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Example sentences for "dispose"

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disported; disporting; disports; disposable; disposal; disposed; disposer; disposes; disposeth; disposicion
  1. You say that your uncle had a right to dispose of his estate as he pleased.

  2. My uncle had the right to dispose of his property as he pleased.

  3. Hence the doors of those who have places to dispose of are furiously besieged by an eager and avaricious mob.

  4. A merchant, or a railway company, or a bank, have large sums of money to dispose of.

  5. Dispose of the capital word or words in that part of the sentence in which they will make the most striking impression.

  6. For the want of a proper knowledge of this little pronoun it, many grammarians have been greatly puzzled how to dispose of it, or how to account for its multiform, and, seemingly, contradictory characters.

  7. Saratoga is not merely a watering-place; it is also a mart where goods are painted and varnished to sell--in fact where many mothers introduce their daughters, expecting to dispose of them to the highest bidder.

  8. You say you shall get him out of the way at all hazards: well, this plan will effectually dispose of the ambitious young man.

  9. If he lives there is only one way to dispose of him.

  10. He had the better part of the night and miles of desert waste in which to dispose of every trace of Stratton and his belongings.

  11. Mebbe they're on their way to dispose of yore corpse, Buck," he chuckled.

  12. Ever since then he has been trying to dispose of them to enrich himself.

  13. Charlie, as a burst of shots, concentrated on the brass tube, seemed to dispose of it.

  14. Abraham, modest and unassuming as he was, was ready to do justice to Sarah, and he conferred full power upon her to dispose of Hagar according to her pleasure.

  15. It was altogether unbecoming conduct in Rachel to dispose thus of her husband.

  16. I had a silly old housekeeper to dispose of.

  17. The passenger is the agent going to dispose of the estate derived from Arrius the duumvir.

  18. The cohort at length marched back to the Tower, where the procurator stayed to recover from his hurts and dispose of his prisoners.

  19. From amongst the convicted rebels a certain number might be set aside to be bestowed upon those gentlemen, so that they might dispose of them to their own profit.

  20. If you will come to our anchorage, you shall receive at once your share of the booty of the Santiago, that you may dispose of it as you please.

  21. It remained to dispose so that the utmost profit might be drawn from it.

  22. I told him I did not purpose to dispose of myself in the manner he presumed, but if two or four could undoubtedly bear my weight so long a flight, I would order myself without any other inconvenience to my bearers than their burden.

  23. For example, they dispose of their dead with tender care, though they despatch with their clubs even their best friends when dying; but this is with them a religious duty.

  24. They thought it was but just and right, That what she had atchiev'd in fight, She should dispose of how she pleas'd.

  25. I leave to maintain my house three hundred pounds a year; and my Brother to dispose of it.

  26. Mark that my wicked Steward, and I dispose of it?

  27. But before he did it, I wish there had been so much cunning used as to have let the sisters know that he expected they would let him dispose of Mr. Gay's writings as himself and other friends should advise.

  28. I now began to consider seriously with myself concerning my own case, and how I should dispose of myself; that is to say, whether I should resolve to stay in London, or shut up my house and flee, as many of my neighbors did.

  29. Why spend more time and money on a vain attempt to dispose of this manuscript?

  30. In a word, I told them I would go with all my heart, if they would undertake to look alter my plantation in my absence, and would dispose of it to such as I should direct if I miscarried.

  31. Let stand in a cold place, wrapped in the paper, until ready to serve, then dispose in the centre of a salad dish, lined with lettuce leaves, dressed with French dressing.

  32. Or chop the pimento fine and dispose in the shape of a large five-pointed star in the centre of the dish.

  33. Cook potato balls in meat broth until tender; blanch and cool, roll in mayonnaise or boiled dressing, and dispose about the meat.

  34. Dispose upon a serving-dish and let stand in a cool place an hour or more.

  35. Prepare the salad as before; dispose in a mound on a bed of lettuce leaves and mask with mayonnaise.

  36. Mix with French dressing and dispose inside the circle.

  37. Between the leaves dispose sliced pim-olas and fans cut from small gherkins.

  38. Dispose a little white mayonnaise or cream dressing on each nest.

  39. Stamp out rounds of bread; stamp again with the same cutter to form crescents, spread delicately with butter, and then with caviare seasoned with a few drops of lemon juice, and dispose symmetrically on the lettuce.

  40. Dispose this on the top of the fish and fill with dressing.

  41. Dispose the dressed pineapple and grapefruit upon shredded lettuce, having a circle of heart leaves around the edge.

  42. Arrange garden cress on a serving-dish; in the centre dispose whites of hard-boiled eggs cut in eighths lengthwise, to resemble the petals of a flower, and sift the yolks into the centre.

  43. On top of the sandwich lay a slice of lemon cut square, and about this dispose the pickles and radishes, to form a star.

  44. In using the cream dressing, mix the ingredients with a little of the dressing and dispose additional dressing here and there, using the forcing-bag and tube.

  45. Break the cooked cauliflower into its flowerets, dispose in the centre of the serving-dish and surround with a wreath of cooked asparagus tips.

  46. When ready to serve, dispose heart leaves of lettuce on the edge of a salad plate, and turn the fish into the centre, letting it come out over the stems of the lettuce leaves.

  47. We were up very early in the morning, as we had to dispose of the plunder in some way, and went to work, for it was work.

  48. The best way to dispose of obstacles is to go at them.

  49. The amount of profanity that he could dispose of in the course of an ordinary conversation was little short of astounding.

  50. For in his determination to square himself with the world he had managed to dispose of nearly all he had, excepting a thousand dollars which he had secretly deposited to Noah's account.

  51. A team of three or four expert darkies will dispose of one hundred and fifty chickens in an hour.

  52. There was but one way, and that was to pull them out and carry them away, or cut them up and so dispose of them that the same snag would not have to be pulled out at each recurring rise of water, from other parts of the river.

  53. I hope I shall always treat you with that affection and easy confidence which may dispose you to look on me as your friend.

  54. This modesty, which I think so essential in your sex, will naturally dispose you to be rather silent in company, especially in a large one.

  55. It would be very easy for some trader or whaler to dispose of me, and acquire my wealth, and the world never hear of it.

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