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Example sentences for "bereavement"

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berceuse; berde; bere; bereave; bereaved; bereavements; bereaves; bereaving; bered; bereft
  1. Indeed, my lord, not to that tongueless grief Which seized you then, and held you captive long, Was I prisoner; but I sorrowed both For your bereavement and my own past lost.

  2. Whether a widowed or deserted wife, she bore bereavement admirably; indeed, so far as one could see, she professed a very rare ethical philosophy.

  3. I ought to have confided to you the whole sad story of my terrible bereavement and its consequences; but I could not.

  4. As my bereavement is only a sham, I perform the affliction without difficulty.

  5. As both husband and wife are now reunited I venture to publish a portion of this wonderful letter--both as a message of consolation to others under a similar bereavement and as a tribute to the great loving heart of Benjamin M.

  6. William no doubt felt the bereavement in more ways than one, for he had a servant the less to wait upon him, a dependant the less to bully, and a subject the less to domineer over.

  7. Every object at home seemed to remind Willie of his mother, and keep his bereavement uppermost in his thoughts.

  8. It was not surprising, for she had never known what bereavement and bitter disappointment were.

  9. At times, the thought that I was the cause of her bereavement nearly drove me mad.

  10. And this double bereavement had fallen on him just as the time was approaching for his marriage with Perrine; just when misfortune was most ominous of evil, just when it was hardest to bear!

  11. Can the fearful anguish of bereavement be gratuitous?

  12. By the nature of things, his sense of bereavement on the deaths of brother and sister had been less enduring in its sting.

  13. Bereavement in all its varied bitterness has been sung by many poets in strains worthy of the subject; but circumstances are so insidious, and often so prosaic, that their tragical operation has been rarely treated of in verse.

  14. The stroke of bereavement has not fallen since his father and mother died in ripe old age.

  15. He considers success and happiness to be intrinsically good, and poverty and bereavement to be intrinsically evil.

  16. Bereavement and poverty may be like arrows that glance off from polished armour.

  17. The loss of that favor in which, as in a sunshine, he basked, is a bereavement too great to be borne.

  18. The death of her father was not only a bereavement which she felt deeply; it also involved her in much distracting business.

  19. This was the bereavement which had fallen upon her heart and life.

  20. Madam Carroll said nothing; the bereavement was there, and the daughter must bear it.

  21. To the young Christian this bereavement was full of sorrow and full of blessing.

  22. When by the bedside of the dying, or in the homes of bereavement and sorrow, her hand was gentle and her voice mild and musical.

  23. WILLS, Once more I wish you a most cordial goodbye, and trust that in the circle of your family you will feel some consolation for the dreadful bereavement which has befallen you in the loss of your son.

  24. The strangest thing is, that we are called on to rejoice over this hopeless blank-to receive this bitter bereavement as great gain--to welcome this unutterable desolation as a state of pleasant freedom.

  25. The crisis of bereavement has an acute pang which goads to exertion; the desolate after-feeling sometimes paralyses.

  26. A bereavement of this kind gives one a glimpse of the feeling those must have, who have seen all drop round them--friend after friend, and are left to end their pilgrimage alone.

  27. But with this new bereavement the world seemed empty indeed, and I cried afresh.

  28. Indeed that disaster was very freely spoken of, all along the waterside, as a deliberate scuttling, and it was felt that Captain Nat could lay his bereavement to something worse than the fair chance of the seas.

  29. The sombre pall and sable trappings are all in place if bereavement on earth means everlasting separation.

  30. Physical death is associated with sorrow; and the anguish of bereavement is often so deep that only the assurances of immortality and the certainty of a resurrection can effectively palliate or relieve.

  31. The deep agony of this bereavement I have no words to describe," the father writes.

  32. The deep agony of this bereavement I have no words to describe.

  33. The double bereavement and strain of her two years of life in Penfield left her for a long time bruised and sore.

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