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Example sentences for "blessings"

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blesseth; blessid; blessin; blessing; blessinge; blessure; blessyd; blest; blethering; bleu
  1. To the Canadians, both of French and British origin, and every class and description, I would say, consider the blessings you might enjoy and the favoured situation in which but for your own dissensions you would find yourselves to be placed.

  2. We mistake the gratuitous blessings of Heaven for the fruits of our own industry.

  3. His wind decreased, and his blessings ceased.

  4. Phil's lively desire to relieve suffering, and was silently breathing blessings on his head.

  5. As if, when such frail boon is reft, A thousand blessings were not left!

  6. I cannot flatter myself on having faithfully represented one of whom it is impossible to form an idea till she herself is known; but her presence is left to Rome, as among the chief blessings beneath its brilliant sky.

  7. May you abundantly reap all the blessings that Providence has sown there!

  8. Portraitures of piety are mental blessings that no others could replace; as they assure us that the artist's genius was animated by the holy zeal which alone can support us against the disgusts of life and the injustice of man.

  9. The best man was welcome to win, while the blessings of master and mistress seemed impatient to descend on the favored one.

  10. National holidays may not always he observed in sparsely settled communities, but this event will remain a great anniversary until the sons and daughters of the Lone Star State lose their patriotism or forget the blessings of liberty.

  11. But we talk over our troubles and trials, and tell of our blessings too, I hope, and then Brother Harper has a good word for us.

  12. After her, another silence, then a lovely old lady with a soft voice told of the blessings she had found and the peace they ought all to seek.

  13. The master's personal desires coveted nothing beyond rural abundance and comforts--such blessings as are quite enough to make private life happy and preserve it uncorrupt.

  14. Thy mighty hand o'er all the land Hath still been open to bestow Those blessings which our wants demand From heaven, whence all blessings flow.

  15. But although thus returning to his patrimonial inheritance, the Master never recovered the good will of his former friends, nor the blessings of security, and of a calm and honoured old age.

  16. The church showered blessings on them as they went, and daily masses were ordained for the downfall of the foes of Heaven and of France.

  17. This is so true that we accept the blessings without thinking about how we came to get them.

  18. Next time you have a negative day and the fear thoughts come, just start in one by one and count your blessings of health, blessings of home, and blessings of love.

  19. You are all right, you have far more blessings than sorrows.

  20. Without which all other Blessings will be tasteless.

  21. Everlasting Blessings fall around thee, And crown thy Days and Nights with Peace and Joy.

  22. It seems hardly possible to draw a more graphic picture of the blessings diffused by the balmy plant, than that just given.

  23. From the first introduction of the weed, the votaries of the pipe have enjoyed all the blessings of persecution.

  24. And there's a wreath beside it, from my wedding: take good care of it: it will bring blessings down on you.

  25. Stier rightly calls to mind the promise of earthly blessings to those who fear God.

  26. Messiah, so it, again, supplements that before us by announcing the participation by the Gentiles in the blessings of the Messianic Kingdom.

  27. In Immanuel, God with his blessings and gifts has truly entered into the midst of His people.

  28. The circumstance that the [Pg 345] buying is done without money, intimates that the blessings of salvation are a pure gift of divine grace.

  29. But the misery produces salutary fruits; it brings about the conversion of Egypt to the God of Israel, and, with this conversion, a full participation in all the privileges and blessings of the Kingdom of God shall be connected, ver.

  30. It is true that the remission of sins is often represented as one of the chief blessings of the Messianic time; but here it is out of place.

  31. But how were it possible that God, with His blessings and gifts, should [Pg 441] impart himself entirely and unconditionally to them who are not of His nature?

  32. The joy over the blessings received is a joy before God, under a sense of His immediate presence.

  33. The speaker designates himself as He who is called, not merely to announce the highest blessings to the Church, [Pg 352] but actually to grant them.

  34. It was just for this reason, therefore, that the theocracy possessed in the kings a very sufficient organ of its realization, and that the stream of the divine blessings could not flow freely.

  35. The Lord exhorts those who are anxious to be saved, to appropriate the blessings of salvation which are so liberally offered, and which, although bestowed without money and price, can alone truly satisfy the soul, vers.

  36. For the thirsty ones, who are there called upon to partake of the blessings so liberally offered by the Lord, are just the members of the Church.

  37. Thus they conformed themselves to their circumstances; and, in so doing, enjoyed the many blessings Heaven still reserved for them.

  38. I did; and longed that the blessings of her glorified spirit might be upon our union.

  39. An active mind, a skilful hand, Bring blessings down on Fatherland.

  40. Fasting enables us to appreciate the feelings of those who are less fortunate in the world than we are, who are denied the blessings we enjoy.

  41. How is teaching one of the surest guarantees of the blessings of eternal life?

  42. It is difficult to enumerate all of the blessings that attend the service of the teacher, but let us consider a few that stand out pre-eminently.

  43. The cheers and the blessings of hundreds of thousands of loyal citizens stimulated those who were to go to the front with the banner of freedom, and they realized that they were representing the sentiment of a united nation.

  44. This is not a war of devastation and desolation, but one to give all within the control of the military and naval forces the advantages and blessings of enlightened civilization.

  45. It was with a full realization of the blessings of peace that the American people yielded to the demands, of humanity and righteous justice, to take up arms again in the cause of liberty.

  46. It is sincerely hoped that each man may soon be permitted to return to his home, family, and friends, to enjoy their blessings and that of a peaceful, free, and happy people.

  47. May it please him to grant us mercy, and to receive from us and from all his creatures, praises and blessings forever and ever.

  48. And all your blessings are assuredly from God: then, when trouble befalleth you, to Him ye turn for help: Then when He relieveth you of the trouble, lo!

  49. But if that the people of these cities had believed and feared us, we would surely have laid open to them blessings out of the Heaven and the Earth: but they treated our signs as lies, and we took vengeance on them for their deeds.

  50. But the gods themselves cannot force their blessings on men who by their vices are become incapable to receive them.

  51. It is the channel through which he has declared it his sovereign will and pleasure that his blessings should be conveyed to us.

  52. The good people also poured out prayers and blessings on their deliverer, who, not being a philosopher, was no more ashamed of praying with them than he had been of working for them.

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