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Example sentences for "wonder that"

  • No wonder that to kill it in the hearts of men the Son of God died under it on the cross.

  • No wonder that Mr. Prywell was sober-minded!

  • No wonder that an apostle cried out under the agony and the shame of ill-will.

  • No wonder that God, in a code of laws prepared for such a people at such a time, should light up on its threshold a blazing beacon to flash terror on slaveholders.

  • No wonder that a distinguished statesman refused to sanction the right of the House to pass such a resolution by even voting against it[A].

  • No wonder that Harry, under the circumstances, became quietly insane, and went about committing nothing but mistakes the whole evening.

  • So no wonder that Mr. Smith awaited with anxiety the message of his legal adviser.

  • Bagshaw of Mariposa was one of the most representative men of the age, and it's no wonder that he had been returned for the county for five elections running, leaving the Conservatives nowhere.

  • If he was not in Ottawa, he was in Washington, and of course at any time they might need him in London, so that it was no wonder that he could only be in Mariposa about two months of the year.

  • Can we wonder that such a state of society was not long permitted to exist?

  • In this state of mind, no wonder that a shivering cold crept through my veins; that my pause was prolonged; and, that a fearful glance was thrown backward.

  • No wonder that a circumstance like this startled me.

  • Listen to my narrative, and then say what it is that has made me deserve to be placed on this dreadful eminence, if, indeed, every faculty be not suspended in wonder that I am still alive, and am able to relate it.

  • With such masters as these it is no wonder that occasionally an animal rebels, and executes vengeance.

  • Now, is it not a wonder that any rabbits remain alive in Pennsylvania?

  • No wonder that he has been so dark and distant!

  • No wonder that he came out of the sea all dry!

  • No wonder that he, who finds this country in the same condition with that of France at the time of Henry the Fourth, could also find a resemblance between his political friend and the Duke of Sully.

  • We have renounced the prerogative of man, and it is no wonder that we should be treated like beasts.

  • It is no wonder that, on his arrival in the capital, he should launch out into extravagance.

  • No wonder that, with this character, he listened favourably to the mighty projects, so easy of execution, of the clever adventurer whom he had formerly known, and whose talents he appreciated.

  • In the course of a few years duelling would be ranked amongst exploded follies, and men would begin to wonder that a custom so barbarous and so impious had ever existed amongst them.

  • No wonder that Chauvelin's spies had failed to detect, in the apparently brainless nincompoop, the man whose reckless daring and resourceful ingenuity had baffled the keenest French spies, both in France and in England.

  • No wonder that on this fine afternoon in September the crowd round Bibot's gate was eager and excited.

  • It is no wonder that, schooled by their events, young as we were, we put away childish things.

  • It is no wonder that I remember that April day as if it were but yesterday.

  • It is no wonder that wagon-trains mobilized here, waiting for an increase in numbers before they dared to start on westward.

  • No wonder that 'they were pricked in their heart'!

  • No wonder that such a Church won favour with all the people!

  • No wonder that Paul 'thought not good to take with them him who withdrew from them.

  • No wonder that my voluntary sinking, in order to elude their shots, was mistaken for death, and that, having accomplished the destruction of this foe, they resumed their pursuit of others.

  • No wonder that my eloquence was vivid and pathetic; that I portrayed the past as if it were the present scene; and that not my tongue only, but every muscle and limb, spoke.

  • No wonder that he walked on towards the gaol with a feeling of new joy and strength.

  • No wonder that once, when those eyes fell on a man who was arguing on the wrong side, he felt ashamed all of a sudden and cried out in terror: 'Do not pierce me so with thine eyes!

  • No wonder that at such a time everyone was too busy to spare much sympathy or many thoughts for the spiritual perplexities of one obscure country lad.

  • No wonder that he welcomed them with equal gladness, rejoicing not only in their joy, but yet more in that he saw his vision's fulfilment beginning.

  • Even Vesalius permitted himself to be influenced overmuch by Galen at points where we wonder that he did not make his observations for himself, since, apparently, they were so obvious.

  • Thinking thus, it is no wonder that he places his book under as noble patronage as possible.

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