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celebration; celebrations; celebre; celebres; celebrities; celeri; celeriac; celeriter; celeritie; celerity
  1. There is enough celebrity there to supply the world; but as laurel is a thing that grows anywhere, I covet rather from Bassano the magnificent ivy that covers the portions of her ancient wall yet standing.

  2. This edifice has also acquired considerable celebrity as having received within its gloomy embraces several of the most distinguished patriots, who were taken prisoners during the first infant struggles for Mexican independence.

  3. Well, that's good," just as submissively when he heard of the celebrity in question for the first time.

  4. III The young ladies consented to return to the Avenue des Villiers; and this time they found the celebrity of the future.

  5. This pleaded for him with the old lady, aided as it was by the pride that she secretly felt in the early celebrity which the young clergyman had achieved as a writer and a preacher.

  6. Was there some unhappy celebrity attached to her own name?

  7. It owes its celebrity rather to its name than its merits.

  8. This Atomic theory, though originating with the Eleate Leukippus, obtained celebrity chiefly from his pupil Demokritus of Abdera, its expositor and improver.

  9. Parmenides, of Elea, followed up and gave celebrity to the Xenophanean hypothesis in a poem, of which the striking exordium is yet preserved.

  10. After acquiring much celebrity in his native island of Samos and throughout Ionia, Pythagoras emigrated (seemingly about 530 B.

  11. The Alexandrine Museum or library first acquired celebrity under the reign of Ptolemy (II.

  12. Among its masters no celebrity equals that of Jean Van Eyck.

  13. Nor was Accolti the only poetaster who attained in that polished circle, or in other Italian courtlets, a celebrity from which posterity has withheld its seal.

  14. His poetical celebrity exceeded that of his contemporaries, and seems to have been his chief recommendation at the court of Guidobaldo.

  15. The Duchess is said to have introduced them at Urbino, and to have founded there an academy, which rose to considerable celebrity among similar weeds of literature that long flourished and still vegetate in Italy.

  16. His celebrity extending in all directions, he was engaged by the authorities of many large towns to deliver lectures, which were attended by the most learned ecclesiastics, his preaching being not less acceptable to the people of all ranks.

  17. It also proves that the celebrity of this work rests much upon its style.

  18. The Níti sástra is a work of the greatest celebrity on Java: the original is in the Káwi language, but there are many versions.

  19. He still refused to submit, and the celebrity of his name and exploits was sufficient to recruit his ranks.

  20. Rothschild's celebrity will expire on the day of his death.

  21. Great artists have nearly all struggled into celebrity through poverty, and some have never entirely emerged from it.

  22. It was not in his nature to let any attack upon him, from whatever quarter, pass without notice; and attacks by persons of such popular celebrity as Baillie and Edwards could hardly be ignored.

  23. And yet not to any such celebrity as the king, the philosopher, or the poet, had the task of vindicating for England the idea of Liberty of Conscience been practically appointed.

  24. Was he philosopher, orator, or poet; it was unbecoming to have more celebrity than the government, and he was suspected.

  25. My celebrity and distinctions, if I must speak of them, quite satisfy me.

  26. Are you satisfied, sir, at the celebrity and the distinctions you have obtained?

  27. He is frequently mentioned as a well-known character who gained his celebrity by the profession of magic.

  28. They prepared the means for diffusing classical learning among the ecclesiastics, and both acquired high celebrity as theological writers.

  29. Ladies were proud of the celebrity conferred upon their charms by the songs of the troubadours, and they themselves often professed the "Gay Science," as poetry was called.

  30. His lectures were delivered in the gardens of the Academia, and they have left proof of their celebrity in the structure of language, which has derived from them a term now common to all places of instruction.

  31. Among the representatives of the mathematical school of Alexandria was Theon, whose celebrity is obscured by that of his daughter Hypatia (fl.

  32. The celebrity of Petrarch at the present day depends chiefly on his lyrical poems, which served as models to all the distinguished poets of southern Europe.

  33. But the celebrity of Montesquieu is founded on his "Spirit of Laws," the greatest monument of human genius in the eighteenth century.

