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  1. Prevailing upon her little brother to accompany her in this quest for celestial happiness, she started out for the country of the Moors, deeming that the surest way to attain the desired goal.

  2. Aid us to become seas surging with the billows of Thy wondrous Grace, streams flowing from Thy all-glorious Heights, goodly fruits upon the Tree of Thy heavenly Cause, trees waving through the breezes of Thy Bounty in Thy celestial Vineyard.

  3. He rested not a moment, till the fame of the Cause of God was noised abroad in the world, and the Celestial Strains from the Abhá Kingdom roused the East and the West.

  4. He rested not a moment, till the fame of the Cause of God was noised abroad in the world and the celestial strains from the Abhá Kingdom roused the East and the West.

  5. May the all-pervading Spirit of Bahá’u’lláh so permeate the souls of its members as to cause it to mirror forth the glories and the splendors of the Celestial Concourse.

  6. He showed the golden links of the great chain that intertwined them with an angelic kindred; he brought out the hidden traits of a celestial birth that made them worthy of such kin.

  7. If his theme were a lovely lake, a celestial smile had now been thrown over it, to gleam forever on its surface.

  8. Zion cannot be built up except by the law of the celestial kingdom.

  9. This earth will be rolled back into the presence of God, and crowned with celestial glory.

  10. They must rise just as they died: we can there hail our lovely infants with the same glory--the same loveliness in the celestial glory, where they all enjoy alike.

  11. Even if he is saved in any kingdom, it cannot be the celestial kingdom.

  12. We came to this earth that we might have a body and present it pure before God in the celestial kingdom.

  13. Zion must be built according to the law of the celestial kingdom.

  14. The revelation on the law of Celestial Marriage was first made public.

  15. And I also beheld all children who die before they arrive at years of accountability, are saved in the celestial kingdom of heaven.

  16. If a man commit adultery, he cannot receive the celestial kingdom of God.

  17. Like the New Jerusalem of the American continent, this city will descend out of heaven, after the final change of the earth to its celestial condition; Rev.

  18. In the celestial glory there are three heavens or degrees; and in order to obtain the highest, a man must enter into this order of the Priesthood; and if he does not, he cannot obtain it.

  19. Tanith has been identified with Artemis, and the later cults of Punic Africa give great prominence to the "celestial virgin," or "virginal numen.

  20. The temple of Tanith was rebuilt and called that of the celestial virgin.

  21. The glare of the noonday sun is less agreeable than the divine pallor of the dawn, and all the ardor of an experienced heart that knows what life is, yields the palm to the celestial ignorance of a youthful heart just awaking to love.

  22. A hall for the celestial kings was still wanting, and by seizing a fishpond belonging to a wealthy man who had refused to sell it, sufficient ground was obtained upon which to build it.

  23. Such is a specimen of the benevolent institutions of the celestial empire!

  24. The degradation into which the fairest half of the human species is here thrown, affords cause for loud complaint against the wisdom and philosophy of the sages and legislators of the celestial empire.

  25. On the fifth day our barbarian eyes were blessed with a sight of the celestial empire, consisting of several islands.

  26. They form, with the foreign flags which wave above them, a pleasing contrast to the national banner and architecture of the celestial empire.

  27. Portuguese) passed over the ocean, myriads of miles, in a wonderful manner; and small and great ranged themselves under the renovating influence imparted by the glorious sun of the celestial empire.

  28. Her answering eyes laughed, but even in them, deep down, he saw a pleading ardor at once so childlike, so womanly, and so celestial that suddenly the deck seemed gone.

  29. Celestial photography has not reached its grand climacteric; yet its earliest beginnings already seem centuries behind its present performances.

  30. The term of the series succeeding that which corresponded to the orbit of Mars was without a celestial representative.

  31. In his special line as a celestial explorer of the most comprehensive type, Sir William Herschel had but one legitimate successor, and that successor was his son.

  32. The great merit of having rendered photography available for the sounding of the celestial depths belongs to Professor Pritchard.

  33. To Warren de la Rue belongs the honour of having obtained the earliest results of substantial value in celestial photography.

  34. But the strongest incentive to diligence in studying the rugged features of our celestial helpmate has been the idea of probable or actual variation in them.

  35. The third and last division of celestial science may properly be termed "physical and descriptive astronomy.

  36. The history of celestial photography at the Cape of Good Hope began with the appearance of the great comet of 1882.

  37. But the gradual shifting backward of the whole of the celestial scenery amid which we advance accounts for only a part of the observed displacements.

