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Example sentences for "expense"

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expended; expending; expenditure; expenditures; expends; expenses; expensis; expensive; expensively; expensiveness
  1. The Whig party, which had inherited the constitutional principles of the old Federal party, advocated internal improvements at national expense and a high protective tariff.

  2. In 1828 he had issued anonymously and at his own expense a short romance, entitled Fanshawe.

  3. A favorite piece on the Tory side was the Cow Chase, a cleverish parody on Chevy Chase, written by the gallant and unfortunate Major Andre, at the expense of "Mad" Anthony Wayne.

  4. The Courtiers amassing Riches at the Expense of the Poor.

  5. It will be observed on perusing it that nothing was spared either in pastry or in cookery, and that expense was not considered when it was a question of satisfying the appetite.

  6. If the author of the "Ménagier" is to be believed, the women who sold milk by retail in the towns were well acquainted with the method of increasing its quantity at the expense of its quality.

  7. In this manner he continued, by force of arms, to increase and strengthen his own regal power at the expense of feudalism.

  8. Its humblest practitioners were the mimics or grimacers, in many-coloured garments, and brazen-faced mountebanks, who provoked laughter at the expense of decency.

  9. The other three Electors, or arch-chancellors, provided at their own expense the silver baton, weighing twelve marks, suspended to which one of them carried the seals of the empire.

  10. The almonds and raisins were a great luxury to the good sisters, and only on a few other occasions during the four years of Dame Petronilla's housekeeping does this extraordinary expense occur!

  11. The passing-on of the presents is an economy not of course acknowledged, but frequently practiced even in the best families, as it saves much of the otherwise ruinous expense of this custom.

  12. Now, among the wealthier classes, the long coffin has superseded the small square or round one, but the smaller expense connected with burial in the old way makes the survival of the old type a necessity for the majority of Japanese.

  13. Nova Scotia complained that it had to bear the expense of conveying this mail matter for Canada and New Brunswick across its territory without any sort of compensation.

  14. It was criticized by the legislature as having nearly doubled the expense of the establishment, and by the post office officials on the ground that it introduced the local politician into the system.

  15. Under this arrangement the British government was to make the contract for the service, and the colonies should pay half the expense involved.

  16. The public on both sides of the ocean had tasted the blessings of communication with their relatives on the other side, at an expense not considered beyond their means, and they were determined not to have the benefit withdrawn.

  17. The commission, with such statistics as were available before them, estimated that the average expense of delivering a letter was threepence for conveyance, and twopence-halfpenny for overhead and maintenance charges.

  18. The treasury announced its willingness that, so long as the revenue from the internal post office was sufficient to meet the expense of the internal communications, no demand for this object should be made upon the provincial funds.

  19. The distribution of the expense of the part of the service they had undertaken to maintain was another cause of complaint.

  20. The revenues from Upper Canada exceeded the expenses by a considerable sum, and any extension of the advantages now enjoyed by Lower Canada, would be at the expense of the upper province.

  21. They asked that a bag be made up monthly, as Lord Wellington did from Portugal, and sent free of expense to the Horseguards in London, from which place the letters might be carried to the post office for delivery.

  22. It made no effort to convince the Canadian authorities of the error in their views, which would indeed have been impossible; and, on the other hand, it refused to allow the additional expense to be thrown upon the packet postage.

  23. Economy was enforced in this, as in other departments, but not at the expense of efficiency.

  24. The expense of keeping such a fleet and army on foot through the winter would be enormous.

  25. But the Queen grudged the expense of keeping the crews up to their full complement.

  26. It was said that he had speculated ruthlessly at the expense of his countrymen, and that they were the only sufferers by his misfortunes.

  27. She laughingly apologized for the ludicrous mistake Caddy had made, which afforded great amusement to all parties, and divers were the jokes perpetrated at her expense during the remainder of the evening.

  28. We could commence a suit, and put you to nearly that expense to defend it; to say nothing of the notoriety that the circumstance would occasion you.

  29. In order to reduce bulk and expense it will be necessary to print the names in compact form.

  30. I didn't feel like incurring a greater expense by sending them by railroad, so I waited until last week and took a bundle from each year in my own car.

  31. Whatever the material may be of which they are made, gutters attached to the eaves or roof cause more or less trouble and expense from the time they are put in place till the house is given up to the owls and the bats.

  32. These are among the advantages gained in the iron frame machine, overcoming the necessity of an expensive mill frame, saving time and expense in setting up, and avoiding the liability of decay or change of position.

  33. The atmospheric air admitted at the several openings previously spoken of ascends through the lower layers of the incandescent coke, the carbon of which burns to carbonic acid gas at the expense of the oxygen of the air.

  34. Porbus; "I have come just in time to save you the expense and the fatigue of the journey.

  35. This has formed a largely serviceable and welcome element in my connection with the firm, and has conferred on me without the slightest expense all the advantages attendant on the personal possession of the volumes.

  36. As it was he knew that the English climate was simply indulging itself at the expense of the population.

  37. I should never have dreamed of going to so much expense for anything else.

  38. They yearned to see a stately red-brick edifice, with all the latest improvements, erected at the expense of the rate-payers, but as yet they yearned in vain.

  39. Men who spare no expense in preserving their grounds, in rearing and feeding birds, &c.

  40. Pheasants so soon hunt for their own subsistence, that they are brought to maturity at less expense than common fowls.

  41. We had no objection to raise a laugh at the expense of others; but to do it at our own cost, uncertain as we were to what extent we might be involved, had never entered into our contemplation.

  42. Racine, by his success, had made many enemies and many more by the caustic wit which he was in the habit of exercising at the expense of any one who happened to incur his displeasure.

  43. The pit, where laughers are always to be found, made itself merry at the expense of these impressionable ladies, instead of weeping with them.

  44. Jests and songs at the expense of the Comte de Clermont have not been wanting, and the King has intimated to him that he is displeased and scandalised.

  45. The poet might have been pardoned had he sought consolation for his sufferings in some biting epigram at the expense of the man who had wronged him so cruelly.

  46. Grimm says that Voltaire surrendered to the players his share of the profits, in order to help them to defray the expense of the costumes.

  47. Furthermore, the private land on the other side of the Dock Board's property will not be allowed to be developed at the expense of the state's interests.

  48. They might, occasionally with great advantage, abridge the expense of their dinners; and throw it into other channels of hospitality.

  49. The system saves time and expense and arnica.

  50. Do you think that I would allow you to spend any more time here than you now do, or that I would spare myself at the expense of your health?

  51. The husband and children of the sister were indeed saved, but it was at the expense of the innocent and devoted brother.

  52. Sickness and delirium came mercifully to Edith; for if health had continued, the sanity of the body would have been purchased at the expense of that of the mind.

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