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Example sentences for "favour"

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favoring; favorite; favorites; favoritism; favors; favourable; favourably; favoure; favoured; favourer
  1. Any information upon the above matters will be a great service, and consequently no slight favour conferred upon your constant reader since the photographic correspondence has been commenced.

  2. This incouriged mee too hope for God's favour and blessing through Christ.

  3. Mr. Nesbitt would confer a favour on the readers of "N.

  4. Oxford" should ever migrate into these parts, and will favour me with a call, with credentials of being the veritable I.

  5. Yet more similar are the speeches of the madmen with their horrible words, and those of fools with their mirthless puns.

  6. His fame originated in Germany, and thence was transferred to England.

  7. In the older drama, Leir abdicates because, having become a widower, he thinks only of saving his soul.

  8. If you take these voluntary offers of service in good part, you will please to favour me with a line, and I would wish also a specimen of your labours, together with a full direction where to write to you.

  9. Favour me with your opinion on this subject when you write next, which, as your letters are so extremely curious and fraught with entertainment, I beg may be soon.

  10. I am a Clergyman, and shall receive any favour of this kind, that is enclosed under a cover to the Right Honourable Henry Earl of Sussex, at Easton Maudit Castle, by the Ashby Bag, Northamptonshire.

  11. If you will favour me with a line containing a more particular account of what has been the object of your labours, I shall be able to form a more exact idea of the success, that may be expected from them than I can at present.

  12. I have selected two for your inspection, which, when perused, do me the favour to return, and inform me whether you can remember any on the same subjects in the Cambrian tongue.

  13. With regard to your Specimens, should they not yet be put to the press, I should take it for a great favour if you would indulge me with a sight of them in MS.

  14. As the press waits, I would intreat the favour of a speedy answer.

  15. DEAR SIR, I received your kind favour by Dewi, with the remainder of the Gododin, and some of the Gorchanau.

  16. DEAR SIR, I know not whether the favour you have done me, in having wrote to me once or twice, entitles me to address you with the familiarity of a near acquaintance; but I have ventured to trouble you with a voluntary letter.

  17. DEAR SIR, I received the favour of your obliging letter and the valuable present of the two British Odes translated into English.

  18. Cheered and encouraged by the king's manner, feeling sure that God is with him and is prospering him, Nehemiah asks another favour of the king.

  19. With everything against him, with nothing to favour his growth in holiness, he is a flourishing plant in the garden of the Lord.

  20. Then, as now, there were plenty of people who, for their own self-pleasing, were ready to argue in favour of the loose observance of the fourth commandment.

  21. Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come.

  22. Once more Hubbard marshalled his arguments in favour of the overland route, and George and I said no more that morning.

  23. On Tuesday (October 13th) the weather continued to favour us.

  24. Hubbard was strongly in favour of the latter plan, while George and I favoured the former.

  25. Is it likely that an injury will be done me by those who can enjoy life only while I favour them with my presence?

  26. The sum was inconsiderable, part was to be repaid though fortune might fail to favour me, and therefore my established maxims of frugality did not restrain me from so trifling an experiment.

  27. It, has, I think, been sometimes urged in favour of affectation, that it is only a mistake of the means to a good end, and that the intention with which it is practised is always to please.

  28. We are willing to be pleased, but are not willing to admire: we favour the mirth or officiousness that solicits our regard, but oppose the worth or spirit that enforces it.

  29. It is difficult for a man of the strictest justice not to favour himself too much, in the calmest moments of solitary meditation.

  30. To those who are willing to purchase favour by cringes and compliance, is to be imputed the haughtiness that leaves nothing to be hoped by firmness and integrity.

  31. England and Englishmen find little favour at Avignon just now, and mayhap Philip has already written on behalf of de Noyon.

  32. I did it as a favour to Cattrina there, who said that he would trust the task to none but an artist.

  33. But, unless I can find favour in your eyes, my goods, alas!

  34. Tis the hangman's, then; for that seems the only favour that befits my condition.

  35. I hope God will favour our designs, since they are no other than for his glory, and the destruction of these new sort of Turks.

  36. Before morning, the gunner's mate having spoken in favour of Snelgrave's conduct during the fire, the crew sent for him to attend the sale of his effects on board the Wyndham galley.

  37. But unless English actors can recover the art of speaking Shakespeare's verse, his plays will never again enjoy the favour they once had.

  38. No doubt our great dramatist was not eager to break with conventions or to imitate Marlowe by saying unpalatable truths about the Christians at a time when he himself was still seeking the favour of Elizabeth's Court.

  39. Yet this does not explain why an interpretation, quite unjustified by the text, should find favour with many dramatic critics.

  40. It was by tricks such as these that Kemp won the good opinion "of the understanding gentlemen of the ground"; but Shakespeare was not in favour of fooling.

  41. Some were in favour of a "Shakespeare Temple" to "serve the purposes of humane learning, much in the same way as Burlington House has served those of natural science.

  42. A popular actor is tempted, therefore, to show the old figure in the light of the new sentiment, and his impersonation is then set up as a model to which every contemporary candidate for favour is expected to conform.

