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  1. Expert runners, however, frequently extend their field of operations into the Karwendel mountains, or as far as the Kalkkogel in the beautiful Stubai valley.

  2. Zola's attention was given to a long row of low-lying houses whose yards and gardens extend to the railway line.

  3. At a later stage a bicycle was procured for the master, and he was then able to extend his sphere of observation; but in the earlier days at Oatlands his rambles were confined to the vicinity of Walton and Weybridge.

  4. They extend to the west, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

  5. They who have so largely partaken of its blessings--who know so well how to estimate its value, ought to be among the foremost to extend it to others.

  6. It is unfortunately characteristic of Irishmen to be suspicious; and it was the object of one of Mr. O'Connell's eternal lessons to perpetuate and extend this degrading national vice.

  7. And the tacit understanding, in virtue of which I would be disposed to admit any obligation of secrecy, does not and could not extend beyond such matters as would, if divulged, endanger the safety or impair the efficiency of the Association.

  8. He would extend the same right to the members of other religious persuasions.

  9. He points out the imperative necessity of continuous and systematic observation of the heavenly bodies in order to extend our knowledge.

  10. It then occurred to Newton, that though the moon is at a distance of two hundred and forty thousand miles from the earth, yet the attractive power of the earth must extend to the moon.

  11. Imagine a fixed arm to extend from the earth to the sun, as shown in the accompanying figure (Fig.

  12. We can, however, now extend the list somewhat further by adding to it the telescopic objects which have in modern times been found to be among our neighbours.

  13. If he extend his journey farther north, the same object will gradually rise higher and higher, until at length, when approaching the pole of the earth, the Pole Star is high up over his head.

  14. But now let us extend our view above the earth's surface, and enquire how far this law of sixteen feet in a second may find obedience elsewhere.

  15. They extend indifferently across vast plains, into the deepest craters, or over the loftiest elevations.

  16. Finally, we shall show that when we extend our view beyond the limits of our Solar System to the beautiful starry systems scattered through space, we find even there evidence of the great law of universal gravitation.

  17. In vain the neighboring masses extend their circle around it: their great arms are unable to stifle it; but it possesses a seriousness of character that attracts the eye more strongly than their high white walls.

  18. But the religious took the opportunity to oppose it secretly, for, as they wish to extend their authority, the fewer the priests who can be trained in the archbishopric, the more need will there be of religious to serve the curacies.

  19. In the mountains of Daractán, which extend from the lake of Bay to the east coast of the island of Luzón, they have several visitas and missions.

  20. And well can one understand, too, how ready these means are found, and how we are envied for them and have always been envied by all the other European nations who have aspired to extend and consolidate their conquests in both Indias.

  21. Market prices of products and of securities are hourly known in every commercial mart, and the investments of the people extend beyond their own national boundaries into the remotest parts of the earth.

  22. By sensible trade arrangements which will not interrupt our home production we shall extend the outlets for our increasing surplus.

  23. If, perchance, some of our tariffs are no longer needed for revenue or to encourage and protect our industries at home, why should they not be employed to extend and promote our markets abroad?

  24. She strove to extend her work by creating lieutenants in her own image.

  25. But the knowledge and instruction he has diffused from the School as a centre has extended and will extend wherever the English language is spoken, and beyond.

  26. Foremost among them was Mr. Rathbone, who was moved to extend to London the experiment which he had carried out successfully in Liverpool.

  27. Thus the area of socialised industry would extend until it absorbed one after another all industries possessing the machine-character and capable of administration by routine.

  28. In 1888 the Syndicate sought to extend its contracts with chief mining companies to cover a period of twelve years, arranging with them also to limit the output of copper.

  29. As they would have passed out of the Czar's presence, the latter exclaimed: "Pray extend my condolences to your wounded second officer, My Lord.

  30. True, there is a railroad, or perhaps several railroads, that traverse and extend into the broad expanse of uninhabited country; but they are few and far between.

  31. To protect and extend our colonial dependencies was the great object of British policy, alike with Whigs and Tories, from the time of Cromwell to the fall of Napoleon.

  32. We reach the beginning of the Delicias Gardens, which extend two or three miles southward along the river bank.

  33. It is supposed to extend far underground, and to contain much buried treasure.

  34. In the shade of the avenues formed by these majestic trees flourish the laurel, the rose, and the geranium; beyond extend crops of lucerne and wheat, watered by the carefully regulated Vinalapo.

  35. It was not his second marriage that ruined him, but rather the over-bold combination which led him to extend the line of his military operations from Cadiz to Moscow.

  36. Mine cannot be decided by motives of internal policy; I must try to establish my influence outside, and to extend it by a close alliance with a powerful neighbor.

  37. The coffee-house politicians are already busy with devising a thousand combinations according to which the Emperor of Austria will be able to recover Silesia and to extend his dominions towards the east.

  38. King Ferdinand, his sovereign, notwithstanding the ambition of universal conquest absurdly imputed to him by the French writers, had no design to extend his acquisitions beyond what he could permanently maintain.

  39. I marked on my calendar the erotic dreams and the nights on which I masturbated, and sought gradually to extend the intervening periods.

  40. One or two have suggested that I have a finer discrimination than most men, and that I take care of my rooms somewhat as a woman might, though this does not extend to the style of decorations.

  41. At any rate, he was absorbed in some important matter, for he even forgot to extend his hand to Captain Tiago upon entering, greatly to the embarrassment of the Captain, who had to feign kissing it.

  42. You ought not to extend your hand to a simple alferez," said she to her husband as soon as they were some distance away.

  43. The market fell off, and Gawtrey at length thought it prudent to extend their travels.

  44. Again, in 1846, the summer in Siberia had been unusually hot; the frozen marshes which extend along each side of the river Indigirka were thawed, and a perfectly preserved carcass of a mammoth floated down the stream.

  45. Nor has the attempt to extend the National System of Education to the Eastern portion of the Parish proved less satisfactory.

  46. Which means that the prohibition does extend to Words of Law.

  47. They are chiefly to be found in the Atti dell' Accademia Gioenia of Catania, and they extend over a number of years.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "extend" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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