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Example sentences for "favourably"

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favorites; favoritism; favors; favour; favourable; favoure; favoured; favourer; favourers; favoureth
  1. The sixties, if apparently bad, were not so bad as the days of the Georges, which again compare favourably with the golden days when Charles (of blessed memory) was King.

  2. All being thus favourably settled, the princes dispersed to their several States, and William retired to obtain a short period of relaxation at Loo.

  3. The Government subsequently adhered to their intention to entertain favourably all the just demands of the Finns for local reconstruction.

  4. The work itself was of course widely criticized, but for the most part favourably {13}.

  5. The legal advisers of the Governor seem to have reported favourably on Captain Semmes' request, for permission was given to take on board the requisite supplies, and the Sumter's coaling proceeded, though not with much rapidity.

  6. These remarks were favourably received, the three gentlemen evidently sympathizing with us.

  7. Boston compares favourably with other American cities in the character of its public and private architecture.

  8. In this respect the Scotchman contrasts favourably with the Englishman.

  9. Of course, at Rome, he is favourably received, and is delighted with all he saw, and seems to have swallowed all he heard, not even excepting the most monstrous fable or the absurdest legend.

  10. Like Hutton, the Ambassador felt the spell of Christina's charms, and certain expressions which her servants Benedetto and Ferrari had dropped, led him to suppose that the Duchess was favourably inclined towards his master.

  11. Albert Dürer was present on this occasion, and was afterwards employed to paint a portrait of the King in oils, for which Christian gave him thirty florins, an act of liberality which contrasted favourably with Margaret's parsimony.

  12. They will consider favourably Mrs. Hastings's case; but she must address her representation to them.

  13. Leveson seem to think rather favourably of the condition of Ireland.

  14. He loved the English, and only asked that my husband would mention him favourably to the English Government'--and this favourable mention has gained him nothing.

  15. At the same time Napoleon was making overtures both to Austria and to Italy, overtures which were favourably received.

  16. I presently fired again, as I thought that they might augur favourably from the report, and continued occasionally to do so until I had reached the shore.

  17. During my illness Mr. Lushington explored a track to the westward of the one I had formerly taken, and of which he reported so favourably that I determined to pursue it.

  18. Whether that the poor fellow's indifference to his powers of terrorising had awed or conciliated him, I know not; but he expressed himself favourably regarding his case, and his prospects of recovery.

  19. Now, there was a slight dash of this constrained tone through Miss Bellow's manner to me; and little experience as I had had in such matters, I knew enough to augur favourably from it.

  20. Their overtures were favourably entertained, and the conquest of the country seemed probable without bloodshed.

  21. He was favourably received by the Homeritæ.

  22. In a very remarkable paper the late Principal Forbes showed that steam issuing from the safety-valve of a locomotive, when favourably observed, exhibits at a certain stage of its condensation the colours of the sky.

  23. Captain George Back, one of the midshipmen who had accompanied Franklin, was favourably regarded for the important position.

  24. The form in which 'The Lily of Killarney' is cast is now somewhat superannuated, but for tenderness of melody and unaffected pathos, it will compare very favourably with many more pretentious works which have succeeded it.

  25. They have been favourably received in Bohemia, but the thoroughly national sentiment of the libretti must naturally militate against their success elsewhere.

  26. Simple as it is, the plot has true nobility of design, and the purity of its motive contrasts favourably with the tendency of the vast majority of lyric dramas.

  27. The libretto certainly compares favourably with the fatuities of 'Robert le Diable.

  28. The libretto, apart from one or two concessions to operatic convention, is a fair piece of work, and at any rate compares favourably with the parodies of Shakespeare which so often do duty for libretti.

  29. His more ambitious works have been less favourably received.

  30. Had Bishop possessed the necessary energy and enterprise, he might have founded a school of English opera which would have compared favourably even with its continental contemporaries.

  31. There is a good deal of rough flirtation going on; but, on the whole, the pleasure is rather of a placid order, though still contrasting favourably with the settled gloom visible on the faces of the attendants in the various galleries.

  32. It will be necessary to observe what Effect the Excuses have usually produc’d; whereinto we find the just and reasonable favourably admitted, some suspended, and divers disallowed.

  33. It was favourably situated for this purpose, for the raw materials could be moved from the ships which brought them to Tennis directly into the building.

  34. His first published work was The Candidate, a poem, in quarto, which came into the world anonymously, in 1780, and was favourably received.

  35. To Mrs. Rainsfield it appeared in a different light; she detected in it a warmth that sprung spontaneously from the heart; and from it she argued favourably of the success of her schemes, and the happiness of her friends.

  36. It was a portrait of a man, and had impressed me favourably because it was framed.

  37. San Martin looked more favourably upon it, as it responded to his idea of creating a special military class independent of local influences.

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