  38. Here the proportion of fiction to fact surpasses that of sack to bread in Sir John's tavern bill; and it may be doubted if a mandarin from the remotest province of the Celestial Empire ever ventured to send such a report to Peking.

  39. Officers and men addressed each other as Tom, Dick, or Harry, and had no more conception of military gradations than of the celestial hierarchy of the poets.

  40. To our brother hermits of the Wissahickon the comet was looked upon as a harbinger of the celestial Bridegroom, for whose coming they had so long devoutly waited.

  41. Thou art, I care not if the wide world know it, my Sophia, my angel, my celestial virgin, that left me in my creating.

  42. That night as I lay down on my hard bench in my Kammer, I felt for the first time as though it were too small to hold all the joy of human love and the pain of a conscience guilty of treason to its celestial virgin.

  43. If such transcendent joy could come from sweet flesh and blood on earth, though in angelic shape, what joy must it be to wander forever the boundless realms of heaven enraptured with the love of the celestial virgin.

  44. Surely it is time thou dost take the vow of loyalty to the celestial Virgin and join the consecrated Brotherhood; why delayest thou so long?

  45. But here am I now in my old age delighting in telling of the day when my boy and our beloved Genoveva were made one, our dear sister having finally consented to give up her celestial Bridegroom for an earthly one.

  46. Thou rather should'st be crowned with fadeless flowers, Of lasting fragrance and celestial hue; Or be thy couch amid funereal bowers, But let the stars and sunlight sparkle through.

  47. Labour to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire,--conscience.

  48. Strange--yet from the date of the book of the Celestial Hierarchies of the pretended Dionysius the Areopagite to that of its translation by Joannes Scotus Erigena, the contemporary of Alfred, and from Scotus to the Rev.

  49. Thy theological virtues are celestial gifts; thy cardinal ones are excellent qualities, which serve to guide thee; but they are not virtues in relation to thy neighbor.

  50. The arch heretic says, if we can believe it, that these celestial virtues, which are transformed sometimes into beautiful boys, and sometimes into beautiful girls, are God the Father Himself.

  51. I once thought that Pythagoras had learned the true celestial system from the Chaldaeans; but I think so no longer.

  52. He first learns that their priests have regulated their years in so absurd a manner, that the sun has already entered the celestial signs of Spring when the Romans celebrate the first feasts of Winter.

  53. In the meantime, led by habit, we say the celestial system, although we understand by it the real position of the stars.

  54. Optatianus Porphyrius mentions more than once the monogram of Christ, which he calls the celestial sign, in the panegyric of Constantine which he wrote in Latin verse, but not a word on the appearance of the cross in the sky.

  55. This is false; Manes has never confounded the celestial virtues with God the Father.

  56. I began to see how the same still breast might bear celestial children so diverse as these, whose names, she told me presently, were Sleep and Death.

  57. Yet no celestial fire reduced us to ashes, and the Grand Llama allowed us to return in peace to our escort.

  58. At that period China was a country almost unknown to the Kalmucks, and Aiouki, in all his conferences with the ambassadors, was continually asking for information of all kinds respecting the celestial empire.

  59. Aiouki, following the example of his predecessors, had not broken off all communication with the celestial empire, and had even sent rich presents to the emperor in 1698.

  60. You have the graces of a certain celestial style, fit for epithalamial odes and hymns.

  61. The first three acts consist chiefly of soliloquies by Timon and conversations with celestial personages--Jove, Mercury, Wealth, Poverty.

  62. The Hindu Deity of War, the leader of the celestial armies, is known by the names Kartikeya and Skanda.

  63. In beauty peerless, and unmatched in speed, Its thousand coursers of celestial breed.

  64. The celestial Ganges, which falls from heaven upon Himalaya's head, and continues its course on earth.

  65. Old Chiron took the babe with secret joy, Proud of the charge of the celestial boy.

  66. There is a place above, where Scorpio, bent In tail and arms, surrounds a vast extent; In a wide circuit of the heavens he shines, And fills the space of two celestial signs.

  67. I saw not, nor can tell, How those celestial falcons from their seat Mov'd, but in motion each one well descried, Hearing the air cut by their verdant plumes.

  68. For Thy spiritual works are before these corporeal works, celestial though they be, and shining.

  69. This is the house of God, not of earthly mould, nor of celestial bulk corporeal but spiritual, and partaker of Thy eternity, because without defection for ever.

  70. And then mark how he excites himself to lust as by celestial authority: "And what God?

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