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Example sentences for "conveyed"

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convey; conveyance; conveyancer; conveyances; conveyancing; conveyer; conveyers; conveyeth; conveying; conveyor
  1. Early the next morning, whilst reposing under the magnificent counterpane on the bed of chopped straw, I was awakened by hearing the chapel bell ring for mass.

  2. We had some cheese, for which Earl Granville's family motto would serve as literal description.

  3. I always forgot to ask him how his guests fared.

  4. The duc d'Engbien was conveyed hastily to Vincennes, tried in a few hours by a military commission, and shot in the trenches of the château.

  5. On the following day they, and the persons sentenced to transportation, were conveyed to the castle of Ham.

  6. The more moderate demanded that he should be arrested and confined in the Châtelet; but others opposed this, saying that he should be conveyed to the Palais-Royal, and there tried.

  7. They summoned, in the name of the law, a few gendarmes to execute the order for his arrest; they obeyed, and Henriot was pinioned and conveyed to the committee of general safety.

  8. But they succeeded in repelling both enemies, and returned to Fort George with the loss only of a part of their baggage, which was conveyed in boats.

  9. General Dearborn, after being baffled for some time by false information which Vincent had caused to be conveyed to him, at length found out where he had gone, and sent the brigades of Winder and Chandler after him.

  10. Mona, with a subtle, inquiring look but a manner which conveyed interest.

  11. Both coffins were conveyed to Fang, and put in the ground together, with no intervening space between them, as was the custom in some States.

  12. Edkins and myself enjoyed the services of two of those descendants, who acted as 'wheelers' in the wheelbarrows which conveyed us from Ch'u-fau to a town on the Grand Canal more than 250 miles off.

  13. I found that Captain Collyer treated me with more than his usual kindness, nor was I long in discovering that this arose from the account the boatswain took care should be conveyed to him of my conduct.

  14. I conducted them all to Captain Lydiard, who commanded the expedition, and their carriages and horses being found in the fort, he ordered that they should be conveyed back into the town under an escort.

  15. My great difficulty at first was finding my way about, for as to which was the head or after part of the ship I had not the slightest notion, and the direction I received to go aft or go forward conveyed no idea to my mind.

  16. There was energy in her method of doing this simple duty, an indication of suppressed vitality that conveyed the idea that here was a girl accustomed to action.

  17. It was neither obstinate nor defiant, yet it conveyed a quiet resolve that was unanswerable.

  18. True," said the general, when this was conveyed to him by Beth.

  19. He gave them much practical and therefore valuable advice to guide them in whatever emergencies might arise, and this was conveyed in the whimsical, half humorous manner that seemed characteristic of him.

  20. Bess was of those excellent folk whose fine friendships know when to go as well as when to stay, and, Richard arriving, she conveyed Mr. Fopling and Ajax from the room, leaving the restored lovers to themselves.

  21. The "crystallotypes" were simply enlarged photographs, about eight or nine inches in diameter, and conveyed to the mind an excellent idea of the moon's surface.

  22. Some said that a few "teamsters" took the alarm, and, riding to the rear in hot haste, conveyed the impression that an exterminating pursuit by the Confederates had commenced.

  23. Is there any symbolical meaning conveyed in the dogs which are so often introduced at the feet of ladies in brasses, and dogs and lions at the feet of knights?

  24. He says, The Mahometans think that Jacob's stone was conveyed to the Temple of Jerusalem, and is still preserved in the mosque there, where the Temple formerly stood.

  25. With the frigate George Washington he went to Algiers, whence he conveyed an ambassador to Constantinople, the George Washington being the first American vessel ever seen there.

  26. The only definite information the farmer received was that the big elderly man wanted himself and his companion conveyed to Burnside Village by wagon, starting in the late afternoon.

  27. The driver said that he had dropped them at the park, at their request, and the chairman jumped into the carriage, directing that he be conveyed to the same place.

  28. The General's old-fashioned carryall conveyed them to the railroad station.

  29. The essence of the change may be conveyed in a single sentence.

  30. This, then, is what is designed to be conveyed by the "foundation of astronomical or cosmical physics.

  31. The truth conveyed by this remarkable experiment was, however, divined by one eminent man.

  32. Not till the following Saturday was the carnage over and the weltering mass conveyed outside the town.

  33. Norby was then conveyed to Denmark, and before the first of August these terms were carried out.

  34. Christina was conveyed to Vadstena, where she remained several months pending negotiations.

  35. Hot words ensued between them, and finally the archbishop was arrested and conveyed to Stockholm.

  36. Accommodating soldiers on the march was more burdensome to the civil population than now, because they were not only billeted in the town but their baggage had to be conveyed from place to place by farmers' wagons, &c.

  37. The amount of goods traffic from Royston by these wagons was very considerable, especially by the Wakefield wagons which conveyed the wool from the combers in Royston to the Yorkshire Mills.

  38. For the wagon traffic, which conveyed much heavy merchandise, the older toll-gates had a weigh-bridge attached to them so that the weight might be ascertained and charged according to their scale.

  39. She had, however, encountered the white domino, and, under his protection, was safely conveyed to a further part of the room.

  40. The message was conveyed to the natives, and Kala's eyes sparkled at the idea of gaining the promised luxuries, but Iala did not seem so enthusiastic, owing to his name not being mentioned in connection with the presents.

  41. Domini had desired violence, and had been conveyed into a dumbness of mystery, that fell upon her turmoil of spirit like a blow.

  42. He always conveyed to her a feeling of strength, physical and mental.

  43. The movements of its leaves conveyed to her uneasiness.

  44. Boris," she said, "I feel as if your thoughts were being conveyed to me by your touch.

  45. The pressure produced in the water in this way is conveyed by means of pipes to the back of the carriage, where it is employed to push the vehicle along.

  46. The smile which accompanied this remark conveyed that she thought she had done a very clever and acceptable thing in giving these two an opportunity for a tête-à-tête.

  47. He was conversing with Bucholz in their usual friendly manner when the notice was conveyed to him, and as Bucholz heard the name of the visitor and the nature of the communication, he became confused and apparently much frightened.

  48. Bucholz started suddenly, as though the information conveyed an unpleasant surprise.

  49. Prompt arrests followed, and Martin Allen, James Wells, Gilly McGloyn, Eddy Watson and John Grady were pounced upon and conveyed to prison.

  50. There was an instantaneous gleam of satisfaction in the eyes of Sommers as this information was conveyed to him, and he determined to secure his release at all hazards.

  51. He announced himself as a friend of William's, and conveyed to her the affectionate messages which he had been entrusted with.

  52. They were accordingly conveyed to Bridgeport and held to await their trial.

  53. The information was conveyed to Bucholz and Sommers, while they were walking up and down the corridor during the hours in which they were released from their cells, and the effect was observable upon the faces of both.

  54. The information of our success was conveyed to Mr. Olmstead, the State's attorney, who received it with evident surprise and satisfaction.

  55. There was infinite regret in the tone, which conveyed to Serviss, with singular vividness, a virginal charm, united to something very sweet, almost saintly.

  56. It rises below the walls of the city, on the western bank of the valley of the Kidron; and the tunnel through which its waters are conveyed is consequently cut through the ridge, that forms the southern part of the Temple Hill.

  57. As I read, I felt gradually overshadowed by the immense somber fact conveyed in this letter.

  58. I see," I gasped, wondering what words or acts of mine had conveyed this elaborate strategy to Gertrude.

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