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Example sentences for "disporting"

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displeasure; displeasures; disport; disporte; disported; disports; disposable; disposal; dispose; disposed
  1. In like manner the phosphorescent glow on the sea comes from souls disporting themselves in the water.

  2. Or he would go with us into the heart of the great wood, to show us where the foxes had their earths--the party being sometimes so fortunate as to see the cubs disporting at the mouth of the briery aperture in the strong and root-bound soil.

  3. Many kinds of waterfowl were lazily disporting themselves on the water and among the reeds.

  4. A little later a boar shuffled out; and again, on a distant spur, disporting himself in the sunshine, we saw a bear; but no stag.

  5. My attention is soon arrested by a pair of hummingbirds, the ruby-throated, disporting themselves in a low bush a few yards from me.

  6. While disporting themselves in the aqueous fluid, the mother exercises a strict surveillance, to prevent being surprised.

  7. While he was still disporting in the water he heard footsteps in the direction of the path, and scampered back lightly to the shelter of the leafy screen.

  8. It then began the steep ascent to Cayla, and finally stopped before the farm, in the midst of a crowd of chickens, who were cackling and disporting themselves, in the sun, on a litter of straw.

  9. What seems to be the genius of history has a seat in the van, and disporting cherubs hover on flank and rear, while the aged Pope is being ministered to or counselled by a saint or apostle.

  10. These birds are so extremely shy and restless, as to render their capture a work of great difficulty, if the sportsman should not succeed in taking them unawares whilst disporting themselves in the crowns of their favourite trees.

  11. From that point of vantage he espied Cliges with three of his young men disporting themselves with lances and shields, eager for a conflict and shock of arms.

  12. Alexander stood aloof and watched the knights disporting themselves at feats of arms.

  13. Here we found a large party assembled, watching half the population of Hilo disporting themselves in, upon, and beneath the water.

  14. It was the beauty of a Bacchante rather than of a Vestal--Aurora disporting herself on the flower banks, and awaiting, in frolic mood, the advent of Cupid.

  15. We also saw a swimming match, young ladies disporting themselves in the water in most wonderful costumes.

  16. I should have been quite comfortable if I could have changed with the other one, but Bessie Talleyrand is disporting herself in it.

  17. We saw one or two of our diplomatic friends disporting themselves at one of the theatres where there were "poses plastiques" very well done.

  18. So behold the young seigneur disporting himself at Murray Bay in the spring of 1811.

  19. Jacques Cartier saw the beluga disporting itself off Malbaie nearly 400 years ago and in summer it is still to be seen there almost daily.

  20. It led to a rough common, where several large flocks of geese were disporting themselves in the little clear pools of water.

  21. Here he found all his favourite wives disporting themselves with his mamelukes or military body-guard.

  22. It happened that my brother and myself were disporting ourselves in certain fields near the good town of Canterbury.

  23. There were the seals disporting themselves, there were flocks of ducks and grebes, gulls innumerable, and everything that could float or fly.

  24. There was Balder's basin, where he was so fond of disporting himself after the rains filled it up.

  25. This she took down to a local jeweller's to be mounted with a pin, and wore it on Sundays in place of her usual cameo depicting the Three Graces disporting themselves under a Palm-tree beside a Fountain.

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