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Example sentences for "explored"

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exploits; exploration; explorations; exploratory; explore; explorer; explorers; explores; exploring; explosion
  1. Commander Tilho has explored the region around Lake Tehad, and Dr.

  2. By then Dave had explored every square inch of the dirt floor with his hands, one side wall, and the rear wall.

  3. He explored it with his fingers and hope leaped even higher.

  4. From the rocks above Manasia is one of the most remarkable echoes I ever heard; at the distance of sixty or seventy yards from one of the towers the slightest whisper is rendered with the most amusing exactness.

  5. Other chiefs had followed his example; and for the first time the Divan thought of associating Christian Rayahs with the spahis, to put down these rebels, who had organized a system which savoured more of brigandage than of government.

  6. But in between the time when the Graf von Winterfeld had talked to him and this alarming conference with the Prince, Bert had explored the Vaterland from end to end.

  7. It was his first visit to these huge fragments of airships, and for a time he explored them curiously in the dim light.

  8. Block built himself a boat of sixteen tons, and explored the Sound, and the New England coast as far as Massachusetts Bay; touched at the island known by his name, and forgathered with the Indian tribes all along his route.

  9. The story of the men who explored it is a story of heroism, devotion, energy and sublime courage perhaps unequaled in the history of the world.

  10. The foot is then explored and the full extent of the injury ascertained.

  11. To do this, the fistula is carefully explored with the probe and a knowledge of its exact dimensions arrived at.

  12. During the day she explored the deep ravines and clambered along the brambly ledges of beetling precipices, and during the night she sought shelter and repose in the humble hut of some hospitable herdsman.

  13. It took him a long time to find that door, for, as it happened, he started around the block in the wrong direction and fruitlessly explored two alleys before he came on the right one.

  14. The door closed behind her, and Eileen Cavendish explored the room in search of cigarettes.

  15. And she sat up, reached for her big, loose Japanese wrapper and explored with bare feet for her slippers.

  16. At Bower Cave, halfway or so along, we halted to give the horses a brief rest, and meanwhile explored the little bijou of a cave there, which is quite perfect in its way.

  17. Next we explored the famous Barbary Coast, and witnessed scenes that Charles Dickens never dreamed of, with all his studies of the dens and slums of London and Paris.

  18. Meanwhile Captain Rayburn and the baby explored together mysterious realms of pockets and picture-books.

  19. Charlotte went back to the door and rang the bell; then, as nobody appeared, she explored the lower part of the house for Mrs. Fields in vain.

  20. His poigns explored actively the inward nature of everything in his immediate vicinity.

  21. She explored his features with her black, slow-gleaming eyes.

  22. Yes, Corpang, I have met many men, and explored many minds.

  23. It occurs disseminated in a reddish loam, resting upon limestone rock, and is sometimes seen in small veins pervading the rock; but it has been chiefly explored in diluvial soil.

  24. Sometimes small veins of the ore are seen in the rock, but it has been generally explored in the soil.

  25. I explored this stream in 1831, having reached it after ascending the Mauvais or Maskigo of Lake Superior.

  26. Government first explored it, in 1832, from its source in Lake Kaginogumaug to its mouth, and an accurate map of its channel, and its eleven lakes, was made by Lieut.

  27. Cass, in relation to the copper mines on Lake Superior; reserving, as the subject of a future communication, the facts I have collected on the mineralogy and geology of the country explored generally.

  28. The surface appears to have been much explored for lead in this vicinity.

  29. In every point of view, the distance of these mines from the market presents no solid objection to their being explored with profit to the nation.

  30. It has been chiefly explored in the township of Phelps, Ontario.

  31. Thieves explored with perfect security the huge pockets of his horseman's coat, while he stood entranced by the splendour of the Lord Mayor's show.

  32. The sources of the noblest rivers which spread fertility over continents, and bear richly laden fleets to the sea, are to be sought in wild and barren mountain tracts, incorrectly laid down in maps, and rarely explored by travellers.

  33. He attacked the same question from another side: he explored the writings of the Christian Fathers, and began to compose a commentary on the New Testament.

  34. Gray, in the "Washington," explored the adjacent waters.

  35. In the afternoon I took my rifle and explored the course of the river some miles downwards, an interesting walk where probably no white man's foot had ever trod before.

  36. In returning we explored the western termination of the lagoon on which we had encamped, and thus ascertained that it was not part of any channel of flooded waters.

  37. We therefore encamped in this valley while I explored it upwards, but found all dry and desolate.

  38. We explored every open space; and we looked into many bushes, but in vain.

  39. She had by this time thoroughly explored all the capabilities of the place, and knew just whom to ask and whom to avoid.

  40. They explored the woodchuck hole, failing to drown out that cunning subterranean architect who apparently had provided lines of retreat for just such emergencies as confronted him now.

  41. They explored the stub, finding in it a hole and in the hole a nest, the mother and father woodpeckers meanwhile flying in wild agitation from stub to stub and protesting with shrill cries against the intruders.

  42. Meanwhile Amy, having explored every other part of the castle, went to take another look at the Tun, the dwarf, and the vaults.

  43. Mrs. Theodore Bent first taught me this bread-lore, and when I explored Sokotra in company with herself and her husband, we took several sacks of these flat cakes, and were in consequence never without nice fresh bread.

  44. It is a province that may be explored like all the others.

  45. They all have the feeling that their discoveries are but a beginning, and that the part of Nature they have explored is as nothing to that of which they are ignorant.

  46. They explored the wilderness around them, and found beasts of the forest of many kinds; also the ox, the horse, the goat and the wild goat.

  47. Giudicaria is little explored yet it contains some choice scenery and traditions.

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