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Example sentences for "celeriac"

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  1. Celeriac is extensively used abroad, but, unfortunately, little known in America.

  2. When cooked in the same manner as Sea Kale, Celery is well known as a delicacy at English tables, and the cooked Celeriac ranks in importance with it, though it affords quite a different dish.

  3. So far as seed sowing is concerned, Celeriac may be treated in the same way as Celery.

  4. Celeriac is cooked in the same manner as Beet, and requires about the same length of time.

  5. In ordinary Celery the stem forms a mere basis to the leaves, but in Celeriac it is developed into a knob weighing from one to five pounds, and the root is more easily preserved than Celery.

  6. Parsnips, kohl-rabi, celeriac and salsify are prepared in the same way as are carrots.

  7. The celeriac is now ready to be prepared and served the same as celery.

  8. To one quart take two tablespoons of butter blended with two tablespoons flour and cooked until smooth and frothy, add the strained celeriac and cook five minutes, stirring frequently.

  9. Cut one small cauliflower into flowerettes, reserve a tablespoonful, put the rest into a saucepan with three cups of boiling water, one small white onion, half a small celeriac cut in slices, and a bay leaf.

  10. The celeriac or turnip-rooted celery is a very choice vegetable, and is much cultivated on the Continent.

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