  34. Like Hesiod, Pindar was a native of Boeotia, and that there was still much love for music and poetry there is proved by the fact that two women, Myrtis and Corinna, had obtained great celebrity in these arts during the youth of this poet.

  35. Of his numerous works, founded on the peripatetic philosophy, that which has gained him the greatest celebrity is entitled "On the Consolations of Philosophy," composed while he was in prison.

  36. Scarcely one of the great masters of Persian literature but has adopted and added celebrity to these beautiful and interesting legends, which can never be too often repeated to an Oriental ear.

  37. The third class of chivalric romances, relating to the court of Charlemagne and his Paladins, is entirely French, although their celebrity is chiefly due to the renowned Italian poet who availed himself of their fictions.

  38. Castelar has gained a European celebrity as an orator and a political and miscellaneous writer.

  39. He attained great celebrity as a pleader, and stood high in favor with the emperor.

  40. She became at once the heroine of the hour and was thenceforth "a European celebrity with a place in history.

  41. In later years all three enjoyed great celebrity for their learning, and were, like Battista di Montefeltro, women of genuine humanist sympathies.

  42. At the end of the sixteenth century, Sophia Brahe, the youngest sister of Tycho Brahe, following in the footsteps of her illustrious brother, attained great celebrity as an astronomer.

  43. The names of many others occur in the pages of Hippocrates, Galen and Pliny; and frequent references are made to the works and prescriptions of women doctors who enjoyed more than ordinary celebrity during their time.

  44. For these two countries can point to a number of midwives who, by their knowledge, successful practice, and the books they wrote, achieved a celebrity that still endures.

  45. Nattes, an artist of celebrity in his time.

  46. During the American civil war she served as a nurse, and afterwards attained celebrity as a writer of books for young people, of which the best is Little Women (1868).

  47. From the time of his finding himself a celebrity his parishioners saw but little of him, his time being passed either in the gaieties of London or in travelling on the Continent.

  48. Among resident artists he enjoyed the celebrity of a non-professional sort.

  49. Higgins had acquired some celebrity as an experimenter and teacher; but his disputes with Dr.

  50. He finished his school education at Chambéry, and afterwards studied at the College of Turin, a celebrated establishment, where many men of great scientific celebrity have been educated.

  51. Wherever men have acquired celebrity by those powers of genius with which Providence has seen fit to discriminate them, a curiosity prevails to learn all the minuter traits of person, habit, and real character.

  52. In the present day the clouds of prejudice seem to have subsided, and the errors of the politician are deservedly forgotten in the celebrity of the poet.

  53. Though this poem obtained much celebrity on its first appearance, it was nevertheless severely animadverted upon by some critics.

  54. Everybody became aware of the fact in an instant, and scores of necks on the lower floor were twisted to glimpse the celebrity on the upper.

  55. A certain quality in the attitude of each of his guests showed clearly that they considered him a celebrity, and not only a celebrity but a card--Bryany must have been talking--and the conviction of this rendered him happy.

  56. He knew Seven Sachs was a celebrity because he had verily seen him act--and act very well--in his own play, and because his name in letters a foot high had dominated all the hoardings of the Five Towns.

  57. For he too was famous in his own sphere; and in the drawing-room of Wilkins's one celebrity was hob-nobbing with another!

  58. With the celebrity of a sprinter the man of authority from Durham disappeared from the ground-floor and was immediately seen in the gallery.

  59. The author of the 'Life of Savage' gives celebrity to the Bristol gaoler, by whose humanity the latter part of that strange man's life was rendered more comfortable.

  60. Shall no one give celebrity to the present keeper of Newgate?

  61. The first musicians of France were drawn from Flanders; and other professors from that country acquired great celebrity in Italy for their scientific improvements in their delightful art.

  62. This insignificant place acquired great celebrity from this event, which may be considered the first successful step toward the establishment of liberty and the republic.

  63. The paradoxical celebrity which he maintained upon the stage was very singular; his satirical sketches were scarcely dramas, and he could not be called a good legitimate performer.

  64. Celebrity has nothing to do with the affair; it may proclaim the fact, but does not constitute it;--as will hereafter be shown in the instance of my aunt Jemima.

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