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Example sentences for "footsteps"

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foots; footsore; footstalk; footstalks; footstep; footstool; footstools; footway; footways; footwear
  1. But even as Barnabas reached for the bottle, there came a hurry of footsteps on the stair, a hand fumbled at the door and Mr. Smivvle entered with Peterby at his heels.

  2. But even as he spoke she recoiled from his touch, for, plain and clear, came the sound of footsteps on the road near by.

  3. So Mr. Shrig nodded, unlocked the door, shut it very gently behind him, and his footsteps died away along the echoing passage.

  4. From time to time stewards moved down the corridor outside, and the footsteps of some late passenger still paced the decks overhead.

  5. The murmur of the speeding steamer, and occasional footsteps on the deck as passengers passed to and fro in the cool of the night, were the only sounds that broke the music of that incurable idealist's impassioned story.

  6. Only the rumble of the traffic down the distant main street broke the silence, the rattle of a nearer cart, and the footsteps of a few pedestrians.

  7. His bell was silent, his staff no longer tapped the ground, and he went before him with the swift and assured footsteps of a man who sees.

  8. He was about to make some warm rejoinder, when the sound of footsteps approaching from the house diverted his attention, and he looked up.

  9. The rector thereupon going, he stood eyeing the newspaper askance until the other's footsteps died away on the pavement outside.

  10. Just then footsteps sounded on the stair, and Miss Hepsy came into the room followed by Miss Goldthwaite.

  11. Thus, to the faithful footsteps of my Master Mating mine own, I issued from that cloud To rays already dead on the low shores.

  12. Here is Macarius, here is Romualdus, Here are my brethren, who within the cloisters Their footsteps stayed and kept a steadfast heart.

  13. They closed the portals, those our adversaries, On my Lord's breast, who had remained without And turned to me with footsteps far between.

  14. So we passed onward o'er the filthy mixture Of shadows and of rain with footsteps slow, Touching a little on the future life.

  15. But you unto religion wrench aside Him who was born to gird him with the sword, And make a king of him who is for sermons; Therefore your footsteps wander from the road.

  16. I joined myself again unto mine Escort; Thereafterward with footsteps few we came To where a crag projected from the bank.

  17. Onward we went with footsteps slow and scarce, And I attentive to the shades I heard Piteously weeping and bemoaning them; And I by peradventure heard "Sweet Mary!

  18. And may she speed your footsteps in all good," Again began the courteous janitor; "Come forward then unto these stairs of ours.

  19. O Tuscan, thou who through the city of fire Goest alive, thus speaking modestly, Be pleased to stay thy footsteps in this place.

  20. A painted people there below we found, Who went about with footsteps very slow, Weeping and in their semblance tired and vanquished.

  21. And he to me: "These things shall all be known To thee, as soon as we our footsteps stay Upon the dismal shore of Acheron.

  22. Who knoweth now upon which hand the hill Slopes down," my Master said, his footsteps staying, "So that who goeth without wings may mount?

  23. And what allurements or what vantages Upon the forehead of the others showed, That thou shouldst turn thy footsteps unto them?

  24. A moment later his footsteps were heard approaching.

  25. Just passing the first house inside the city, they heard the sound of running footsteps behind them.

  26. I hate to do this," whispered Hal, as he heard the footsteps of the guard; "but it has to be done.

  27. There came a loud knock, followed by the sound of footsteps in the hall, as one of the servants went to open the door.

  28. Heavy footsteps descended the stairs, and two German officers hove in sight.

  29. The footsteps approached closer, and Chester gathered himself for a spring.

  30. At the same instant there came from the rear the sound of the footsteps of a large body of men approaching with confusion.

  31. Llewelyn, thus sole ruler of Gwynedd, at once aspired to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather.

  32. Along its stone-flagged passages the footsteps of the man and boy echo strangely.

  33. The hospital is a large edifice of red freestone, with wide, airy passages, resounding with footsteps passing through them.

  34. From Hungerford Bridge we took the steamer to London Bridge, that being an easy and speedy mode of accomplishing distances that take many footsteps through the crowded thoroughfares.

  35. The climate and casual footsteps rub out any inscription in less than a hundred years.

  36. Tis the judgment of God that men reap The tares which in madness they sow, Sorrow follows the footsteps of crime, And Sin is the consort of Woe.

  37. Do not cheer, for anxious mothers Wait and watch in lonely dread; Vainly waiting for the footsteps Never more their paths to tread.

  38. Let me sing for little children, Before their footsteps stray, Sweet anthems of love and duty, To float o'er life's highway.

  39. This was not the vice of Alexander alone, who followed with a fortunate audacity in the footsteps of Bacchus and Hercules, but it is common to all those whose covetousness is whetted rather than appeased by good fortune.

  40. In this honourable warfare you will have no lack of leaders who will encourage you to perform deeds like their own, and bid you follow in their footsteps upon a path by which victory has often before now been won over parents.

  41. But the sound of her light footsteps was hardly off the stairs, when we heard a scream, and the exclamations-- "Sister!

