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  1. She saw the powders and preparations which the courtesan had given her; she recalled the minute directions for the use of them, and smiled painfully.

  2. There her eye caught the toilet preparations which the courtesan had bestowed on her.

  3. Having made the acquaintance of Couture, the journalist, he was presented by him to Madame Schontz, a popular courtesan of the day, and became his successor in an elegantly furnished establishment in a first floor on rue Blanche.

  4. Such intimate knowledge of the human heart had gradually saddened and wearied him; he sought relief for his ennui in debauchery; he paid attention to La Schontz, really a courtesan of superior stamp, and moulded her.

  5. It places the grisette on the throne, as Rome placed the courtesan there; and, taking it altogether, if Louis XV.

  6. In early Rome, under these laws, the courtesan was compelled to dye her hair blue or yellow.

  7. The superstitions of the Grecian and Roman courtesan are carried into the beliefs of those of modern days.

  8. Like the Grecian courtesan whose distinctive mark of her calling was blonde hair, the strumpet of today generally favors a fashion coming down from the past ages.

  9. He asks me to explain, and I tell him that with the degradation of the courtesan the moral standard has fallen, for as we degrade her we disgrace the act of love.

  10. The greater number were hors concours, for Alphonsine's was to the aged courtesan what Chelsea Hospital is to the aged soldier.

  11. He always treated the one responsible for his fall as a courtesan whose acquaintance was not to be acknowledged.

  12. As soon as the adulterous couple beheld her, the courtesan hastened to the dovecote, doubtless to establish her rights of proprietorship, and the faithless spouse fell furiously upon the wife restored to his bosom.

  13. She is too fair for any man To see or hold his heart's delight, Fairer than Queen or courtesan Or moonlit water in the night.

  14. But to-day, profane and wan, Camped between two fountains wide, I behold the courtesan In her carriage lounge with pride.

  15. When the courtesan Ambapali heard that the Blessed One was staying in her mango grove, she was exceedingly glad and went in a carriage as far as the ground was passable for carriages.

  16. According to tradition he was the son of king Bimbisara and the courtesan Salavati.

  17. Then the Blessed One proceeded with a great number of brethren to Vesali, and he stayed at the grove of the courtesan Ambapali.

  18. There was a courtesan in Mathura named Vasavadatta.

  19. He shaded his eyes with his hand, and having looked in the direction indicated, replied: "It is the ancient palace which the Prince Concini has given to the courtesan Clarimonde.

  20. Were I to descend from the height of my throne, would I even have the celebrity or the popularity of Bacchis or Archianassa, of the first courtesan from Athens or Miletus?

  21. A celebrated Athenian courtesan of Aristophanes' day.

  22. But now some young drunkards go to Megara and carry off the courtesan Simaetha; the Megarians, hurt to the quick, run off in turn with two harlots of the house of Aspasia; and so for three gay women Greece is set ablaze.

  23. To make the joke intelligible here, we must suppose Pellené was also the name of some notorious courtesan of the day.

  24. Be modesty itself, and do not run to applaud the dancing girls; if you delight in such scenes, some courtesan will cast you her apple and your reputation will be done for.

  25. She fancied that she resembled the courtesan in face and general appearance, and in a certain precocity of heart and brain of which she was conscious.

  26. The courtesan thought that Castanier had grown thinner; there was a terrible majesty in his brow; it was as if a dragon breathed forth a malignant influence that weighed upon the others like a close, heavy atmosphere.

  27. Courtesan of the highest rank, she had plied her ruthless trade for three successful years, accumulating incredible wealth in jewels and hard cash.

  28. And thus came it to be known in the bazaar that Zulannah the courtesan had returned to the great city.

  29. Ben Kelham decided as he walked about the tent that not a word about the anonymous letter or the courtesan should pass his lips.

  30. There, in one of the earliest Christian churches in existence, are the fine mosaics of the Emperor Justinian and Theodora, the handsome courtesan whom he raised to the dignity and luxury of an empress on his throne in Constantinople.

  31. Eugraphius justly says: ‘The Courtesan in this Scene is a character quite foreign to the fable.

  32. The former was stolen while an infant, and sold to a Rhodian merchant, who having made a present of her to a Courtesan of Rhodes, she brought her up with her own daughter Thais, who was somewhat older.

  33. What courtesan has he not intrigued with?

  34. Does he know already what a courtesan means?

  35. The train and expenses of a courtesan of high station are admirably depicted in the speech of Lysiteles, in the Trinummus of Plautus, l.

  36. Colman has the following Note here: “Under the name of Thais, Menander is supposed to have drawn the character of his own mistress, Glycerium, and it seems he introduced a Courtesan of the same name into several of his Comedies.

  37. This was probably because it was contrary to the laws of Athens for a Courtesan to appear with gold or jewels in the street.

  38. For heaven’s sake, a courtesan and a matron in the same house!

  39. In the Greek, there is a young man, who, at the early part of the Play, carries off a Courtesan from a Procurer; that part Plautus has entirely left out.

  40. When France insulted her priesthood and crowned a courtesan as Goddess of Reason in Notre Dame, Paris was a maelstrom and the nation a chaos in which Murder raged and Discord shrieked.

  41. The French enthusiasts once crowned a courtesan in Notre Dame as Goddess of Reason and worshiped her; but I was hardly prepared to see the American people enthrone another as Goddess of Respectability and become hysterical in their devotion.

  42. This may signify much; among other things that the courtesan is creeping into social favor--even that a new code of morals is now abuilding, in which she will be the grand exemplar.

  43. There was another courtesan named Cleopatra, who, it was arranged, should be at hand when Calpurnia made her communication, to confirm the truth of it, should any confirmation seem to be required.

  44. Finally, after much hesitation and debate, they concluded to employ a certain female for the purpose,--a courtesan named Calpurnia.

  45. Perhaps she was but a common courtesan who, attracted by the handsome appearance and tender look of the priest, counted on speculating profitably in a clandestine intrigue.

  46. What a difference between the chaste resistance of Suzanne, her tears and her defeat, and the hideous advances of that old courtesan of the sacristy!

  47. He saw her again like the old courtesan of Horace, .

  48. I represent the honor of the house, and should decline to play the part of a courtesan there.

  49. His personal vanity was excessive; and his boast that a celebrated courtesan had died with one of his letters in her hand, provoked one of Wilkes's happiest repartees.

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