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Example sentences for "bereaved"

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berceau; berceuse; berde; bere; bereave; bereavement; bereavements; bereaves; bereaving; bered
  1. He disturbed the quiet of her bereaved life by showers of anonymous notes, in which he threatened to quit this sublunary scene if she despised him.

  2. In the merchant's house the bereaved father came, candle in hand, out of the room of the dead to the office below.

  3. A year or two ago, when one of the scholars in the school died after a brief decline, her schoolmates, teachers, and school friends wrote poems upon her death, which they sent to the bereaved parents.

  4. The Argonauts supplied the place of the assassinated relatives, and Jason had two sons by one of the bereaved Lemnians.

  5. But who shall tell the bereaved to what spot their affections may cling?

  6. Indeed, I do not remember having ever saddened the faces of those who came to me as supplicants, and bereaved them of splendour by the disappointment of their hopes, so as to make them appear like lotuses withered by the winter-wind.

  7. Others again are entirely stripped off their skin, groaning with pain, or are even bereaved of their flesh, living skeletons, but they cannot die, kept alive by their own evil actions.

  8. It is the fault of this beverage, that the old gods, having become careless, were bereaved of their splendour by the King of the Devas, and seeking for relief were drowned in the Ocean.

  9. We all wish for peace; every reasonable person desires it, every anxious and bereaved family longs for it, every Christian prays for it.

  10. And are you, then, so unlike the rest of the world, that you alone have come to visit the bereaved and the deserted in his misery?

  11. It was surely his place, as the clergyman of the parish, to go up to Rede Place and offer his sincere condolences to the bereaved husband.

  12. Again the bereaved husband spoke, and this time questioningly.

  13. This principle is wonderfully fruitful in consolations to the bereaved and mourning--it is the joy of all Christian hearts.

  14. What shall we say of the hopes and prospects of bereaved souls?

  15. The bereaved company of masters walked on up the stairs that led to the Great Hall.

  16. The bereaved owner disapproved of this levity; and said as much.

  17. Since dawn they were thickening; silent in the intense stillness of the noontide, they gathered and overspread the heavens and quenched the sun, and bereaved the vapours hanging in the ravines of all the poetic glamours of reflection.

  18. They even touched, with those bereaved and denuded limbs, the far blue mountains encircling the horizon, and with their interlacing lines and curves they seemed some mysterious scripture engraven upon the world.

  19. Great the necessity, I should be so, At least, to these bereaved of thee!

  20. He was fresh and fond, and until this bereaved female found him I am sure his suit had not prospered that season.

  21. Maybe she trusted to luck to fall in with some stray bachelor or bereaved male who would undertake to console a widow or one day's standing.

  22. Resolved, That we extend our heartfelt sympathy to his bereaved family in this hour of unspeakable sorrow, and pray that the hand of our Heavenly Father may be laid in gracious healing upon their broken hearts.

  23. Resolved, That we deeply deplore the death of General Longstreet, and do hereby extend to the bereaved family of the deceased the most sincere and heartfelt sympathies of this Association.

  24. Resolved, That this memorial be spread upon the records of this Camp, and that a copy be sent to his bereaved family.

  25. Resolved, That we send a copy of these resolutions to his bereaved wife and family.

  26. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be published in the local papers and also be sent to the bereaved widow of this distinguished Southerner.

  27. Resolved, That we extend to the bereaved family our deepest sympathy, and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family and to the Confederate Veteran.

  28. Resolved, That these resolutions be spread on the minutes of this Camp, and the daily papers of this city be requested to publish same; also, that a copy be sent to the bereaved widow of our distinguished comrade.

  29. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the city papers, and to the bereaved family, and that they be inscribed in our minutes.

  30. Resolved, That our sincere condolence is hereby tendered his bereaved widow and other members of his family.

  31. It was almost the expression of a bereaved mother looking at one of her neighbor's children and thinking it a healthy, ugly brat whom nobody would have missed!

  32. With a look of great concern on his face, he approached the bereaved husband.

  33. There seemed something magical in the communication--something that awakened all the sympathies of the poor bereaved woman; and she felt she could forgive him every unkindness.

  34. What can man's wisdom In the restoring his bereaved sense?

  35. As we travel on, beloved companions of our pilgrimage vanish from our sight, we know not whither; and our bereaved hearts utter cries of supplication for more light.

  36. I come as the legal representative of the bereaved mother of M.

  37. Truly France is bereaved of her bravest son.

  38. She will be bereaved of noble brothers this day.

  39. Then Ismené made answer: "I have heard nothing, my sister, only that we are bereaved of both of our brethren in one day and that the army of the Argives is departed in this night that is now past.

  40. In short, never was there a more voluble and interesting liar by word of mouth, and never was there a more agreeable creature interposed between a bereaved widow and her daily grief and regrets.

  41. It was a romance, and a picture of love; a letter to lift a loving woman to heaven, and almost reconcile her to all her bereaved heart had suffered.

  42. His zeal and activity kept her bereaved heart from utter despair.

  43. Well may the bereaved father and husband wonder with poor Lear 'why so many mean things live while she has ceased to be.

  44. Do as other bereaved mothers have done and bear it bravely!

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bereaved" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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