  2. In fact, the dissociation of religion from morals--the incongruous connection of ardent zeal for dogma with laxity of life--was stimulated by the Inquisition.

  3. If the conducting molecules are the dissociated molecules, then the dissociation (so long as it is a question of strong acids and salts) tends to become complete in the case of an unlimited dilution.

  4. Arrhenius was bolder, and frankly recognized that dissociation occurs at once in the case of a great number of molecules, and tends to increase more and more as the solution becomes more dilute.

  5. In dissociation the breaking up is only partial, and the resultant consists of a mixture of decomposed and undecomposed parts.

  6. Electrolytic dissociation at first certainly appeared at least as strange; yet it has ended by forcing itself upon us, and we could, at the present day, hardly dispense with the image it presents to us.

  7. There should be produced, as soon as a certain temperature is reached, a dissociation of the saline molecule; and, as M.

  8. If that temperature or that pressure is exceeded, dissociation (i.

  9. Apparently, therefore, the dissociation of acetylene involves no alteration in volume, and should not exhibit explosive effects.

  10. In practice it is neither possible to cool an acetylene burner systematically, nor is it desirable to construct it of such a large mass of some good heat conductor that its temperature always remains below the dissociation point of the gas.

  11. There is thus little doubt that the principal cause of this phenomenon is the partial dissociation of the acetylene (i.

  12. The sexual Dyas can again be conceived as a symbol or characteristic of a still more general and comprehensive dissociation of the ego.

  13. More than that it is definitely certain that the deepest sense of the symbol means a complete dissociation of Lea’s character into two different personalities, one of which may be called the savage and the other the mild.

  14. Prince, Morton: The Unconscious; The Dissociation of a Personality; My Life as a Dissociated Personality.

  15. But if this normal dissociation is carried a step farther, we may lose the power to put ourselves together again, and then we may truly be said to be dissociated.

  16. This was evidently a case, not of actual loss of power but a dissociation of the memory-picture of walking.

  17. Of the dissociation of hysteria we shall have occasion to speak in later chapters.

  18. The psychologists tell us that suggestion is greatly favored by a narrowing of the attention, a "contraction of the field of consciousness," a dissociation of other ideas through concentration.

  19. Still more strikingly is dissociation evident in the phenomena of the state of artificial sleep induced by hypnotism.

  20. Often, indeed, the dissociation is instantaneous, and the appearance of the disease symptoms equally rapid.

  21. And although cases at all similar to the BCA affair are extremely uncommon there are a number on record evidencing in other ways so-called "total dissociation of personality.

  22. In such cases the degree of dissociation may be estimated by observing the depression of the F.

  23. We may thus estimate the variation of the osmotic pressure from the value given by the gaseous equation, as the concentration of the solution or the molecular dissociation changes.

  24. The dissociation of his being was still noticeable here and there, he supposed.

  25. The dissociation in his personality was over.

  26. OH^{-} ions in water solution, and the comparative strength of the bases is measured by their relative dissociation in solutions of equivalent concentration.

  27. An excess of hydrochloric acid also prevents precipitation of the oxychloride because the H^{+} ions from the acid lessen the dissociation of the water and thus prevent any considerable hydrolysis.

  28. H^{+} ions and is measured by the percentage dissociation in solutions of equivalent concentration.

  29. The percentage dissociation of the same electrolyte tends to increase with increasing dilution of its solution, although not in direct proportion.

  30. Hence if the original equilibrium-constant is to hold, the dissociation must go back, and, what is more, by an exactly determinable amount.

  31. The abnormal specific heats of the halogen elements may be due to a loosening of the atoms, a preliminary to the dissociation into monatomic molecules which occurs at high temperatures.

  32. In the case of slightly dissociated substances, therefore, even a relatively small excess of one component is sufficient to set back the dissociation substantially.

  33. Now the degree of electrolytic dissociation changes with concentration in a regular manner, which is given by the law of mass-action.

  34. The dissociation also decreases with increasing concentration, but at different rates for different substances, and the relative "strengths" of acids and bases must hence change with concentration, as was indeed found experimentally.

  35. The dissociation-constant K is the measure of the variation of the degree of dissociation with concentration, and must therefore be regarded as the measure of the strengths of acids and bases.

  36. Deviation from this rule indicates molecular dissociation or association.

  37. If we suppose the knallgas to be at a very high temperature, then its combustion will be no longer complete owing to the dissociation of water-vapour, whilst at extremely high temperatures it would practically disappear.

  38. The spirit has shown itself in part dissociated from the organism; to what point may its dissociation go?

  39. If, as I suspect, they are sometimes genuine, their dissociation from visual hallucinations may sometimes afford us a hint of value.

  40. No support is given by what we know of this group to the theory which regards subliminal mentation as necessarily a sign of some morbid dissociation of physical elements.

  41. Those are cases where some telepathic influence from outside has been at work, so that there is not merely dissociation of existing elements, but apparent introduction of a novel element.

  42. Schiller suggests that it is an analogous case to the dissociation of that celebrated Boston lady "Miss Beauchamp" into several secondary personalities.

  43. This peculiar increase of the ionization of water at higher temperatures is undoubtedly due to the increasing dissociation of the complex water molecules into hydrol molecules (see p.

  44. In the case of double salts, such as sodium-ammonium phosphate, and similar compounds, the dissociation leads to the formation of more than two products.

  45. Mufti (salvation) meant the dissociation of the self from the subjective psychosis and the world.

  46. The very elements of dissociation are positively charged, so to speak, and contain creative power.

  47. It is utilized also in various factories, where the very high degree of heat attainable with the electrical furnace is employed to produce chemical dissociation and facilitate chemical combinations.

  48. But the principle of atomic and electrical dissociation just outlined is the one involved, according to theory, in every voltaic cell, whatever the particular combination of metals and liquids of which it is composed.

  49. If all this helps to prove the autonomy of man and his independent power of decision, it does not mean the dissociation of man from all inner cohesion.

  50. The dissociation was of course not realized by the patient, who took both to be one person.

  51. To leave it at this point would be the means of creating a permanent state of dissociation in the subject, a conflict between the individual psyche and the collective psyche.

  52. We do not know when this dissociation of the new personality occurred, whether it had been slowly prepared in the unconscious, or whether it first occurred in the séance.

  53. There are, however, therapeutic artificial products whose importance lies in the domain of the dissociation of consciousness and of memory.

  54. But such a dissociation requires immediate synthesis and cultivation of what is undeveloped.

  55. Making use of these experiments for our case, we obtain the helpful hypothesis that those layers of the unconscious beyond reach of the dissociation endeavour to present the unity of automatic personality.

  56. It is, indeed, just on account of such impossible and childish psychology that the individual is in a state of inward dissociation and hence neurotic.

  57. Periodic changes in personality without amnesic dissociation are found in the region of folie circulaire, but are rarely seen in hysterics, as Renaudin's[66] case shows.

  58. It is probably a dissociation of the personality already present which seized upon the material next at hand for its expression, namely, upon the associations concerning myself.

  59. There is here no fundamental distinction from somnambulic dissociation of personality, but only a difference of degree, which rests upon the intensity of the primary auto-suggestibility or disintegration of the psychic elements.

  60. Dissociation from local origins to become the supreme lord of the lower world; and 4.

  61. Indeed, the one important result of the dissociation of the address to the gods from the purely practical magic rites was to produce the conditions favorable to a development of higher religious thought.

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