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Example sentences for "courteous"

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courses; coursing; court; courte; courted; courteouslie; courteously; courteousness; courtes; courtesan
  1. I understand perfectly that Hartley Wiggins wishes to marry you; and that being the case I see no reason why he should n't be courteous to your sister.

  2. Mrs. Stannard, however, had seen through the argument, and in her courteous way had shattered its effect.

  3. One with courteous gesture lifted the bear-skin from his head; "Lives here Elkanah Garvin?

  4. It is," said Garrison, "a waste of politeness to be courteous to the devil.

  5. And with a courteous bow he offered his arm.

  6. He was equally attentive and courteous to all.

  7. He was even less courteous to all persons than he had ever been before.

  8. And then, with the courteous bow and smile, never omitted, because they were natural and habitual, he turned and left the courtroom.

  9. All this, of course, Ishmael had to put into courteous language, using his own judgment after reading the letters.

  10. And so, notwithstanding the courteous remonstrances of Ishmael, he commenced and told his story.

  11. She was courteous to all, solicitous for the comfort of her guests, yet not too officious.

  12. Nevertheless, it is perhaps of some importance that we have been able to submit our opinions and views directly to prominent insurgents, and to hear them in answer in a courteous and not unfriendly manner.

  13. It is included in this set with the courteous permission of the author and of Messrs.

  14. Ragged as a beggar of Murillo's, courteous as a hidalgo by Velasquez, he added a grace and an epicurism completely French.

  15. Mr. Brent, thus left behind, naturally felt aggrieved, and turned to Mrs. Brantley with some slight irritation stirring his usually courteous repose.

  16. Schlagentweit to whom Walli Khan sent most courteous messages and invitations to visit him.

  17. The leaders of the caravan came up, with some thirty horses, and we exchanged courteous greetings, and received confirmatory intelligence of the merits of Sugheit, both as a place of refreshment and shikar.

  18. I am your eternal debtor, Senors," he said with a courteous bow.

  19. Jim made due allowance for the courteous exaggeration characteristic of the Spaniard.

  20. Finding the courteous and obliging landlord, he was soon allowed to pass the guard at the foot of the stairs, and ascending, he entered a small chamber, where two men lay in one bed.

  21. The girls could fairly see him draw himself up in courteous resentment.

  22. Beth's voice sounded very courteous and sweet, but she was as dignified as she was in the school room.

  23. I longed to send my sword through him the other day at Troyes; but I thought it would be hardly courteous in his own house, when we were eating together.

  24. To the latter he received an answer courteous and kind, desiring him not to hurry his departure for England, but to wait till he was well able to bear the journey.

  25. We had now to take our leave of the kind and courteous King, and I went with Ira direct to the storehouses, whilst Hannibal, Chamai, and Bichri followed Joab.

  26. They were most attentive in bringing us firewood, water, and what else we wanted; and whatever they may be in their bearing to other nations, I can testify that to us Phœnicians they were most courteous and considerate.

  27. Jack's courteous manner, however, very soon relieved his embarrassment; but it is no use to be courteous to some men in this world.

  28. Nothing can exceed the courteous etiquette of these ships, of all nations, in greeting their brethren.

  29. His manners were easy and free; none of the boisterousness, so common to tars; and he had a polite, courteous way of saluting you, if it were only to borrow your knife.

  30. Republicans are often more courteous to royalty than royalists themselves.

  31. And to come to more modern examples, what scuttled the ships, and left stranded and cut off the gallant Spaniards under the command of the most courteous Cortes in the New World?

  32. The President was truly courteous and affable.

  33. They were much pleased with the neatness and order of the entire establishment, and met the most courteous treatment from the chaplain and director.

  34. Lord Ormersfield made a little courteous inclination with his head, which annihilated Clara upon the spot.

  35. To do her will the men themselves prepare, In their faint hearts her looks such terror breed; To court she went, their pardon would she get, But on the way the courteous king she met.

  36. It had been agreed to, and when I regained my former position, both parties were exchanging the most courteous salutations with each other.

  37. The remembrances of my ancient relations with the Mexican salteadores, ordinarily so courteous to every traveler unencumbered with baggage, rendered the prospect of a similar humiliation very disagreeable.

  38. The lucky winner addressed me most politely, and I replied in the most courteous manner.

  39. All this did Zarathustra behold with great astonishment; then however he scrutinised each individual guest with courteous curiosity, read their souls and wondered anew.

  40. I am courteous towards them, as towards all small annoyances; to be prickly towards what is small, seemeth to me wisdom for hedgehogs.

  41. Well, Gerald, I have bethought myself of that courteous President of the French Senate who wrote me such a pleasant note when we first arrived in Paris this time.

  42. I myself once obtained much courteous help from the Paris Prefect of Police.

  43. And as the courteous old French mode of adieu fell upon their ears, Gerald Burton felt an awful sensation of horror, of oppression, yes and of dread, steal over him.

  44. He could not have told exactly why, but he had the impression that his courteous host had suddenly become anxious to get rid of him.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "courteous" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    accommodating; affable; agreeable; amiable; amicable; attentive; ceremonious; chivalrous; civil; communicative; companionable; compatible; complaisant; congenial; considerate; cordial; courteous; cultivate; debonair; decent; deferential; diplomatic; dutiful; fair; friendly; gallant; genial; genteel; graceful; gracious; gregarious; honorific; hospitable; kind; ladylike; mannerly; neighbourly; nice; obliging; orderly; pleasant; polite; refined; regardful; respectful; smooth; sociable; social; solicitous; suave; tactful; thoughtful; urbane