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Example sentences for "glorified"

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glorieta; glorieth; glorieuse; glorification; glorifie; glorifies; glorifieth; glorify; glorifying; gloriosa
  1. The Pincian Hill," said the Senator, with deep solemnity, "is glorified from this time forth and for evermore.

  2. The god, Zeus hateth sore And his gods hate again, As many as tread on his glorified floor, Because I loved mortals too much evermore.

  3. No figure is more popular in modern Germany, more glorified by her admirers, historians and poets, painters and sculptors.

  4. Then the mother's feelings predominate; she forgets every thing but his presence, and opens her arms to him; but it is no earthly form that she encloses within them, and the glorified body escapes her grasp.

  5. Their beauty fairly glorified the dingy street as they walked past my window.

  6. I hear again the shrill, myriad-voiced choir of leaping insects whose wings flash fire amid the glorified stubble.

  7. One or two fine lawns and flower gardens had come in, and year by year the maples had grown until they now made a pleasant shade in June, and in October glorified the plank walks.

  8. Each year one came along from the east, trailing clouds of glorified dust and filling our minds with the color of romance.

  9. If Paul, when in heaven, saw and felt the power of this expectation in the minds of glorified saints, no wonder that the resurrection of the body seemed to him, ever after, to be the crown of Christian expectation and hope.

  10. That anticipation of his glorified nature was a part of "the joy set before him.

  11. There are three places which must possess intense interest for a glorified friend.

  12. We may have some view of what the glorified body must necessarily be, in thinking of it as a fit companion to the glorified spirit.

  13. What must the body of Isaiah, and of David, be, at the resurrection, to correspond with the vast powers and attainments of those glorified spirits?

  14. If the eye and the mind can receive such aid from the telescope here, who knows that the eye of the glorified body may not be itself a telescope, increasing in its capability with the progress of its being.

  15. And more really, for they had their Christ in the body and He was to them a man, an individual separate from them, but I may have glorified Christ in the power of the throne of God, the omnipotent Christ, the omnipresent Christ.

  16. Meanwhile one may affirm that the inquiry would serve to show that it is in substance the same, though no other Poet, in whatsoever tongue, has extolled and glorified a woman as Dante did Beatrice.

  17. I fear Burns indulged in most of the vices against which Cowper inveighs; and not unoften he glorified them in verse.

  18. In Eda's mind such an affair was a kind of glorified fireworks ending in a cluster of stars, in Janet's a volcanic eruption to turn the world red.

  19. In canto thirteen the reader is enlightened regarding the wisdom of Adam, of Solomon, and of Christ; and then as to the existence of the beatified soul before and after it is clothed with the glorified body of the Resurrection.

  20. Jehovah announces that He would execute judgments in Zidon and thus be glorified and sanctified in her.

  21. But all the instruments of His glory were below the firmament; He whom they glorified was above.

  22. The burnt-offering and the meal offering, so prominent in this coming worship are constant memorials of His great devotion when He offered Himself, and of His holy, spotless humanity in which He suffered and glorified God.

  23. That all this anticipates the Lord Jesus Christ, and His exaltation upon the throne, government and judgment being given into His hands, who is the glorified Man, cannot be questioned.

  24. The Lord Jesus Christ has come again and visited the earth and the temple and appeared as the glorified Man and the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

  25. Our vision in the opened heavens is the glorified Son of Man, in whom we are saved and seated in the Heavenlies, in Whom we are accepted and Whose glory we shall share.

  26. I am in the Father, and the Father in me; and in me hath the Father glorified his name.

  27. The vengeful Nephite apostates led the inglorious charge and shed most of the blood that flowed that day, when one thousand and five unresisting martyrs glorified the Lamanite race by the tribute of their lives to God and the truth.

  28. Neither do we think it necessary to take more than a passing glance at the miracles performed by Christ during his visits to the Nephites and the other wonders that glorified those days.

  29. He said unto them, Behold my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified my name: hear ye him.

  30. Not in the unaccomplished, dishonored vows of poor frail mortals; but in a risen, ascended, glorified Christ, seated at the right hand of the Majesty in the heavens.

  31. Then, but not until then, the Holy Ghost was sent down to baptize believers, whether Jews or Gentiles, into one body, and unite them to the risen and glorified Head in heaven.

  32. God was glorified and the jailer saved by two men rightly discharging the functions of "the Christian priesthood.

  33. He perfectly glorified God, in all things.

  34. True, the Church has a higher place, even identification with her risen and glorified Head; yet all rests upon the Cross.

  35. We need never suppose that the blessed One is either gratified or glorified by the workings of a legal mind.

  36. He delights to be fully counted upon and largely used; and the deeper the need, and the darker the surrounding gloom, the more is He glorified by the faith that draws upon Him.

  37. In short the Church had no existence until our Lord Christ was raised from the dead and glorified at the right hand of God.

  38. He glorified Him, and finished His work; and He has saved us in such a way as to glorify God in the most wonderful manner.

  39. The blood of the Lamb has put away every obstacle to our fellowship with God; and in proof of this the Holy Ghost has come down to baptize believers into one body, and gather them round the risen and glorified Head.

  40. We have only to carry distinctions thus attempted to be glorified to their logical results to land in the slavery of the masses to the over-mastering few.

  41. That was your same old proud look, changed and glorified into something so much better.

  42. To be glorified in that famous temple was equivalent to a recognition of royal authority.

  43. Lord, that his eldest daughter had entered into heaven more than three weeks before her father, and was then with his glorified spirit in the presence of Jesus, where hope and fear had issued in never ending fruition.

  44. Look, startled as the host comes near The lovely peacocks fly in fear, Gorgeous as if the fairest blooms Of earth had glorified their plumes.

  45. To approach this altar, to participate in its heavenly mysteries, to become a partaker of the glorified body and blood of the Son of God!

  46. He may not come to me, but I shall go to him, where he may wear his glorified body forever!

  47. With a little care and management she could soon obtain a vast reputation for sanctity; and who knows but after her death she might become a glorified saint--he!

  48. Holy Mother Maria Theresa--glorified and celestial saint, I have the honour of drinking to your health," and the man in black drank.

  49. The greatness and the goodness of the Buccaneer were set to sacred music, and the singers also glorified themselves while they glorified their master.

  50. Glorified, glorified be the préeminence of Thy kingship and the sublimity of Thine authority and power.

  51. These are they who are blessed by the Concourse on high, who are glorified by the denizens of the everlasting Cities, and beyond them by those on whose foreheads Thy most exalted pen hath written: “These!

  52. Glorified art Thou, O God of all names and Creator of the heavens!

  53. These are they who are glorified by the Concourse on high and the denizens of the Cities of eternity.

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