  42. As she sat in this state of doubt and despair, a noise of footsteps was heard at the door, with whisperings and broken ejaculations.

  43. I have never shot the Katá since he saved my party from a death by thirst on a return-ride from Harar (First Footsteps in E.

  44. Very well; what harm can those footsteps or that shadow do us?

  45. They are perhaps the footsteps of Adrian Baker following us; it is his shade that accompanies us.

  46. Berta smiled and said: "The noise of footsteps and a shadow?

  47. She watched him safely through the gate; and when his footsteps had died away upon the road, closed the door softly and returned to the room.

  48. However, before anything could be carried into effect, the footsteps of many men were heard coming down the lane from the highway.

  49. The next moment her mother's slower ear also distinguished the familiar reverberation occasioned by footsteps clambering up the roots of the sycamore.

  50. Footsteps echoed through an adjoining room; and bending his eyes in that direction, he perceived Mr. Jones, the architect.

  51. As he now lived there, Stockdale felt it unnecessary to knock at the door; and entering quietly he had the pleasure of hearing footsteps scudding away like mice into the back quarters.

  52. Hardly had the sound of footsteps died away when a man returned round the corner of the house from the direction the pursuers had taken.

  53. On entering the room he closed the door behind him, pausing till he heard the retreating footsteps of the child.

  54. In a moment the keel gently touched the shingle, and Stockdale heard the footsteps of the thirty-six carriers running forwards over the pebbles towards the point of landing.

  55. Bruneval--to her lofty virtue, with which all of you are familiar--I should be afraid of following in the footsteps of the illustrious dead.

  56. Each fragrant orange-tree bore wax-lights amid its branches, and many lovely faces gleamed amongst the flowery thickets; while bright eyes watched the footsteps of the mighty master of the revel.

  57. Yet by some power of observation, perhaps superior in this respect to the abilities of greater creatures, the tiny thing guides its footsteps without faltering down yonder to the nest in the hollow on the bank of the ploughed field.

  58. The sound of footsteps now was in the kitchen.

  59. After a brief space there were light footsteps in the room above followed by the tramp of heavy boots.

  60. Rathburn heard footsteps on the walk close to him.

  61. The girl's light footsteps retreated into the kitchen.

  62. The pair below heard light footsteps on the floor above.

  63. Receding footsteps told him that the constable was leaving.

  64. I was wont, when very young, to follow his footsteps into the field, further and oftener than was convenient for him or comfortable for myself.

  65. Possibly the sound of footsteps was the first warning he received that a human being was near.

  66. At length I heard footsteps approaching, when, greatly to my relief, I saw Uncle Donald coming towards me, carrying some object wrapped up in a buffalo-robe in his arms.

  67. How long he lay thus he did not know, but he was aroused and his heart set suddenly in a wild flutter by the sound of approaching footsteps and voices.

  68. More probably the voices and footsteps were those of Radwig and his rascally accomplice.

  69. Footsteps came behind him and then he felt rather than saw a man passing from the rear to face him.

  70. Jack, listening at the bolted door, heard their footsteps die away down the deserted passageway.

  71. I had hardly left the door, when I heard the scurry of footsteps and his voice calling me.

  72. I answer, the text will tell you: "He that walketh in the footsteps of that faith of Abraham.

  73. By footsteps are meant the works the actions, the holy endeavors of Abraham; and where those footsteps are there is the faith of Abraham.

  74. A man would have thought the text should have run thus: They that walk in the footsteps of Abraham.

  75. The text answereth you, "They that walk in the footsteps" not of Abraham, but "in the footsteps of the faith of Abraham.

  76. For the opening of the point, and that ye may more clearly understand it, a question here would be resolved, what were "the footsteps of the faith of Abraham"?

  77. She thought it very strange that her grandfather should keep pewter pots and heavy bags under his floor; but while she was looking and wondering she heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.

  78. The man they have rescued is Josh Heckett, and the man whose retreating footsteps they had heard in the mist, and who in a fit of furious rage had hurled the old man on to the treacherous ice, was Edward Marston.

  79. Presently there is a loud oath, then a crash, as of yielding ice, a splash and a cry, and then the sound of footsteps hurrying away through the fog.

  80. He crept behind the trunk of one, and stood there to rest awhile, wondering whither he could turn his footsteps to escape the hue-and-cry which he felt sure was now raised.

  81. As the future began to look blacker and blacker, he instinctively turned his footsteps towards home.

  82. The evening of her life is far spent, and the night is at hand, but loving hands are ever ready to guide her tottering footsteps to the journey's end.

  83. There was a cry, a fierce oath, and then the sound of a shot, and footsteps hurrying across the garden.

  84. Suddenly he heard a sound behind him as of heavy footsteps running.

  85. Presently there was the sound of footsteps creeping cautiously down the stairs, and the next minute a man, his face ashy white, stole into the room.

  86. He only heard the rapidly advancing footsteps behind him, and made certain that he was the object of pursuit.

  87. The snow was so hard and crisp on the roadway that no footsteps were visible.

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