  43. His morris dance to Norwich and journeys to France and Italy were but gambling speculations, he undertaking to be back in a certain time, and laying wagers with large odds in his favour to that effect.

  44. I want to ask a particular favour of you," I said.

  45. It did not take long to let him know the favour we wanted of him, nor did it take long for him to let me understand upon what terms he was prepared to grant it.

  46. He accepted the commission; and with such signal success did he execute it, with very limited means at his command, that his achievements were universally attributed to the favour of the gods.

  47. The students of the university were generally in favour of the reformed religion, and not only made a profession of it, but publicly defended its principles.

  48. It speaks much in favour of the revolution, that this vice is sensibly diminishing in Peru, and to the unfortunate Monteagudo belongs the honour of having been the first to attempt its eradication.

  49. Sir," said I, "I am surprised that you do not perceive that you are offering a stronger argument in favour of this Christian institute than any I can present to you.

  50. The wind being in our favour we made 30 miles.

  51. They were much used at one time but are now falling out of favour again.

  52. Animated by an intense love of truth and devotion to public duty, he waged war on such ecclesiastical systems as seemed to him to favour obscurantism, and to put the claims of sect above those of human society.

  53. The latter was strongly in favour of Charles's policy of indulgence, and supported the declaration of this year, urging the king to overcome the resistance of parliament by a dissolution.

  54. Pick machines have also been introduced by Jones and Levick, Bidder, and other inventors, but their use is now mostly abandoned in favour of those working continuously.

  55. Whilst enjoying the royal favour Lady Castlemaine formed liaisons with various gentlemen, which were satirized in public prints, and a sharp quarrel which occurred between her and the king in 1667 was partly due to this cause.

  56. The torrent of popular sentiment in favour of war was, however, irresistible; and Cobden and Bright were overwhelmed with obloquy.

  57. Louis Napoleon was taken into favour as England's faithful ally, and in a whirlwind of popular excitement the nation was swept into the Crimean War.

  58. It is clear that the existence of a 35-year period will account for many of the views that have been advanced in favour of a progressive change of climate.

  59. Claudius into the plebeian form Clodius, in order to gain the favour of the mob.

  60. Mrs. Berry plaintively begged him to do her the favour to be seated.

  61. You prefer to receive a favour from poor Tom Bakewell?

  62. You don't know what it is to ask a favour of a brute you hate.

  63. It was horrible to hear him, so let us pardon Adrian for tempting him to a decision in favour of the moment.

  64. I have made some pleasant acquaintances who may probably favour us with a visit there in the late autumn--people you may be pleased to know.

  65. Once hooked, however, the novice is out of it, unless he has at hand an experienced mentor, and the odds are largely in favour of the fish.

  66. A salmon hooked from a boat in a large loch is, of course, a different matter; here the odds are so largely in favour of the rod holder as to unduly diminish the chances of escape to the fish.

  67. The contest is such a fair one, there are so many chances in favour of the fish, that no element of sport is wanting.

  68. Only the special favour accorded to his first sketch at Rome--a favour which he had further carefully planned for in his dedicatory epistle to Pope Paul--saved his main treatise from prohibition till long after its work was done.

  69. From the withholding of court favour it proceeded to subsidies for conversions, and thence to a graduated series of invasions of Protestant rights, so that the formal Revocation was only the violent consummation of a process.

  70. Indeed, the very course of arguing in favour of a "Light of Nature" seems to have brought suspicion on Culverwel himself, who shows a noticeable liking for Herbert of Cherbury.

  71. Civil war now raged till the peace of Augsburg in 1555; whereafter Charles abdicated in favour of his son Philip.

  72. To the winning of foreign favour he had specially addressed himself in his adversity.

  73. There are times in which the former judgment is more easy to think of than the latter--for God knows all, everything that is in favour of the culprit, while men only know what is against him.

  74. Their health, their prettiness, their infantile gaiety and delight in every favour accorded to them had been all so many tributes to his own supreme influence and power.

  75. The Countess of Crevecoeur, a high spirited woman and confident in her husband's merits and his favour with the Duke, could keep silent no longer.

  76. Prithee, do me so much favour as to inquire after my astrologer, Martius Galeotti, and send him hither to me presently.

  77. I am now about to deliver one of them in the chapel, if you please to favour me with your audience.

  78. Nay," said Marthon, interfering, "by your favour she shall not be misused.

  79. Be assured this lady was put under my especial charge by your ally the King of France, and, if you aid me not to shelter her from every species of offence and violence, your city will lose the favour of Louis of Valois.

  80. Rome shall scarce protect you--be it spoken under favour of Saint Peter and the blessed Lady of Clery, who is all over mercy.

  81. Petit Andre, and contented himself with devoutly hoping that they had not reached the ears of his fair charge, on which they could not be supposed to make an impression in favour of himself, as one obnoxious to such sarcasms.

  82. Not one of the many suitors for her favour had been so dear to her as Dion; but she now felt that she loved him.

  83. Still, she had granted him nothing save the favour of gratifying one of her wishes.

  84. Show'ring in Thy gracious pleasure Countless blessings from above; Bounteous benefits bestowing In a kind, continuous course, Favour from Thee ever flowing, As a stream from ocean source.

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