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  1. Being in line or column of squads to deploy in line of squad columns in one or two lines.

  2. The obvious course, under the circumstances, before taking down the fence and advancing to the woods, would have been to deploy a skirmish line and feel of the woods instead of blundering blindly into them.

  3. The First Michigan was held in readiness to make a mounted charge, while the other regiments were under orders to deploy dismounted, in case the attack which was looked for should be made.

  4. Devin's brigade had been ordered to the valley pike to hold it and "deploy men to prevent fugitives going to the rear.

  5. About the same time the Second brigade (General Devin) was ordered to move to the left of the line, cover and hold the pike, and at the same time deploy men in that part of the field to prevent fugitives going to the rear.

  6. The left company were obliged to make a left-about wheel round a hedge, out to a road which they covered, and from there deploy in artillery formation.

  7. The field was bunched at the start and kicked up a vast choking dust, causing many slow riders to deploy out on the sides, where they could at least see the chase and the going in front of them.

  8. Now I ask you to join me in a ground-breaking effort to hire a thousand new Border Patrol agents and to deploy the most sophisticated available new technologies to help close the door on drugs at our borders.

  9. Tonight, I propose a 21st Century Crime Bill to deploy the latest technologies and tactics to make our communities even safer.

  10. He sent Coffee and his Tennesseeans to gain the right flank and rear of the enemy, while the rest of his forces were to deploy across the narrow strip of land between the river and a morass, and attack in front.

  11. But when he saw them pass the bridge without wavering under a heavy fire, and deploy in order of battle, he changed his mind.

  12. Plummer was ordered to deploy his battalion to act as skirmishers on the left, while Maj.

  13. In less than ten minutes we had a good protection of logs; but were not allowed to remain long in possession, the brigade being ordered to deploy as skirmishers.

  14. Then I suppose we shall deploy till we have ample elbow-room, and afterwards make a dash for the Russian position.

  15. I ordered Rice to deploy his brigade, his left on the road, and extending as far into the swamp as the ground would permit, and then to sweep forward until he uncovered the gunboats.

  16. Under no circumstances was he to deploy the battalion, but charge in column right through whatever he came upon, and report to me in front of Booneville, if at all possible for him to get there.

  17. The infantry brought up the rear in three compact columns, ready to deploy into line at a moment.

  18. The general was not slow in adopting his measures, and the word was given for quick-march, the artillery to deploy right and left of the road, two companies of grenadiers forming on the flanks.

  19. Orders were sent to every brigade to form in close column of attack--artillery and cavalry to advance under their cover, and ready to deploy at a moment's notice.

  20. He will deploy two regiments, connect with skirmishers, and the rest of his division will move by flank.

  21. We advanced until within about half a mile of the herd; then the chief ordered us to deploy to the right and left, until the wings of the column extended a long way, and advance again.

  22. The French could now deploy in the open country in front of Juranville, and following up with strong lines of tirailleurs preceding them, they forced their way into Corbeilles and drove the garrison out to the north and west.

  23. The IInd Army, on August 4th, stood assembled ready for action, and received orders to deploy on the farther side of the forest zone of Kaiserslautern.

  24. Owing to the peculiar nature of the country, deep columns could not deploy without great loss of time.

  25. Further to the north the French XXIVth Corps continued to advance, but it was two o'clock before its columns were able to deploy from the wood.

  26. All of the other corporals move to the left front and deploy their squads on the line formed by the first squad.

  27. They conduct their squads on the shortest and easiest route to their places in the line and then deploy their squads as they arrive in the general line.

  28. Deploy enough men for the immediate task in hand; hold out the rest and avoid undue haste in committing them to the action.

  29. Wherever it is necessary in campaign to deploy troops there is often so much noise and confusion that it is impossible for the officers and noncommissioned officers to make themselves heard.

  30. The other corporals conduct their squads by the shortest routes to their proper places and deploy them on the general line.

  31. A great advantage will accrue to the side which can deploy the faster.

  32. Never deploy until the purpose and the proper direction are known.

  33. You hear officers who have been under fire say "When you get near the enemy, the men deploy as skirmishers despite you.

  34. They agreed then to give battle in three days on the plain of Verceil, a convenient place for the Romans to deploy their cavalry and for the barbarians to extend their large army.

  35. However, with our 6,000 rifles, they would suffice to deploy in the loop of the Scheldt, and on the space between the Scheldt and the Lys to the south of the town, which seemed to be specially threatened.

  36. In others, as Italy, Switzerland, the valley of the Rhine, half of Hungary, it is barely possible to deploy a division of ten battalions.

  37. Two armies marching, as they formerly did, with all their camp-equipage, and meeting unexpectedly, could do nothing better at first than cause their advanced guard to deploy to the right or left of the roads they are traversing.

  38. He wishes to deploy twenty battalions, and leave between them one hundred and fifty yards, or an interval equal to their front.

  39. Resources and Schedule The Task requires six Earth centuries to design, construct, equip, test, deploy and activate.

  40. Deploy patrols to strips leading to air locks on the perimeter.

  41. Deploy the Extractor to Alpha Centauri and position it in orbit above a point commensurate with data provided by the drone scouts.

  42. The 81mm mortar platoon, added to the headquarters company by the Commandant, would not deploy overseas with the battalion.

  43. These infantry units, specifically trained for many of the same missions as the raiders, routinely deploy with amphibious ready groups around the globe.

  44. The 14th Brigade had before it a march of some seven miles to bring it into a position in which it could deploy for an attack on Peronne.

  45. This day the regiment was ordered to deploy near General Ledlie’s headquarters, and advance through the woods to drive up stragglers.

  46. There it was to deploy and await Lawton, who, having taken Caney, was to wheel to his left and form up on the right of the main line.

  47. I was to watch from the top of the fence, and see the Captain deploy his men in the woods, before ordering an attack in front.

  48. As soon as the guerrillas discovered that we were charging on them, they fled to the woods where I had ordered the Captain to deploy his men, and they all escaped but one.

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