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involution; involutions; involve; involved; involvement; involving; invulnerability; invulnerable; inward; inwarde
  1. Everything that is conceivable is possible, except what involves a logical contradiction; and God alone determines at every instant what accident shall combine with a given atom or group of atoms.

  2. If God is not subject to motion, he is not subject to change of any kind, for change involves motion.

  3. But philosophy is more than knowledge; it involves also action.

  4. Others go still further and maintain that God cannot even know the permanent things, because knowledge of many things involves many knowledges, hence multiplicity in God's essence.

  5. Acting with will" likewise denotes just and proper action, which in turn involves true insight.

  6. It is therefore well to know the principles of religion according to those who defend it by reason, and this involves a knowledge of science and theology.

  7. The commandment to love God involves the knowledge of God, for one cannot love what one does not know.

  8. First, that every other unity involves plurality in some form or another.

  9. The fourth is also evident; for resemblance involves relation.

  10. It will be seen at once that it involves a satire upon the municipal towns of the middle ages.

  11. Next we have a scene between prince Prettyman and his tailor, Tom Thimble, which involves a joke upon the princely principle of non-payment.

  12. It involves events which may have occurred frequently, at periods when the metropolis was from time to time exposed to the vicissitudes of the plague.

  13. Their sorrow, indeed, to the love divine, involves no difficulty; it is a small matter, easily met.

  14. Yet the assertion involves no strain or ingenuity of interpretation of Catholic theology.

  15. The character involves a disregard of the most sacred ties and the tenderest relations.

  16. Therefore, the Creator of man must be endowed with superlative intelligence and power in all points that creation involves and implies.

  17. It involves the acquisition of praiseworthy attributes, heavenly illumination and righteous actions in the world of humanity.

  18. This involves a consideration of their solubility in atmospheric waters, e.

  19. It is certain that every psychical act, every thought, involves a certain consumption of oxygen by the nervous substance.

  20. Trading is the earthly economists' initial notion, and they start from perplexing and insoluble riddles about exchange value, insoluble because all trading finally involves individual preferences which are incalculable and unique.

  21. The essence of toil is that imperative, and the fact that the attention must cramp itself to the work in hand--that it excludes freedom, and not that it involves fatigue.

  22. They must have a collective if not a common width of aim, and that involves a spoken or written literature, a living literature to sustain the harmony of their general activity.

  23. The very definition of the Poietic class involves a certain abnormality.

  24. The Liberals will not face the plain consequence that such a state of affairs is hopelessly unstable, that it involves the maximum risk of war with the minimum of permanent benefit and public order.

  25. But that involves a decision to disregard certain types of bargain.

  26. The explanation of these proposals involves an anticipatory glance at the local administration of a Modern Utopia.

  27. Each of these assumptions involves obvious error and misapprehension in the light of what is now known concerning the nature of the human mind and the structure and functions of the brain.

  28. It is necessary to national existence, it means great sacrifice of personal advantage, and it involves suffering and danger, and, in a certain percentage of cases, the actual loss of life.

  29. It is not pretended that the test is a miniature of the work of such calling, nor that it is a fair sample of such work, nor even that it involves precisely the same mental functions that come into play in such work.

  30. What is there then in the German admiration for culture which involves her in a conflict with British ideals?

  31. Yet the fact remains that the necessity of this educative campaign involves a confession of failure--or at least of grave neglect--on the part of British democracy.

  32. The second involves a judgment of past events: Why is it that we are at war?

  33. It is a bland and easy phrase; but it involves the whole question of world-government.

  34. The third involves an estimate of the future and of the part which British public opinion can and should play in shaping it: What are the issues involved in the various belligerent countries?

  35. The creation of a Greater Roumania and of a new Southern Slav State would transform the whole Balkan situation, and therefore obviously involves material concessions to Bulgaria and Greece.

  36. The simile of "fortifications," unfortunately involves with it a circumstance, which is directly in point with the matter above alluded to.

  37. When the ability in any nation to buy is destroyed, it equally involves the seller.

  38. One would at least think there had been a battle; and a battle there probably would have been had it not been for the moderating prudence of those whom Mr. Burke involves in his censures.

  39. The nature of the class state not only involves the political oppression of the exploited classes, it also involves that they are made to bear the heaviest burdens for the maintenance of the state.

  40. A doubt is expressed which involves your honour.

  41. We cannot accept the former, for it involves the ruin of perishing souls.

  42. The Infinite disparity between the human and the Divine intelligence involves it.

  43. Yet of these two activities, theoretic and practical, each involves the other, and in an a priori synthesis each substantiates the other.

  44. We have little to add to Croce's explanation of it as the failure of expression--as the failure to express coherent unity--which involves the failure of intuition.

  45. If beauty be the expression of an intuition, and if, further, the intuition required involves a sense of relation, there can be no true perception of beauty until self-consciousness arises.

  46. We have just noticed the obvious fact that the sex-impulse involves a sense of relation.

  47. The male and female are urged to love-play by the sexual impulse, and this necessarily involves a sense of inter-relatedness.

  48. Because the perception of beauty involves a judgment (which really belongs to the intellectual process, and not properly to the aesthetic), beauty itself seems too elusive for definition.

  49. The very notion of a thing being like another involves the fact that the two are not identical.

  50. Many priests are not, and for them it involves a good deal of trouble and will be only moderately successful; but it is hard to believe that the prayers we sometimes hear represent really the best that the priest can do.

  51. It involves a whole spirit of loyalty, and the very vagueness of its application makes it harder.

  52. Such a work will not be accomplished without serious effort, and often involves facing trouble and discouragement during its course.

  53. Yet there is much to suggest itself of special interest, for the sacrament involves the whole history of mankind.

  54. True the Retreat involves a serious work and an important Confession, and the renewal of many resolutions which have fallen into abeyance.

  55. Slavery has two phases; the moral, which involves the RIGHT, and the prudential, which is the expedient.

  56. Agnation was founded on the idea of the family held together by the patria potestas; cognatio involves simply the modern idea of kindred.

  57. This involves a diminution of available spongy lead, or loss of capacity, occasionally with serious consequences.

  58. The specific output can be made as high as 10 or 11 watt-hours per pound of cell, but this involves a chance of shorter life.

  59. The formation of casein involves the curdling of milk.

  60. In contemplating an aesthetic object we are mentally occupied with the concrete, whereas all the more serious intellectual work of science involves the difficulties of the abstract.

  61. Every change in a living organism involves adaptation; for in all cases life consists in a continuous adjustment of internal to external relations.

  62. Eteocles muses on the fate which involves an innocent man in the company of the wicked so that he shares unjustly their deserved fate.

  63. In the unicellular forms, cell-division involves multiplication of the plant.

  64. The play mood, instead of approaching the calm contemplative mood of the lover of beauty, involves feelings and impulses which lie at the roots of our practical interests, viz.

  65. The convection of a medium thus polarized involves electric disturbance, and therefore must contribute to the true electric current; the determination of this constituent of the current is the most delicate point in the investigation.

  66. Delay involves considerable loss and expense to the shipowner.

  67. This conclusion is untenable, and the suggestion that the author was Pedro de Loboira (who flourished in the 15th century) involves a glaring anachronism.

  68. When you or I conceive of any piece of work as "important" is it not because it involves either great numbers or great sums of money?

  69. The former involves all the irrational, and all the immoral, consequences of materialism.

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